Van Halen / Japan Tour II / 2CD

Van Halen / Japan Tour II / 2CD /Shades

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 13th September 1979

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1979, from his second tour in Japan due to the “VAN HALEN II”, the final day to become September 13 days, across the Tokyo Budokan performances in about 1 hour and 40 minutes, full inclusion in the ultra-high-quality audience recording of the best level . Not been around at all even between traders, uses the best sound quality master tape of the New taper. (By the way, is due Thin Lizzy in Tokyo the same recording’s simultaneous release. This taper is really amazing !!) to a large extent, whether the recording position was good, whether the equipment is good, Hata also that both or … at Budokan in 1979 past the surprise is able recorded with no direct sound is muffled up to this point, nothing but stunned Kikiiru only. Has been recorded on a surprisingly musical tone, although hear the cheers truly is among the songs, full exceptional sound source that is being played is not heard little cheer in the place that hear the clapping faintly from a distance. And the closeness of this musical tone, the far of the contrasting cheers, what has been recorded in the first floor of the foremost, what has been recorded in Hamatama the front row, is where the judgment astray (of 8 track eyes Improvisation is perfect for the part in the sound image analysis.). A little more if the first floor, is what the sneak and a moderate sense of distance to the sound can be felt, but in fact is a wonder not why. In any case, you have to listen to long variety of tape, recording excellent so far is not so is not, also from the meaning that said so, Van Halen fans, of course, heard all means is at the time of the Western fan I would like you, it is a really stunning play-by-play recording board! The previous year of about one year and three months from the first visit to Japan, the band was also more scale up, let me please the listeners out of the show rich in Variety. Although the 70’s Van Halen Japan performances sound source is 1978 year-to-date date is an excellent recording take you there are many in each venue, in contrast to Japan for the second time take, Budokan performances of course, also in other venues ” this! “There is no sound source that, this board is in the first appearance, there is no doubt that a single representative for the second time of the Japan tour.

Opening announcement is thing called “Hello Tokyo. Matakimashita! VAN HALEN!” In Japanese by the band side, and listen to this, fine lecturing is Omoikkiri fun the live of this board to vent! It will feel that. First music Rashiku this time Light Up The Sky. In “Hello Tokyo!” Dave followed by the Somebody Get Me A Doctor to the screaming of, hand listening to the greatness of this sound will be to tip over! The great it is not cracked have been recorded on until here! After the Runnin ‘With The Devil is wowed fans with MC Dave is happy (tonight is the last show, and says). Eddie guitar has also been recorded in the amazing sound in up to fierce. “It’s a new song!” From little playing jam tone and as to rush to Dance The Night Away, you can enjoy a refreshing feeling just to tremendous. Performance of 4 minutes of drum solo and session-style in front of On Fire is done. Featuring a bass solo of 2 minutes in front of You’re No Good. Feel Your Love Tonight of of about five minutes before, you can hear the same jam-style play and intro of Fools, which is included on the next album. Show the second half and a string of initial representative music, you rolling in the storm of enthusiastic spectators. 6 minutes of Rongusoro of Eddie of Spanish Fly / Eruption to be played in front of You Really Got Me Among them is must listen. Bottoms of last Up, and Atomic sound image, even Punk is not unwavering at all. Perfect Record enough does not feel the presence of the recording’s. It is the emergence of a long time of super-strong title for the Van Halen fans. Release determined by the limited press CD! !

★ is a review Yowake of beatleg magazine vol.130 (No. 5 May 2011). In case you’re wondering.

Van Halen last day of the re-visit to Japan performances, press CD was recorded live in the Budokan performances of September 13, 1979. In high-quality audience recording by the first appearance of the master, surprised to be in 1979, yet was recorded in so much better sound quality at the venue of the Budokan. The sound of the guitar and drum overall well balanced by the clear, cheers even at all not very moderately hear hassle. Michael also unusual that the person of Eddie chorus louder than the chorus.繆 is, but it about four minutes Dave seems to be the action of the martial arts probably fit the drum. In front of the “Feel Your Love Tonight” is, guitar playing, such as “Fools” to be recorded in the third album to listen. Drum solo and the bass solo, but I short the guitar solo of Suga some 6 minutes. The overall performance content is a top towards the first visit to Japan performance, determination board of re-Japan tour would be this board. Jacket photographs’re the best. The first delivery portion of this album “PASADENA ON FIRE” are attached as a bonus CD-R. This is Sundehatsuban “PASADENA 1977: LIVE & REHEARSAL” (LAF219) and those of the same content, something that was recorded the rehearsal and the main part of the Pasadena concert of October 15, 1977 in the high-quality sound board.縡 – 縱 is missing the beginning part in the installation, 縟縉 is filled vocals.縒’s original song “Mean Street”. Subsequent main live Suga also hear the clear, enhance the first time in the initial live is suggesting. Especially amazing guitar playing in the final stage.

