Vandenbergs Moonkings / Live In Osaka 2015 / 2CD

Vandenbergs Moonkings / Live In Osaka 2015 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Umeda Club Quattro, Osaka, Japan 22nd April 2015



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Really great live, the thing that is the topic after it was over. It is also good Japan tour of the super heavyweights to collect the expectations in Japan, but there is no still in front of the band that popular out “Actually amazing show” that tickle the mind about. Though not become even a topic in front of live, and knocked out happened was man on the scene, it is the type that spreads the dreadfulness travel at a later live. It is exactly such live to deliver this time. Until you actually live begins, even human beings who had visited the venue, everyone did not think that great so far. However, now that the live was over, the net’s the stage where it is becoming a topic that “ze was awesome.” If the original, but is where you end up with urban legend of this state review, such a once-in-a-lifetime chance for live, that “West strongest taper Mr.” was recorded pat!
Protagonist of such this work, the new band of Adrian Vandenberg, VANDENBERG’S MOONKINGS. “What What? Vandenberg,? Of the White Snake” Perhaps some people called. Yes, it is that Adrian. “RESTLESS HEART” at the end of the Adrian, which has been retired from the music industry has returned to the scene first time in 17 years led a new band last year of WHITESNAKE. This work, in the Japan tour by the VANDENBERG’S MOONKINGS, is freshly-recording Hoyahoya a live album of the week before last.

That said …, “Hmm,” more interested in quite difficult thing to have. However! That’s why, “secret, actually amazing!” And is also a live full of pleasure.
So, what is so terrible? In fact, the leading role of this work rather than Vandenberg …, he is even hazy Yang Hofingu sing !! studio but I think you know who listen your album, in the so-called Paul Rogers type, the young Kavu~aderu it is reminiscent. Point is a part of the “young”, before running to the Tarzan screaming, I remind the Kavu~aderu of time that had crowded singing hot hot single-mindedly! However, Yang is not in a “look-alike” as Jorn-Lande. Even while it inspired and the, it’s a deep voice is not the only thing Manet.
Moreover, the heat is profusely to shine live. Honestly, I did not think only about even listening to the debut album “MOONKINGS” “Not bad”, the difference that brush heat that Komu sing on stage. Even the depth of voice quality is as if it had been several times. Sound matches live beyond the far the studio work, but also beyond the studio. Although it is said “West strongest taper” the masterpiece recording of number infinitely HR / HM’ve been in things until now, and not know I might even would not be an exaggeration to say that his masterpiece to a recording (still hidden balls are confidential , No: laughs). Clear and vivid of ultra-short-range sound of narrow Club is just superb in the best.
Did you mean, “But, you do it by Na not even listening album,” Do you not hesitant with? There is no worry about that. This is also when you confess honestly, debut album was alone with that I heard once. Though “not bad”, and I thought “no separately also very”. However, many of the new song that was revived in this live is impressive enough to not think the same song. Also songs that had been unceremoniously flow in the studio work, to be dynamic, as beyond recognition in the raw groove sense of blues-rock (the band, rhythm also great …). The terrible is, they’ve changed dyed even in the “Breathing” of the ballad. We’ve also impressed “It’s a really good song” in the regal to the decorated studio work has been in the strings, this raw realistic this work any more. …… literally deep voice whisper in my ear and with a club-echo, goose bumps stood in both arms.
While such original also monkey, classic group of WHITESNAKE and VANDENBERG also will care. This is another, really great! Honke divergence of the singing was “Judgment Day” is also sex appeal of tough Han in singing by making the thickness of the midrange voice as show off the treble, “Here I Go Again” is heard in years It is a touching version of the was not deep. And “Burning Heart” the best ever to finish led to! “If … when I sing ’80s Kavu~aderu” a great singing voice that will be enough to satisfy the imagination, it is likely to forget what Burt healing was who. Furthermore Hakubi the “All Right Now”! Groove and the deep voice of the blues-rock that has entered the temple has bright to food phenomenal.
“Nothing Touches” Kamata amazing original plugged in between such attention cover. While it is sandwiched between the ultra-classic, as Hatcher and wake up in the groove like hitting statement rather than lose. It is a moment that they are aware of whether the writing how good songs in the current progressive form.

