Van Halen / US Festival 83 / 1DVDR

Van Halen / US Festival 83 / 1DVDR / Non label

Glen Helen Park, Devore CA USA 29th May 1983. PRO-SHOT

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The most important historical event “US FESTIVAL” that made the new music genre “HR / HM” known to the world. The big classic video when appearing at the legendary festival, which is said to have repainted the power map of the scene, is the gift release decision.
Of course, this work was shot at “May 29, 1983 Glen Helen Regional Park”. It is said that “US FESTIVAL” in 1983 mobilized 670,000 people in four days, but VAN HALEN was the appearance of “HEAVY METAL DAY” on the second day, which was also a highlight. At this festival, QUIET RIOT immediately after flying No. 1 in the United States, up-and-coming MOTLEY CRUE, metal icons such as Ozzy Osbourne and JUDAS PRIEST are gathered together. VAN HALEN acted as a grand bird in such a situation.
It is powerful by itself, but historically important is that the festival was broadcast on TV nationwide. Until then, heavy metal was gradually gaining momentum among music fans, but to the general public it was nothing more than “music with a strange name called heavy metal.” However, when this festival was broadcast on TV, the name and sound of “HEAVY METAL” and the visual image were struck, and it penetrated into the tea ceremony in the United States. VAN HALEN was the main attraction at such a historical festival. Fans don’t feel like calling them “this is metal!”, But there is no doubt that they were huge leaders in emerging genres. And that TV image is this work. In other words, it is a monumental image that made the United States aware of the charm and scale of VAN HALEN.
The brush ran involuntarily, but from the VAN HALEN side, this festival is also one act of “HIDE YOUR SHEEP TOUR” accompanying “DIVER DOWN”. Here, let’s confirm the position of the show from that step.

● 1982
“April 14” DIVER DOWN “released”
・ July 14-August 21: North America # 1 (26 performances)
・ September 1-25: North America # 2 (17 performances)
・ October 7th-December 11th: North America # 3 (38 performances)
● 1983
・ January 16-February 12: South America (15 performances)
・ May 29: US Festival appearance ← ★ This work ★

This is the 1982/1983 VAM HALEN. During 1982, they spent a lot of time on national tours, and in 1983 they conducted their first (and only) South American tour. The actual tour ended there, but three months later there was also a special appearance on “US FESTIVAL”.
As mentioned above, the stage will be broadcast on TV. Other bands had only a few songs, but Tori’s VAN HALEN was a full broadcast for more than 2 hours. Of course, we have produced a number of existing groups, but this work is (at the moment) the highest peak. As a matter of fact, there are bands that have upgraded (a part of) the Ozzy edition to the official level, and the JUDAS PRIEST edition has actually been commercialized, but unfortunately VAN HALEN was an air check at that time. As it is. Therefore, this work also has a sweet image quality like analog, but the freshness of the master itself is wonderful. Perhaps it was digitized before it deteriorated over time, there was almost no noise, shaking, or discoloration, and Dave’s shining costume was shining. I don’t know if there are any official masters left like Ozzy or JUDAS PRIEST (probably), but it’s one of the best you can hope for at this stage.
And the stage drawn with the beauty of the image is a monument. Let’s organize the set here as well.

-Van Halen: Runnin’With The Devil / Jamies Cryin’ / Ice Cream Man / Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love / You Really Got Me
・ Legendary bomber: Somebody Get Me A Doctor / Dance The Night Away / Bottoms Up!
・ Women and Children First: Romeo Delight / Everybody Wants Some !!
・ Martial law: Unchained / So This Is Love?
・ Diver Down: The Full Bug / Little Guitars / Dancing In The Street / Cathedral / Secrets / Intruder / (Oh) Pretty Woman / Happy Trails
・ 1984: Girl Gone Bad

… And it looks like this. “Girl Gone Bad” has appeared, but Tokuno’s best before “1984”. Of course, there is neither “Panama” nor “Jump”, but that’s why the core initial mood is maintained, and if it’s huge but just before generalization, the balance is wonderful. And it is Dave that symbolizes it. The flashy costumes and the action that made a big difference are repeated, and the actors of the moderation that seems to have evolved from the talk and the shout that is extremely exciting are also extremely cool. I don’t feel like making him the originator of rap, but I would like to call him a “vocalist” who utilizes the voice itself, not a “singer” whose expressive power is premised on singing. With unreasonable coolness, you can freely manipulate a large crowd of hundreds of thousands. Since we showed such a spectacle image during the US Open, history should change.
Aside from the historical significance of the festival, what comes out of this work is the original VAN HALEN scorching full show that runs up. It is a masterpiece that allows you to witness multi-camera pro shots on the verge of reaching the peak in “1984”. Now is the last opportunity to spotlight Eddie Van Halen’s feat. By all means, I would like you to take this opportunity to touch it again.

