Van Halen / Stockholm 1984 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Van Halen / Stockholm 1984 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac

Translated Text:

Live at Rasunda Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden 25th August 1984 plus Bonus DVDR “Ultimate TV Collection 1980-1985”

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“1984 TOUR” of the cum that everyone wants. The upgrade master of the name recording which reigned at that top point appears with permanent preservation press 2CD.
It is contained in this work “Stockholm performance on 25th August 1984”. It is an audience recording that symbolized the end of the David Lee Roth era. The greatest shock of this work is more than anything in the sound of the newly discovered master, but first of all the show position. Let’s check from the live schedule at the end how far it ended.

“January 9” 1984 “release”
“1984 TOUR”
· January 18 – February 23: North America (25 performances)
· March 7 – April 6: North America (22 performances)
· April 14 – May 21: North America (23 performances)
· June 2 – July 16: North America (30 shows)
· August 18 – September 7: Europe (7 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

This is the whole picture of the tour that enjoyed the historical success with the whole body. The tour titled with the album titles was a show in North America, but then a festival tour in Europe “MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 1984” was held. The Stockholm performance of this work was a show that is the 2 nd performances in that Northern European version. Lastly the original VAN HALEN collapsed this 7 performances. In other words, this work corresponds to the sixth performance from the end of the Dave era.
Such a show has long known as a recording, reigning as a great staple of the “1984” era when full sound board does not exist. This work is a new master of such vertex recording. That sound is just another thing. Despite the fact that the previous episode is also a name recording that represents the tour, it was a sound that was missed by everyone else. However, in this work it is clogged up, dynamic guitar and vocals are scones! He stretches pleasantly. The Rosunda Studyon that became a scene is a stadium that is also home of the Swedish football team, but it feels plenty of the vibrant feeling with zero echoes uniquely unique to the outdoors. This upgrade feeling seems to have brought new glasses with matching degrees. If it says according to the current season, should I say that the pollen fell and the street of the nose got better? You can feel immersed in the sound that is refreshing and cozy and comfortable.
It is a dream ‘1984’ era drawn with that sound. Already, everything is great. Anyway, from the set list, it seems that it will be dizzy for the best selection of gorgeous original VAN HALEN. After the reunion, it was a Greatest Hits show, but unlike the general feeling of comprehensive suppression there is a different sense of concentration uniquely in real time is fresh, and it ‘s gotten from all the works except “legendary bombers”! Hit songs will be shown one after another. After the reunion is not played “House Of Pain” “Happy Trails” at that time feeling is also wonderful, even Eddie’s solo time is also sharp and crispy of condensed demonstrations such as “Eruption” “Spanish Fly” and “Mean Street” intro . Even though famous famous songs are full, I do not feel familiar.
What is more brilliant is the momentum of the band itself. Finally, “Panama” and “I’ll Wait” are also the latest momentum of hits as well as “Jump” which won the first place in the US nationwide for five consecutive weeks, and the “Hot For Teacher” of Special Hits is also unique in the “1984” era Burst by the band potential of. Of course, the repertoire other than the new song also has a great opening feeling that it was able to play more dynamically and mass more than ever with a performance that received a strong success wind. Unlike previous tours, it is different from the feeling of rework after reunion. It is a spectacle rock of the century which is exactly “1984” only.

The ideal of American hard rock at all. That polar field. Returning again is the tragedy of the history of rock that the official live album was not left in the “1984” era. This work clears up the regret and it is a vertex live album that will let you experience the site with wonderful sounds. The traditional name recording is the Daimyo board upgraded with the new excavation master. I will never return again “1984 ‘s extreme spirit”. Please, please experience with permanent preservation press 2CD.

誰もが望む絶頂の“1984 TOUR”。その頂点に君臨してきた名録音のアップグレード・マスターが永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。

“1984 TOUR”

これが全身で歴史的大成功を満喫していたツアーの全体像。アルバムタイトルが題されたツアー本編はすべて北米でのショウでしたが、その後にヨーロッパでのフェスツアー“MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 1984”を実施。本作のストックホルム公演は、その北欧版で2公演目にあたるショウでした。この7公演を最後にオリジナルVAN HALENは崩壊。つまり、本作はデイヴ時代の最後から6公演目にあたるわけです。
そのサウンドで描かれるのが夢の『1984』時代。もう、すべてが最高。とにかくセットリストからして豪華絢爛なオリジナルVAN HALENのベスト選曲に目眩がしそう。再結成後もグレイテストヒッツなショウでしたが、そこでの満遍なく押さえる総括感とは違うリアルタイムならではの濃縮感がやけにフレッシュで、『伝説の爆撃機』以外の全作からコレぞ!のヒット曲が次々に披露される。再結成後には演奏していない「House Of Pain」「Happy Trails」の当時感も素晴らしく、エディのソロタイムでも「Eruption」「Spanish Fly」や「Mean Street」イントロといったネタの濃縮披露もやけに鋭くキレッキレ。お馴染みの名曲だらけなのに、手慣れ感がないのです。
それ以上に鮮烈なのがバンドの勢いそのもの。遂に悲願の全米1位を5週連続で獲得した「Jump」を筆頭に「Panama」「I’ll Wait」も最新ヒットの勢いたっぷりですし、必殺の「Hot For Teacher」も『1984』時代ならではのバンドポテンシャルで炸裂。もちろん、新曲以外のレパートリーも、一皮剥けた大成功の風を受けたパフォーマンスでこれまで以上にダイナミックでマスに弾けた開放感が凄い。それまでのツアーとは違い、再結成後の懐メロ感とも異なる。まさに“1984年”だけにしかない世紀のスペクタクル・ロックなのです。