1979年、「VAN HALEN II」に伴う2度目の日本ツアーより、最終日となる9月13日、東京武道館公演を約1時間40分に渡って、極上レベルの超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。トレーダー間でも一切出回っていない、ニューテーパーによる極上音質マスターテープをを使用しています。(ちなみに同時リリースのシン・リジー東京公演も同じ録音者によるものです。このテーパーは本当に凄い!!)余程、録音ポジションが良かったのか、機材が良いのか、はたまたその両方か・・・1979年の武道館でここまで篭りが無くダイレクトなサウンドで録音出来るのは驚きを通り越して、ただただ呆然と聴き入るのみ。楽音が驚く程オンに収録されており、曲間では流石に歓声がは聴こえるものの、演奏中は遠目にうっすらと手拍子が聴こえる位で歓声が殆ど聴こえないという完全別格の音源。この楽音の近さと、その対照的な歓声の遠さは、一階の最前で録音しているのか、はまたま最前列で録音しているのか、判断が迷うところです(8トラック目のImprovisationは音像分析にはもってこいのパートです。)。一階ならもう少し、音に回り込みや適度な距離感が感じられるものですが、実はそういうわけではないのも不思議です。いずれにせよ、長く色々なテープを聴いていますが、ここまで優れた録音はそうは無いわけで、そう言った意味からも、ヴァン・ヘイレン・ファンは勿論、当時の洋楽ファンには是非とも聴いて頂きたい、実に見事な実況録音盤です!前年の初来日から約1年3カ月、バンドもよりスケールアップした、ヴァラエティに富んだショウをで聴き手を喜ばせてくれます。ヴァン・ヘイレンの70年代の日本公演音源は1978年初来日は優秀な録音テイクが各会場で多数存在しますが、対照的に2度目の来日テイクは、武道館公演は勿論、他会場でも「これ!」という音源がなく、本盤は初登場にして、2度目の来日公演を代表する一枚となることは間違いありません。

オープニングアナウンスはバンドサイドによる日本語での「コンニチハ東京。マタキマシタ!VAN HALEN!」というもので、これを聴くと、細かい講釈は抜きに本盤のライブを思いっきり楽しもう!という気になります。一曲目はこの時期らしくLight Up The Sky。「Hello Tokyo!」のデイブの絶叫に続いてはSomebody Get Me A Doctorで、この音の凄さに聴き手はひっくり返ることでしょう!ここまでオンに録れていて割れてないのは素晴らしい!Runnin’ With The Devil の後にはデイブがご機嫌のMCでファンを沸かせます(今晩がラストショウだ、と言います)。エディのギターも壮絶なまでに凄い音で録れています。ジャム調のちょっとした演奏から「新曲だ!」とDance The Night Awayに突入する様は凄まじいばかりに爽快感が楽しめます。On Fireの前には4分間のドラムソロとセッション風の演奏が行われます。You’re No Good の前には2分間のベースソロをフィーチャー。Feel Your Love Tonightの前には5分間程の、次作に収録されるFoolsのイントロと同じジャム風演奏が聞けます。ショウ後半は初期代表曲を連発し、観客を熱狂の嵐に巻き込みます。その中でもYou Really Got Meの前に演奏されるSpanish Fly / Eruption のエディの6分のロングソロは必聴。ラストのBottoms Up、そしてAtomic Punkでも音像は全く揺るぎません。録音者の存在を感じさせない程のパーフェクト録音。ヴァン・ヘイレン・ファンにとっては久々の超強力タイトルの登場です。限定プレスCDにてリリース決定です!!

★beatleg誌 vol.130(2011年5月号)のレビュー要訳です。ご参考まで。

ヴァン・ヘイレンの再来日公演の最終日、1979年9月13日の武道館公演のライヴを収録したプレスCD。初登場のマスターによる高音質のオーディエンス録音で、1979年に、しかも武道館という会場でこんなにも優れた音質で録られたことに驚かされる。ギターとドラムの音はクリアで全体的にバランスが良く、歓声も非常に適度に聴こえ煩わしさは全く無い。マイケルのコーラスよりもエディのコーラスの方が大きく聞こえるというのも珍しい。繆は、4分間ほどだが多分ドラムに合わせてデイヴが武道のアクションをしていると思われる。「Feel Your Love Tonight」の前には、サード・アルバムに収録される「Fools」のようなギタープレイが聴ける。ドラムソロとベースソロは短いものだが縋のギターソロは6分ある。全体的な演奏内容は初来日公演の方が上だが、再来日公演の決定盤は本盤だろう。ジャケット写真も最高だ。本盤の初回納品分にはボーナスCD-Rとして「PASADENA ON FIRE」が付く。これは既発盤『PASADENA 1977:LIVE & REHEARSAL』(LAF219)と同内容のもので、1977年10月15日のパサデナ公演のリハーサルと本編を高音質のサウンドボードで収録したものだ。縡-縱はインストで冒頭部分が欠落しており、縟縉がヴォーカル入り。縒は「Mean Street」の原曲だ。縋以降の本編ライヴもクリアに聴こえ、初期ライヴの充実ぶりが窺える。特に終盤でのギタープレイが凄い。

Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Light Up The Sky 3. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 4. Drum Solo 5. Runnin’ With The Devil
6. Dance The Night Away 7. Beautiful Girls 8. Improvisation 9. On Fire 10. Bass Solo
11. You’re No Good 12. Jamie’s Cryin’

Disc 2
1. Fools Intro. 2. Feel Your Love Tonight 3. Outta Love Again 4. Ice Cream Man
5. Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love 6. Spanish Fly / Eruption 7. You Really Got Me 8. Bottoms Up
9. Atomic Punk

David Lee Roth – Lead Vocals Eddie Van Halen – Guitars, Vocals Michael Anthony – Bass, Vocals
Alex Van Halen – Drums

Shades 310

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