Van Halen / The Final Eruption / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Van Halen / The Final Eruption / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / ZODIAC

Live at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA 4th October 2015 (ADL) plus Bonus DVDR “HOLLYWOOD BOWL 2015 MULTI CAM”


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Guitar World … No, the great Eddie Van Halen who left a huge footprint in rock history. A soundboard album that permanently preserves the last stage of his life is now available on Press 2CD.
What is engraved in this work is “October 4, 2015 Los Angeles performance”. The ALD sound board recording. Some people may not be familiar with the word “ALD sound board”, but first from the show position. VAN HALEN’s last activity was a reunion with David Lee Roth, which was also a nine-year era. Of course, for us, the performance in Japan, which became the last work “TOKYO DOME LIVE IN CONCERT”, is memorable, but let’s first look back on the whole activity including that.

● 2007
<< February 2: Announcement of Dave Lee Ross’ return >>
・ September 27-December 30: North America # 1 (40 performances)
● 2008
・ January 22-February 20: North America # 2 (15 performances)
・ April 17-July 3: North America # 3 (22 performances)
● 2012 << 4 years later >>
・ January 5th-June 26th: North America # 4 (53 performances)
● 2013
・ April 20th: Sydney performance
・ June 18th-26th: Japan ( 4 performances)
・ July 20 + 24: North America # 5 (2 performances)
● 2015 << 2 years later >>
・ July 5-October 4: North America # 6 (41 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

This is VAN HALEN Last 9 years. The performance in Japan was part of the world tour accompanying “A DIFFERENT KIND OF TRUTH”, but after that, the tour was held in 2015 with a two-year off. The performance in Los Angeles, which was Chiakigaku, was Eddie’s final stage.
The last show was miraculously left behind on the ALD soundboard. ALD (Assistive Listening Device) is a line voice for clearly delivering sounds that are difficult to hear in live performances and lecture speeches. Especially in concert venues, it is installed for the hearing impaired, and in venues with such facilities, sound board sound can be recorded from earphones. And the “Hollywood Bowl”, which was the site of this work, is also a venue with such ALD equipment. Literally, it was recorded with a soundboard sound that was completely close to zero distance.
Such a product is a brand with a synchronization rate of 120% that can be integrated with Eddie’s guitar. Originally, the ALS sound board was supposed to be listened to in the field, and there was no intention to reproduce the sense of presence or the atmosphere of the concert (it is natural because it is actually present), and the live performance was just done. The core also flows out. The sense of zero space goes beyond close contact and the instrument and brain are completely synchronized, and if the drum feels like the skin bounces, the vocal is super-realistic up to the flow of exhaled air through the stitches of the microphone. Of course, the vibrating strings of guitars and basses come to mind, and the head itself feels as if it were a PA player.
Moreover, this work is the highest peak. This ALD sound source shook the whole world with Eddie’s obituary, but its on-site sound was like IEMs, and it was not suitable for home audio. Therefore, this work is brushed up by meticulous mastering. The range is narrow and the balance is not good, and the exhilaration and dynamism that penetrates through are compatible. It is a live album that pursues the listening response as a musical work while keeping the feeling of direct connection of the original sound to the maximum.
What is drawn with such a super sense of unity sound is an incredible full show. After all, it’s the last live performance played by a rare genius from corner to corner … To be honest, there are no rare songs or crap in a series of once-in-a-lifetime notes, but the weight is also historical. In terms of recording, let’s organize the set.

・ Van Halen: Runnin’With The Devil / Feel Your Love Tonight (★) / Ice Cream Man / Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love / You Really Got Me
・ Legendary bomber: Light Up The Sky (★) / Somebody Get Me A Doctor / Dance The Night Away / Beautiful Girls / Women In Love
・ Dark Law: Romeo Delight / Everybody Wants Some !!
・ Commandment: “Dirty” Movies “(★) / Unchained
/ Diver Down: Little Guitars (★)
/ 1984: Drop Dead Legs (★) / I’ll Wait / Hot For Teacher / Panama / Jump
A Different Kind of Truth: She’s The Woman
*: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the official live album “TOKYO DOME LIVE IN CONCERT”.

… And it looks like this. Since there is no other remarkable long sound board in the last tour, I am concerned about the repertoire that can not be heard in “TOKYO DOME LIVE IN CONCERT”, but more than that, one song, one phrase, one phrase, one sound, one sound Is a memorial and monument. It’s a live album where the weight is spun directly in the brain.
A full show full of openness and accomplishment, which is unique to Tour Chiakiraku, runs through, and the curtain ends with Eddie’s “Thank you, very much !!” shouting from the chorus microphone. Because it is an ALD sound board that is in close contact with the sound but has a distant cheer, you can feel even a small voice in your ear. The last “Thank you” that has been felt for 42 years since their debut. We hope that this work, which will not lose its brilliance forever, will be engraved on your chest and give the same words to the eternal hero.