’18 From 1997 WHITESNAKE farewell tour. Born baby in that year, it is another college student. This is Adrian came back beyond such a long time, but he can not be said to be a big shot of enough to unquestioned a long long blank unconditionally. That’s why not give become a big topic, but is why became a club the size of the return date, No way, where and no matter singing so much talent is. Enough to listen If you listen, “to become a hot topic after the live” of the passion of the stage where it is found. If you were able to happen to be the scene, I would like you to come to pride. This work is what is the convincing evidence. To dispense with “Memories of commemoration” of those who have seen, too much a waste. Really, live album to be driven by such feelings …… I to went to the absolute sense if you know and so amazing. This weekend, it will deliver to your ex.

そんな本作の主役は、エイドリアン・ヴァンデンバーグの新バンド、VANDENBERG’S MOONKINGS。「え? ヴァンデンバーグって、白蛇の?」という方もいらっしゃるかもしれませんね。そう、あのエイドリアンです。WHITESNAKEの「RESTLESS HEART」を最後に音楽業界から引退していたエイドリアンが新バンドを率いて17年ぶりにシーンに戻ってきたのは昨年。本作は、そのVANDENBERG’S MOONKINGSによる来日公演で、先々週の録りたてホヤホヤなライヴ・アルバムです。

……とは言っても、「ふーん」以上の興味はなかなか持ちにくいもの。しかし! だからこそ、“人知れず、実は凄い!”の快感に溢れるライヴでもあるのです。
では、何がそんなに凄いのか? 実は、本作の主役はヴァンデンバーグ……ではなく、彼さえ霞むヤン・ホーフィングの熱唱です!! スタジオ・アルバムをお聴きの方はご存じと思いますが、いわゆるポールロジャーズ・タイプで、若きカヴァデールを彷彿とさせる。ポイントは“若き”の部分で、ターザン絶叫に走る前の、ひたすらに熱く熱く歌い込んでいた頃のカヴァデールを思い起こさせるのです! ただし、ヤンはヨルン・ランデのような“ソックリさん”ではありません。彷彿ととさせつつも、あくまで物マネではないディープ・ヴォイスなのです。
もしかして、「でも、アルバムも聴いてないんだよな」と二の足を踏んでいますか? その心配はありません。これまた正直に告白しますと、デビューアルバムは一度聴いたきりでした。「悪くない」けど、「別に凄くもない」と思ったのです。しかし、このライヴで蘇った新曲の数々は、同じ曲とは思えないほど感動的。スタジオ作ではあっさりと流れていた曲も、ブルースロックの生グルーヴ感で見違えるように躍動する(このバンド、リズム隊も凄い……)。その凄みは、バラードの「Breathing」でさえ染め変えてしまっている。ストリングスで豪奢に飾っていたスタジオ作でも「本当に良い曲だ」と感動はしましたが、本生リアルな本作はそれ以上。深い声がクラブ・エコーを伴って耳元でささやく……文字通り、両腕に鳥肌が立ちました。
そんなオリジナルもさることながら、WHITESNAKEやVANDENBERGの名曲群も気になるでしょう。これがもう、本当に素晴らしい! 本家が高音を見せびらかすように歌った「Judgment Day」も中音域の声の太さを活かした歌唱でタフな漢の色気を発散、「Here I Go Again」は、もう何年も聴いてなかった深みのある感動バージョンです。そして、「Burning Heart」に至っては史上最高の仕上がり! “もし、80年代のカヴァデールが歌っていたら……”の想像を十分に満たしてくれる素晴らしい歌声で、バート・ヒーリングが誰だったのか忘れてしまいそうです。さらに白眉は「All Right Now」! 堂に入ったブルースロックのグルーヴとディープ・ヴォイスが驚異的に冴え渡っています。
そんな注目カバーの合間に差し込まれたオリジナルの「Nothing Touches」がまた凄い。超名曲に挟まれながら、負けるどころかブン殴るようなグルーヴでハッと目が覚めるよう。彼らが現在進行形でいかに良い曲を書いているかに気づかされる一瞬です。


Disc 1 (46:47)
1. Pre Show Music 2. Intro 3. Line Of Fire 4. Steal Away 5. Leave This Town 6. Feel It
7. Breathing 8. Close To You 9. Drum Solo 10. Judgment Day 11. Burning Heart

Disc 2 (45:02)
1. Intro 2. Pushing Me 3. Good Thing 4. Leeches 5. Lust And Lies 6. Here I Go Again
7. Nothing Touches 8. All Right Now 9. Rock And Roll

Adrian Vandenberg – Guitar Jan Hoving – Vocals Sem Christoffel – Bass
Mart Nijen Es – Drums

Zodiac – 130

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