新しい音楽ジャンル“HR/HM”を全世界に知らしめた歴史的な最重要イベント“US FESTIVAL”。シーンの勢力地図まで塗り替えたと言われる伝説フェスに出演した際の大定番映像がギフト・リリース決定です。
 そんな本作が撮影されたのは、もちろん「1983年5月29日グレン・ヘレン地方公園」。1983年の“US FESTIVAL”は4日間で67万人を動員したと言われておりますが、VAN HALENは目玉でもあった2日目“HEAVY METAL DAY”の出演でした。このフェスには全米No.1を飛ばした直後のQUIET RIOTや新進気鋭のMOTLEY CRUE、メタルのアイコンとなるオジー・オズボーンやJUDAS PRIESTなど、錚々たるメンツが集結。VAN HALENはそうした中で堂々の大トリを務めたのです。
 それだけでも強力なのですが、歴史的に重要なのはフェスの模様が全米にTV放送されたこと。それまでヘヴィメタルは音楽ファンの間で少しずつ盛り上がってきたものの、一般層には「重金属なる珍妙な名前の音楽」でしかありませんでした。ところが、このフェスがTV放送された事で「HEAVY METAL」の名と音とヴィジュアル・イメージを叩きつけ、全米のお茶の間にまで浸透させたのです。そんな歴史的フェスで親玉だったのがVAN HALEN。ファンとしては彼らを「これぞメタル!」と呼ぶ気にはなれないものの、新興ジャンルを牽引する巨大な存在であったことは間違いない。そして、そのTV映像こそが本作。つまり、VAN HALENの魅力とスケール感を全米に知らしめた記念碑映像なのです。
 思わず筆が走ってしまいましたが、VAN HALEN側から見るとこのフェスは『DIVER DOWN』に伴う“HIDE YOUR SHEEP TOUR”の一幕でもある。ここで、その歩みからショウのポジションも確かめておきましょう。
《4月14日『DIVER DOWN』発売》
・5月29日:USフェスティバル出演 ←★本作★
 これが1982年/1983年のVAM HALEN。1982年中はびっしりと全米ツアーに明け暮れ、1983年は彼ら初の(そして唯一の)南米ツアーを実施。実質的なツアーはそこで終了したわけですが、その3ヶ月後に“US FESTIVAL”への特別出演もあったわけです。
 前述の通り、そのステージはテレビで放送。他の出演バンドは数曲程度でしたが、トリのVAN HALENは2時間以上のフル放送でした。もちろん、数々の既発群を生み出してきたわけですが、本作は(現時点で)その最高峰となるもの。実のところ、オジー編(の一部)が公式級で発掘されたり、JUDAS PRIEST編が実際にオフィシャル商品化されたりとアップグレードしているバンドもありますが、残念ながらVAN HALENは当時のエアチェックのまま。そのため、本作もアナログ感覚の甘い画質なのですが、マスターの鮮度自体は素晴らしい。経年劣化前にデジタル化されたのか、ノイズや揺れ、変色などがほとんどなく、ラメに輝くデイヴの衣装もキラッキラ。オジーやJUDAS PRIESTのように完全オフィシャル級のマスターが残っているのかは分かりません(恐らくはあるんでしょうね)が、現段階で望みうる最高の1枚なのです。
・炎の導火線:Runnin’ With The Devil/Jamies Cryin’/Ice Cream Man/Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love/You Really Got Me
・伝説の爆撃機:Somebody Get Me A Doctor/Dance The Night Away/Bottoms Up!
・暗黒の掟:Romeo Delight/Everybody Wants Some!!
・戒厳令:Unchained/So This Is Love?
・ダイヴァーダウン:The Full Bug/Little Guitars/Dancing In The Street/Cathedral/Secrets/Intruder/(Oh) Pretty Woman/Happy Trails
・1984:Girl Gone Bad
……と、このようになっています。「Girl Gone Bad」が顔を出してもいますが、『1984』以前の特濃ベスト。もちろん「Panama」も「Jump」もないわけですが、だからこそコアな初期のムードが保たれ、巨大でありながら一般化する寸前だったらギリギリのバランスが素晴らしい。そして、それを象徴するのがデイヴ。ド派手な衣装と大見得を切ったアクションを連発し、トークから発展したような節回しの役者ぶりも豪快極まるシャウトも凄まじくカッコイイ。彼をラップの元祖とする気はサラサラありませんが、その表現力は歌が前提の「シンガー」ではなく、声そのものを活用する「ヴォーカリスト」と呼びたい。理屈抜きのカッコ良さで、数十万の大群衆を自在に操る。こんなスペクタクル映像を全米のお茶の間に見せつけたのですから、そりゃあ歴史も変わるはずです。
 フェスの歴史的意義はさておいても、本作から吹き出してくるのは駆け上がるオリジナルVAN HALEN灼熱のフルショウ。『1984』で頂点を迎える寸前の彼らをマルチカメラ・プロショット目撃できる傑作です。今はエディ・ヴァン・ヘイレンの偉業にスポットライトが当たっている最後の機会。ぜひ、この機会にもう一度触れていただきたい1枚なのです。
1. Introduction
2. Romeo Delight
3. Unchained
4. Drum Solo
5. The Full Bug
6. Runnin’ With The Devil
7. Jamie’s Cryin’
8. So This Is Love ?
9. Little Guitars
10. Bass Solo
11. Dancing In The Street
12. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
13. Girl Gone Bad / I’m So Glad
14. Somebody Get Me A Doctor (Reprise)
15. Dance The Night Away
16. Cathedral 17. Secrets
18. Everybody Wants Some!!
19. Ice Cream Man
20. Intruder / (Oh) Pretty Woman
21. Guitar Solo
22. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
23. Bottoms Up!
24. You Really Got Me
25. Happy Trails
26. You Really Got Me (Reprise)
David Lee Roth – Lead Vocals Eddie Van Halen – Guitars, Vocals
Michael Anthony – Bass, Vocals Alex Van Halen – Drums


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