この作品に刻まれているのは「2015年10月4日ロサンゼルス公演」です。 ALDサウンドボードの録音。 「ALDサウンドボード」という言葉に慣れていない人もいるかもしれませんが、最初はショーの位置からです。ヴァン・ヘイレンの最後の活動は、デイヴィッド・リー・ロスとの再会でした。これも9年の時代でした。もちろん、最後の作品「TOKYO DOME LIVE IN CONCERT」となった日本でのパフォーマンスは印象的ですが、それを含めた活動全体を振り返ってみましょう。

<< 2月2日:デイブ・リー・ロスの復帰の発表>>
●2012 << 4年後>>
・7月20日+ 24日:北米#5(2公演)
●2015 << 2年後>>

最後のショーは奇跡的にALDサウンドボードに残されました。 ALD(Assistive Listening Device)は、ライブパフォーマンスや講義のスピーチでは聞き取りにくい音をはっきりと伝えるためのラインボイスです。特にコンサート会場では聴覚障害者向けに設置されており、施設のある会場ではイヤホンから響板音を録音することができます。そして、この作品の会場となった「ハリウッドボウル」も、そのようなALD機器のある会場です。文字通り、それは完全にゼロ距離に近い響板の音で録音されました。

・ヴァン・ヘイレン:Runnin’With the Devil / Feel Your Love Tonight(★)/ Ice Cream Man / Ai n’t Talkin”Bout Love / You Really Got Me
/ 1984:Drop Dead Legs(★)/待ってます/ Hot For Teacher /パナマ/ジャンプ
※:「★」マークは、公式ライブアルバム「TOKYO DOME LIVEINCONCERT」では聴けない曲です。

…そしてそれはこのように見えます。前回のツアーでは他に目立ったロングサウンドボードがないので、「TOKYO DOME LIVE IN CONCERT」では聴こえないレパートリーが気になりますが、それ以上に、1曲、1フレーズ、1フレーズ、1サウンド。 、1つの音は記念碑と記念碑です。体重が脳内で直接回転するライブアルバムです。

Disc 1 (57:41)
1. Intro
2. Light Up the Sky
3. Runnin’With the Devil
4. Romeo Delight
5. Everybody Wants Some !!
6. Drop Dead Legs
7. Feel Your Love Tonight
8. Somebody Get Me a Doctor
9. She’s the Woman
10. I’ll Wait
11. Drum Solo
12. Little Guitars
13. Dance the Night Away (with Smoke on the Water & Jamie’s Cryin)

Disc 2 (61:10)
1. Beautiful Girls
2. Women in Love …
3. Hot for Teacher
4. “Dirty Movies”
5. Dave’s Rap
6. Ice Cream Man
7. Unchained
8. Ain’t
Talkin”bout Love 9. Guitar Solo (with’Little Guitars , Mean Street, Spanish Fly, Eruption & Cathedral)
10. You Really Got Me
11. Panama
12. Jump

David Lee Roth –lead vocals
Eddie Van Halen –guitar, backing vocals
Wolfgang Van Halen –bass, backing vocals
Alex Van Halen –drums , percussion



Van Halen / Hollywood Bowl 2015: Multi Cam / 1DVDR
Live at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA 4th October 2015 Synched with ALD


