Van Halen / Monsters Of Rock 1984 / 1CD

Van Halen / Monsters Of Rock 1984 / 1CD / ZODIAC

Donington Park, Castle Donington, UK 18th August 1984


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“VAN HALEN in 1984” is an unexplored region of the rock world where one satisfying sound board was not left even though it was a historic heyday. Introducing a live album that allows rock fans to experience the scene they want.
“August 31, 1984 Winterthur performance” is included in this work. An excellent audience recording that conveys one act of the legendary “MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 1984”. Speaking of “MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 1984”, not only will two titles be released at the same time this week, but the masterpiece “STOCKHOLM 1984 (Zodiac 297)” will also reign as a staple. I will leave the outline of the activities in 1984 to the explanation of “MONSTERS OF ROCK 1984 (Zodiac 422)” released at the same time, but here let’s check the positional relationship of each title from the details of the legendary festival tour.

・ August 18 “MONSTERS OF ROCK 1984”
・ August 25, “STOCKHOLM 1984”
・ August 31: Winterthur ← ★ This work ★
・ September 1: Karlsruhe
・ September 2: Nuremberg
・ September 5: Rome
・ September 7: Turin

Above, all 7 performances. This is the whole picture of “MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 1984”, and the Winterthur performance of this work is the third performance. “MONSTERS OF ROCK 1984”-> “STOCKHOLM 1984”-> This is a live album series where you can fully experience three consecutive performances step by step.
The sound of this work recorded at such a show is really wonderful. Although it is a vintage audience, the master freshness is excellent. No cloudiness or distortion due to dubbing deterioration is felt, and the crisp playing sound of the outline stands out in a clear air feeling, and it reaches straight at hand. Moreover, the site “Stadion Schützenwiese” is an open-space soccer stadium, and of course there is no response. The sound emitted from the PA is so fresh that it jumps over the space-time of 36 years.
Moreover, this work is the highest peak board that pursues the possibility of such a famous recording. As a matter of fact, compared to the other two works of the press, “MONSTERS OF ROCK 1984” and “STOCKHOLM 1984”, the original sound of the Swiss recording was a little donshari. Therefore, this work is mastered precisely. Not only does it make the pitch accurate, but it also organizes the balance and sound of each range. The entire ensemble has been refined so that it sounds neat.
The fresh sound depicts the scene of “MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 1984” that every rock fan longs for. The set is the same as in other countries, but let’s organize it here as well.

・ Van Halen: On Fire (★) / Runnin’With The Devil / You Really Got Me
・ Women and Children First: Everybody Wants Some !!
Martial law: Unchained
・ Diver Down: Little Guitars / (Oh) Pretty Woman
・ 1984: Hot For Teacher / House Of Pain (★) / I’ll Wait / Jump / Panama
* Note: “★” marks are songs that were not played during the reorganization era.

… And it looks like this. The show that throws this decisive set with the band potential that just created the masterpiece “1984” is truly a paradise. It’s an unthinkable splendor. The performance alone is full of heart, but this work has a special feeling even more realistic. In fact, this show was also VAN HALEN’s first performance in Switzerland.
Even in “MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR”, unlike other countries, there were few bands performing in Switzerland, and there were only three groups: AC / DC, VAN HALEN, and MOTLEY CRUE. Of course, the headliners were AC / DC, but they have performed in Switzerland many times and weren’t that special. In other words, VAN HALEN is the first band to watch for the audience. The sound of this work does not give up the leading role in the heavy performance sound, but at the same time, the atmosphere of the site where the expectations and excitement blow out can be felt realistically.

