Van Halen / Osaka 1979 2nd Night / 2CD

Van Halen / Osaka 1979 2nd Night / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Furitsu Taiikukan, Osaka, Japan 11th September 1979 STEREO SBD

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impact! Soundboard in Japan in the 1970s appeared. It is a permanent preservation press CD making decision!
In our shop, the excavation sound board of the initial VAN HALEN is extremely popular. WICHITA 1978 (Zodiac 303), the ultimate sound board, including the UK tour trilogy immediately after his debut “DEFINITIVE HAMMERSMITH 1978 (Zodiac 296)”, “DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978 (Zodiac 298)” “DEFINITIVE IPSWICH 1978 (Zodiac 299) “TUCSON 1979 (Zodiac 306)” is in the midst of shocking shocks. However, they are all overseas performances. This work finally appeared in Japanese performance stereo sound board recording. It is a live album of “September 11, 1979: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium” performance from the second Japan tour accompanying the “legendary bomber”. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the tour schedule of the time.

· September 3rd: Kyoto Hall
· September 5th: Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
· September 7: Nagoya City Auditorium
· September 8: Kurashiki Municipal Hall
· September 10: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
· September 11: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium 【this work】
· September 13: Nippon Budokan

Over all, 7 shows. The Osaka performance of this work was the 6th performance which is the final stage of it. After that, the activities of Dave & VAN HALEN will be eccentric in North America, and they will return to Japan in 2013, 34 years later. At the same time it is the early 70’s, it is also the glow of the final stage of the Golden Age VH that I left in Japan.
The quality of this work that recorded such a show is super real stereo sound board. Although it was recently discovered recording, it is not a prepared sound like an official work, but a direct connection system with plenty of excavation indeed. Of course, it is not a fault but a beauty point. The playing sound of the bullet with zero space feeling jumps like a bullet. Michael ‘s base is carved into superbly detailed until grease, Alex’ s drum runs around in the brain and vocals have a feeling of immersion as if the head became a microphone. Of course, the guitar also seems super-realistic like directly connecting the shield to the ear. The enthusiasm of enthusiasm is an ultra-class sound board whether it can feel slightly faint even if listening with headphones.
It is such a funny scene because it is such a class sound board “You’re No Good”. The last bass solo creates terrible chaos and cosmic sensation, and snow falls into songs as it is. Now, sing it out! Vocal does not come in when I become. Looking at the place where you can hear the voice of Dave far away, it seems that Mix Console engineers missed the vocal switch. After that, it comes in with a quick rush. Of course, it is just a mistake scene, but even it is rough cut and real. It is a bare hand and direct touch sound in the reality of 1979.
Mania around the world are becoming turbulent only for that class deep excavation, but there were also points somewhat disturbing to the original original sound. Noises that seemed to be scratch were found and the pitch was unstable. Especially about half of the show was crazy. So in this work full treatment with meticulous mastering. Of course, I did not put any hand on the taste of the class grade sound board, I removed the noise as much as possible and finished the pitch accurately.
The show which roars with such sound is amazing again. cool! The scream of the “Konnichiwa Osaka Ny! Mata Mashita Masa, VAN HALEN !!” roars from the beginning as if the presence of the audience is nothing but a Japanese performance. And, “Light Up The Sky” which blows without intervening … …. After that, the 1979 unique repertory such as “Atomic Punk”, “You’re No Good”, “Outta Love Again” was fascinated. 2 A great set summarizing 2 famous songs “Fire fuse line” and “Legendary bomber” into one is unfold like a burning fire. As expected, the concentration of flame radiation may give you half a step to the legendary first visit to Japan, but the repertoire that became rich variety by that amount is colorful, confidence that the entire world was conquered confidence multiplied the scale of the band Even Decka is doing it.

It is regrettable that it will end in the second half of “Atomic Punk”, but it is a top-notch sound board of a deep class enough to forget it. It is a transcendent live album like LIVE IN JAPAN blows through everywhere in the brain as Dave’s “Ozaka! The highest and the largest cultural heritage that they left in Japan during the Golden Age. Please enjoy it thoroughly with press 2CD shining forever!

