Van Morrison / Live From Europe 2003 / 2CDR

Van Morrison / Live From Europe 2003 / 2CDR / Project Zip

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Soundboard Live Compilation of 2003 Tour. Soundboard

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2003 Sound board live compilation from European tour of Van Morrison appeared!

Best live compilation from Hamburg, Germany, Switzerland, Montreux and UK Malvern, you can not overlook the high degree of completion as an unreleased live album.
Van Morrison’s 2003 live decision version which established its position as a soloist in the 1970s from the 60’s Zem!



01. I Will Be There (Hamburg)/02. Whinin’ Boy Moan (Malvern)/03. Once In A Blue Moon (Malvern)/04. What’s Wrong With This Picture? (Malvern)/05. Little Village (Malvern)/06. Have I Told You Lately? (Malvern)/07. That’s Life (Hamburg)/08. In The Midnight (Hamburg)/09. Back On Top (Hamburg)/10. I Like It Like That / Kansas City (Hamburg)/11. St. James Infirmary (Montreux)/12. Don’t Start Cryin’ Now / Custard Pie (Montreux)/13. Hoochie Coochie Man (Montreux)
01. Listen To The Lion (Malvern)/02. It Once Was My Life (Hamburg)/03. Early In The Morning / Goldfish Bowl (Hamburg)/04. Stop Drinking (Malvern)/05. Philosophers Stone (Hamburg)/06. The Healing Has Begun (Hamburg)/07. It’s All In The Game (Malvern)/08. Gloria (Malvern)
Soundboard Live Compilation of 2003 Tour

Project Zip. PJZ-668A/B

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