Disc 1 (48:59)
1. Intro. 2. Unchained 3. Hot For Teacher 4. Drum Solo 5. On Fire 6. Runnin’ With The Devil
7. Little Guitars 8. House Of Pain 9. Bass Solo 10. I’ll Wait 11. Everybody Wants Some!!
12. Pretty Woman

Disc 2 (34:22)
1. 1984 2. Jump 3. Guitar Solo incl. Blues Jam, Eruption, Mean Street Intro, Spanish Fly
4. Panama 5. You Really Got Me 6. Happy Trails 7. You Really Got Me (Reprise)

David Lee Roth – Lead Vocals Eddie Van Halen – Guitars, Vocals
Michael Anthony – Bass, Vocals Alex Van Halen – Drums

Zodiac 297


Van Halen / Ultimate TV Collection 1980-1985 / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:

Ultimate TV compilation 1980-1985 PRO-SHOT

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This volume press 2CD is a monument live album that summarizes the original VAN HALEN at the end of the David Lee Roth era. To the bonus, we prepared a pro shot collection that looks back at the golden age with images.
It is contained in such a work, a number of television images that appeared from 1980 to 1985. There are also images of familiarity inside, but it is a masterpiece compilation that the core overseas manians produced by selecting the master. Let’s introduce the details in detail.

First of all, the European program of “WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST” era appears. The main contents are the mime performance 2 songs “West Reid Got Me” and “The The Cradle Will Rock …” in the West Germany, and other promotions such as “Loss of Control” and interviews with fans of the Netherlands.
The main feature of such a thing is the West German program “ROCK POP” that adorns the beginning. Although this work differs only in compilation quality, this program is really wonderful, it is a superb pro shot that can also be recorded on the official DVD as it is. Although it is a mime, it is still intense original VAN HALEN. It is raging enough to make doubt even whether Dave feels like matching the sound. Dancing with Kunekune in costumes that show flesh body beauty, hugging a female customer of Sakura and stirring her face in her chest. Eddie also shows the first time that he is assaulting the camera with that smile.

【1981: FAIR WARNING era】
Following the 1981 European program collection. The images of the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain etc. are delivered one after another. Quality does not correspond to “ROCK POP” at the beginning, but the preciousness is amazing. In the same way, although it is a mime, there are few mischiefs in a studio or a stage-like set without spectators. Rather, you can watch plenty of the original performance “cool VAN HALEN”. Among them, “Mean Street” of the Spanish program is made to be relieved. The hand of Eddie who plays the intro which became a topic that “I do not know how to play” is projected in the pro shot of the multi camera. Although it is not that mystery to that extent now, the European kids at that time will have been passed through to the revelation that was announced casually.

【1982 – 1983: DIVER DOWN era】
“DIVER DOWN” era which got popularity with a hit of “(Oh) Pretty Woman”. This section contains one mime performance in the Italian music program “RAIDUE” and three pro shot lives of “US FESTIVAL ’83”.
Missing is the latter. It is a super-famous live without question and answer, but this is also the best quality that can be released officially. Three songs “Runnin ‘With The Devil”, “(Oh) Pretty Woman” and “You Really Got Me” have been edited for the program, but they are so beautiful as to look outstandingly. I would like you to discover a full show with this quality by all means ….

【1984 years: 1984 era】
The last is the same “1984” era as the main press press 2CD. There is also “Hot For Teacher” of Donington Park, but interviews and clip images are the main. A wonderful quality Donington performance also attracts attention, but the must-see is the Stockholm picture. Of course, this is the same show as 2CD press. Despite the quality of the image now, the audience at the scene and the stage scene are also clearly shown. Although it is a partial image far from the full show, it is enough to raise the image of press 2CD of this volume with a good result.

Justly, the decision board of the original VAN HALEN video. It is a masterpiece image collection which can enjoy rare television · pro shots for about one and a half hours. How dazzled the existence of the time was, how huge it was, how they were special existence. One piece to convey beyond one hundred. Please, please enjoy plenty together with this press 2CD.