衝撃! 70年代のサウンドボード・イン・ジャパンが登場。永久保存プレスCD化決定です!
当店では、初期VAN HALENの発掘サウンドボードが大人気。デビュー直後の英国ツアー3部作『DEFINITIVE HAMMERSMITH 1978(Zodiac 296)』『DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978(Zodiac 298)』『DEFINITIVE IPSWICH 1978(Zodiac 299)』をはじめ、先日も極上サウンドボード『WICHITA 1978(Zodiac 303)』『TUCSON 1979(Zodiac 306)』が衝撃を振りまいている真っ最中です。しかし、それらはすべて海外公演。本作は、遂に登場した日本公演ステレオ・サウンドボード録音。『伝説の爆撃機』に伴う2度目のジャパンツアーから「1979年9月11日:大阪府立体育館」公演のライヴアルバムです。まずは、当時のツアー日程からショウのポジションを確認しておきましょう。

・9月11日:大阪府立体育館 【本作】

以上、全7公演。本作の大阪公演はその終盤にあたる6公演目でした。この後デイヴ&VAN HALENの活動は北米に偏重していき、彼らが日本へ戻ってくるのは34年後の2013年。初期の70年代であると同時に、日本に残した黄金時代VH最終盤の輝きでもあるのです。
そんなド級サウンドボードだからこそのちょっと面白いシーンが「You’re No Good」。直前のベースソロが凄まじい混沌と宇宙感を醸しつつ、そのまま曲に雪崩れ込む。さぁ、歌い出し!となったところでヴォーカルが入ってこない。遠く遠くでデイヴの声が聞こえるところを見ると、どうやらミックス卓のエンジニアがヴォーカル・スイッチを入れ損なっていた模様。その後、急激にグイッと入ってきます。もちろん、ただのミス・シーンではあるのですが、それさえも荒削りでリアル。1979年の現実に素手で直触りできるサウンドなのです。
そんなサウンドで轟くショウがまた凄い。カッコイイ! 観客の存在感が薄いだけに日本公演っぽくないかと思いきや、冒頭から「コンニチワ大阪ニィ! マタ来マシタ、VAN HALEN!!」の絶叫が轟く。そして、間髪入れず爆走する「Light Up The Sky」……。その後も「Atomic Punk」や「You’re No Good」「Outta Love Again」といった1979年ならではのレパートリーが目白押し。2大名盤『炎の導火線』『伝説の爆撃機』を1つにまとめた極上セットが猛火の如く繰り広げられる。さすがに火炎放射の濃度は伝説の初来日には半歩譲るかも知れませんが、その分バラエティ豊かになったレパートリーはカラフルで、全世界を丸ごと征服した自信はバンドのスケールを何倍にもデッカくしているのです。

「Atomic Punk」の後半で終わってしまうのは残念ですが、それを忘れるほどにド級の極上サウンドボード。随所でデイヴの「オオザカ!」も轟くライヴ・イン・ジャパンが脳内で爆発するような超絶ライヴアルバムです。黄金時代の彼らが日本に残した最高・最大級の文化遺産。どうぞ、永久に輝くプレス2CDで徹底的にお楽しみください!


Disc 1 (32:56)
1. Intro 2. Light Up The Sky 3. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 4. Drum Solo 5. Runnin’ With The Devil
6. Dance The Night Away 7. Beautiful Girls 8. Dave Rap 9. On Fire 10. Bass Solo 11. You’re No Good

Disc 2 (52:30)
1. Jamie’s Cryin’ 2. Osaka Gypsy Woman Blues 3. Feel Your Love Tonight 4. Outta Love Again
5. Ice Cream Man 6. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 7. Guitar Solo 8. You Really Got Me
9. Bottoms Up 10. Growth / Atomic Punk


Zodiac 307

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