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Main Press 2CD experiences Eddie’s final full show with an immersive sound with a synchronization rate of 120% It is a historic live album that can be done. Its overwhelming quality has moved the hearts of enthusiasts around the world, and video works that utilize the audio have also been produced. Of particular interest is the multi-camera edited work produced by making full use of countless images. As a bonus that tells us the “other side” of the live album, which will be a cultural heritage, the video version will also be specially attached.
That’s why this work contains the same “October 4, 2015 Los Angeles performance” as the main press 2CD. This is an audience shot where you can witness Eddie’s last brave figure. This is one that has already been introduced on the Shades label, but the biggest feature is the multi-camera editing of the whole maniac. At the beginning, a screen with a slightly lower resolution appears and I am worried for a moment, but I am relieved to know that it is an exception immediately. Although it is difficult to say that the various angles are “distance is XX” and “angle is △ ▽”, the general rule is that the scenery is unobstructed. From long-distance shots that capture the entire stage to the members’ do-ups, nothing extra is reflected on the screen. Perhaps the original video had shadows in the front row and camera shake, but with skillful editing, such scenes were cut off. You can thoroughly concentrate on the four people of VAN HALEN.
And the ALD sound board, which is the basis of the main press 2CD, is the sound that goes straight through the various scenes. However, this is not the same as Omoto that appeared on the net, but the highest peak version that pursued further perfection. As a matter of fact, the Omoto Master, which has become a hot topic all over the world, had a slight gap between the sound board audio and video. You can see that the net version also eliminates the discomfort by switching the angle, but this work is further fine-tuned in units of one frame. We have achieved perfect synchronization of the sound board that is in close contact with the sound board.
The last stage drawn with such ultimate quality is deeply engraved because it is a video. The weight of “this is the last” is bleeding into each song, and my heart is almost crushed, but Eddie’s guitar solo is probably the most intense. This is not just a record meaning, but the beauty projected on the actual screen is overwhelming. As a matter of fact, Eddie is a large copy on the scene screen in this scene, and the screenshots are often used in this work as well. That means that the scene is a professional shoot, and it’s an audio sound board. In other words, it’s completely professional shot quality. And, with a super zoom that you can get out of the screen, you can see a lot of feats such as “Mean Street”, “Spanish Fly”, “Eruption”, etc. Of course, I don’t think this day was the last show (probably he didn’t think it was the last). The beauty of the screen that you can see even the vibration of the strings, the close contact of the sound board, and the fierce performance itself. This work has a chilling spine … No, it’s definitely the best scene in the world. It’s the biggest and greatest rock moment you can experience in 2020.

This is the last full show of the giant Eddie Van Halen in rock history. The whole story. Multi-camera images created by enthusiasts with all their passion, and soundboard sounds that invade the brain. It is truly a rock cultural heritage and a powerful and unrivaled video masterpiece. One piece that I would like you to engrave on your chest, eyes, and heart. Please experience it as if you bite every moment together with the main press 2CD which is a permanent preservation live album.

Main Press 2CDは、同期率120%の没入型サウンドでエディの最後のフルショーを体験します。これは、実行できる歴史的なライブアルバムです。その圧倒的なクオリティは世界中の愛好家の心を動かし、オーディオを活用したビデオ作品も制作されています。特に興味深いのは、無数の画像を駆使して制作されたマルチカメラ編集作品です。文化遺産となるライブアルバムの「裏側」をおまけとして、ビデオ版も特別に付属します。
そんな究極のクオリティで描かれた最終ステージは、ビデオなので深く刻まれています。 「これが最後」の重みが各曲に染み込んでいて、私の心はほとんど押しつぶされていますが、エディのギターソロはおそらく最も激しいです。これは単なる記録的な意味ではなく、実際のスクリーンに映し出される美しさは圧倒的です。実際のところ、エディはこのシーンのシーン画面の大きなコピーであり、スクリーンショットはこの作品でもよく使用されます。つまり、シーンはプロの撮影であり、オーディオサウンドボードです。言い換えれば、それは完全にプロのショット品質です。そして、画面から出ることができるスーパーズームで、「ミーンストリート」、「スパニッシュフライ」、「噴火」などの多くの偉業を見ることができます。もちろん、この日は思いません最後のショーでした(おそらく彼はそれが最後だとは思わなかったでしょう)。弦の振動、響板の密着、激しい演奏そのものも見られる画面の美しさ。この作品は背筋がゾクゾクしている…いや、間違いなく世界一のシーンだ。それはあなたが2020年に経験することができる最大かつ最大のロックの瞬間です。


(118: 49)
1. Intro
2. Light Up The Sky
3. Runnin’With The Devil
4. Romeo Delight
5. Everybody Wants Some !!
6. Drop Dead Legs –19:47
7. Feel Your Love Tonight
8. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
9. She’s The Woman
10. I’ll Wait
11. Drum Solo
12. Little Guitars
13. Dance The Night Away (with Smoke on the Water & Jamie’s Cryin)
14. Beautiful Girls
15. Women In Love …
16. Hot For Teacher
17. “Dirty Movies”
18. Ice Cream Man
19. Unchained
20. Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love
21. Guitar Solo (with Little Guitars, Mean Street, Spanish Fly, Eruption & Cathedral)
22. You Really Got Me
23. Panama
24. Jump

David Lee Roth –lead vocals
Eddie Van Halen –guitar , backing vocals
Wolfgang Van Halen –bass , backing vocals
Alex Van Halen

–drums , percussion COLOUR NTSC Approx.119min.

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