★ As a decision board when I was enrolled at Dave · Lee · Roth, it is a must-have classic · video compilation · title that must have been highly evaluated for many years.

本編プレス2CDは、デイヴッド・リー・ロス時代の最末期にしてオリジナルVAN HALENを総括する記念碑ライヴアルバムです。そのボーナスには、映像で黄金時代を振り返るプロショット集をご用意しました。

まず登場するのは『WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST』時代のヨーロッパ番組。内容は西ドイツ番組のマイム・パフォーマンス2曲「You Really Got Me」「And The Cradle Will Rock…」がメインで、その他「Loss of Control」のプロモやオランダのファンへのインタビューなど。
そんな中で目玉なのは冒頭を飾る西ドイツの番組“ROCK POP”。本作はコンピレーションだけにクオリティはまちまちですが、この番組は本当に素晴らしく、このまま公式DVDにも収録できる極上のプロショットです。マイムではあるものの、それでも強烈なのがオリジナルVAN HALEN。デイヴは音に合わせる気があるのかさえ疑問になるほどの大暴れ。肉体美を見せつけるような衣装でクネクネと踊り、サクラの女性客に抱きついては胸に顔をうずめる。エディもあの笑顔でカメラに突撃するノリノリぶりを見せつけます。

【1981年:FAIR WARNING時代】
続いての1981年もヨーロッパ番組集。オランダ、ベルギー、フランス、スペイン等の映像が次々と繰り出されます。クオリティは冒頭の“ROCK POP”には及びませんが、貴重度は凄い。同じようにマイムではあるものの、観客のいないスタジオやステージ風のセットだけに悪戯は少なめ。むしろ、“カッコイイVAN HALEN”本来のパフォーマンスをたっぷりと観ることができます。中でもハッとさせたれるのがスペイン番組の「Mean Street」。「どうやって弾いているか分からない」と話題になったイントロを弾くエディの手元がマルチカメラのプロショットで映し出される。現在ではそこまでの謎ではありませんが、当時のヨーロッパのキッズはさり気なく披露された種明かしにド肝を抜かれたことでしょう。

【1982年-1983年:DIVER DOWN時代】
「(Oh) Pretty Woman」のヒットでグッとポピュラリティを得た『DIVER DOWN』時代。このセクションは、イタリアの音楽番組“RAIDUE”でのマイム演奏1曲と、“US FESTIVAL ’83”のプロショット・ライヴ3曲を収録しています。
必見なのは、後者。問答無用の超有名ライヴなのですが、これまたオフィシャル・リリースできるほどの極上クオリティ。「Runnin’ With The Devil」「(Oh) Pretty Woman」「You Really Got Me」の3曲で番組用に編集されてはいるものの、目に染みるほど美しい映像。是非ともこのクオリティでフルショウを発掘していただきたい……。

最後は、本編プレス2CDと同じ『1984』時代。ドニントン・パークの「Hot For Teacher」もありますが、インタビューやクリップ映像がメインです。素晴らしいクオリティのドニントン公演も目を惹きますが、必見なのはストックホルム映像。もちろん、本編プレス2CDと同じショウです。画質は今いちなものの、現場の観客やステージ光景もはっきりと映し出される。フルショウにはほど遠い部分的な映像ではありますが、本編プレス2CDのイメージをグイッと引き上げるには十分です。

まさしく、オリジナルVAN HALEN映像の決定盤。貴重極まるテレビ・プロショットを約1時間半にわたって楽しめる傑作映像集です。いかに彼らが特別な存在だったのか、当時の存在感がどれほど眩しく輝き、いかに巨大だったのか。百聞を超えて伝える1枚。どうぞ、本編プレス2CDと併せてたっぷりとご堪能ください。


1. You Really Got Me(German TV 1980)
2. And The Cradle Will Rock…(German TV 1980)
3. Loss of Control(Promo from Australian TV 1980)
4. Short Clip + Interview(Dutch TV 1980)
5. Interview(Dutch TV 1981)
6. Unchained/Hear About it Later(Belgian TV 1981)
7. Unchained(French TV 1981)
8. Mean Street(Spanish TV 1981)
9. Unchained(Spanish TV 1981)
10. Unchained + Interview(German TV 1981)
11. Pretty Woman(Italian TV 1982)
12. Runnin’ With The Devil, Pretty Woman, You Really Got Me(incl.Happy Trails)
(Live at Glen Helen Park San Bernadino, California, USA 29th May 1983)
13. I’ll Wait + Interview(UK TV 1984)
14. Interview(Castle Donnington, UK 18th August 1984)
15. Hot For Teacher(Live at Castle Donnington, UK 18th August 1984)
16. Short Clips + Interview(Rasunda Stadium Stockholm, Sweden 25th August 1984)
17. Short Clips + Interview(German TV 1984)
18. Interview(French TV 1985)


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