Vanilla Fudge / Live 1969 Baltimore / 1CDR

Vanilla Fudge / Live 1969 Baltimore / 1CDR / Breakdown-709

Translated Text:

Live At Civic Center, Baltimore, MD February 16th 1969. Audience

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In the 60’s psychedelic heyday a valuable live sound source of Vanilla Fudge which is known as the world hit of “Keep Me Hanging On” newly appeared!

From 1999 USA tours Baltimore performance recorded from a high-quality audience sound source master.
Heavy performances by Tim Bogart and Carmine Apis, one of the most famous rock musicians in the rock, are the beginnings of the BBA after the cactus, which is now the precious excavation live sound source appearance!






01. Shotgun/02. Need Love/03. You Keep Me Hangin’ On/04. Season Of The Witch/05. Evil Woman Jam

Live At Civic Center, Baltimore, MD February 16th 1969

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