VAN HALEN in 1984, who enjoyed unprecedented success and unfolded a stage that could be called the supreme stage of American HR. In the Swiss performance, the shocking feeling of the first experience was added to the ultimate show. This work is also a document album that allows you to witness such a unique scene with real sound and experience the best. A live album in which the excitement, surprise and excitement of 1984 comes out directly from the speakers. Please enjoy it with the permanent storage press CD

歴史的な一大絶頂期でありながら、満足なサウンドボードひとつ残されなかったロック界の秘境“1984年のVAN HALEN”。ロックファンなら誰もが望む現場をリアル体験できるライヴアルバムが登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは「1984年8月31日ヴィンタートゥール公演」。伝説的な“MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 1984”の一幕を伝える絶品オーディエンス録音です。“MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 1984”と言えば、今週は2タイトルが同時リリースとなるだけでなく、名盤『STOCKHOLM 1984(Zodiac 297)』も定番として君臨しております。1984年の活動概要は同時リリースの『MONSTERS OF ROCK 1984(Zodiac 422)』解説に譲るとして、ここでは伝説のフェスツアーの詳細から各タイトルの位置関係を確認しておきましょう。

・8月18日『MONSTERS OF ROCK 1984』
・8月25日『STOCKHOLM 1984』
・8月31日:ヴィンタートゥール ←★本作★

以上、全7公演。これが“MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 1984”の全体像なわけですが、本作のヴィンタートゥール公演はその3公演目。『MONSTERS OF ROCK 1984』→『STOCKHOLM 1984』→本作と、3連続公演を一歩ずつフル体験していくライヴアルバム・シリーズなのです。
しかも、本作はそんな名録音の可能性を追求した最高峰盤。実のところ、プレスの他2作『MONSTERS OF ROCK 1984』『STOCKHOLM 1984』に比べると、スイス録音の原音は若干ドンシャリ気味でもありました。そこで本作は精緻にマスタリング。ピッチを正確にするだけでなく、各音域のバランスや鳴りも整理。アンサンブル全体が整って聞こえるように磨き上げました。
そのフレッシュ・サウンドで描かれるのは、ロックファンなら誰もが憧れる“MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 1984”の現場。セットは他国と同じではありますが、一応ここでも整理しておきましょう。

・炎の導火線:On Fire(★)/Runnin’ With The Devil/You Really Got Me
・暗黒の掟:Everybody Wants Some!!
・ダイヴァーダウン:Little Guitars/(Oh) Pretty Woman
・1984:Hot For Teacher/House Of Pain(★)/I’ll Wait/Jump/Panama

……と、このようになっています。この決定的なセットを大名盤『1984』を創り上げたばかりのバンド・ポテンシャルでぶちまけるショウは、まさにパラダイス。これ以上は考えられない素晴らしさです。そのパフォーマンスだけでも胸いっぱいなのですが、本作はさらに臨場感まで特別感が漂っている。実は、このショウはVAN HALENにとって初めてのスイス公演でもあったのです。
“MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR”でもスイス公演は他国と違って出演バンドが少なく、AC/DC、VAN HALEN、MOTLEY CRUEの3組だけでした。もちろん、ヘッドライナーはAC/DCだったわけですが、彼らはこれまで何度もスイス公演を行っており、そこまで特別でもなかった。つまり、観客にとって一番の注目バンドは初めて観るVAN HALEN。本作のサウンドは、あくまでも骨太な演奏音が主役の座を譲らないのですが、同時にその期待と興奮が吹き出す現場の空気感もリアルに感じられるのです。

空前の成功を満喫し、アメリカンHRの至高とも言うべきステージを繰り広げていた1984年のVAN HALEN。スイス公演は、極めつけのショウに初体験の衝撃感まで上乗せされていました。本作は、そんな二つとない現場にリアル・サウンドで立ち会い、極上体験ができるドキュメント・アルバムでもあるのです。1984年の感動と驚きと興奮がスピーカーからダイレクトに吹き出してくるライヴアルバム。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDでじっくりとご堪能ください。

1. Intro.
2. Unchained
3. Hot For Teacher
4. Drum Solo
5. On Fire
6. Runnin’ With The Devil
7. MC
8. Little Guitars
9. House Of Pain
10. Bass Solo
11. I’ll Wait
12. Everybody Wants Some!!
13. (Oh) Pretty Woman
14. 1984
15. Jump
16. Guitar Solo
17. Panama
18. You Really Got Me

David Lee Roth – Lead Vocals
Eddie Van Halen – Guitars, Vocals
Michael Anthony – Bass, Vocals
Alex Van Halen – Drums


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