Van Halen / Caracas 1983 / 2DVDR

Van Halen / Caracas 1983 / 2DVDR / Non label

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Live At Poliedro De Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela, 16th January 1983. Pro-Shot

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In the history of VAN HALEN, the only South American tour was realized “HIDE YOUR SHEEP TOUR”. Multi-camera · Proshot who wrote the pattern is a gift · release decision. This work was filmed, leaving now 35 years ago “Caracas Performance January 16, 1983 (Venezuela)”. It is a 2-pack set that couples two kinds of TV broadcast master.
“HIDE YOUR SHEEP TOUR” accompanying “DIVER DOWN” was completed in 1982 (81 concerts only in North America) but after that a large South American tour was realized. Currently South America is a big market for rock, but in the 1980s when the East-West Cold War was under, there are still places that are still open. Speaking of 1982-1983 in particular, there were invasions of Grenada and the Falkland conflict, so it was not a situation where the rock band could easily tour so easily. However, we did a tour boldly in such a big event. Since it is a good opportunity, let’s check the 1986 live schedule including their only South American tour.

· January 16 – 18: Caracas (3 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· January 21 – 23: Sao Paulo (3 performances)
· January 25 – 27: Rio de Janeiro (3 performances)
· January 28 – February 1: Porto · Alegre (3 performances)
· February 5: Montevideo Performance
· February 7th + 11th: Buenos Aires (2 performances)
– After 3 months –
· May 29: US FESTIVAL appearance

This is the schedule of 1983. Puerto Rico and Mexico in Central America had sometimes visited other tours, but the show on South America continues only this time. It was not a degree of extra leg stretching, it was a full-fledged South American tour covering all 16 performances. Caracas performance included in this work is a concert which is the first day of the concert. Broadcasting on television only on groundbreaking South American tour. Sao Paulo performances and Buenos Aires performances are known as classic footage, but the Caracas performance of this work is also one such professional shot. We have also coupled the two species that are the highest peaks in existing masters.
Disk 1 that appears first is a long master. Although it is not a full show, it is full of broadcasting to the last, still it can enjoy valuable original VH with multi camera for about 70 minutes. As expected, it is a South American broadcast of the unpublished era, so it can not be said that it is an “official grade”, but it is amazing on a luxurious screen. I can not find any kind of color bleeding or tape jewels, and the smile of Eddie who approaches Dave’s blonde as well as dancing is clear. Although a little dark screen with weak coloring is disappointing, there are a number of “HIDE YOUR SHEEP TOUR” professional shots in the beauty of detail but it is an exceptional one.
Disk 2 which appears on behalf is a brightly colorful master with almost no discoloration. Although it is not recorded (“Romeo Delight” to “Secrets”) about 15 minutes at the beginning while the same broadcasting, vibrant coloring is totally different! Of course, it is not an impossible highlight processing by digital processing, but beauty by the natural master freshness to the last. It was said that Caracas performance was dark in broadcasting itself, but it is master to prove that the original broadcast was extremely vivid.
Shows depicted with such exquisite master are exquisite items. The band / potential that is cheerful is on the verge of a major heyday by ‘1984’, which is awesome. Although it was the first day, the ensemble is also covered because it was touring North America till December of the previous year. And above all, the explosion tension for the first South American show! Although it is always a gaudy diamond · dave, this scenes of hijacking is amazing. Writing the stage narrowly, jumping, bouncing, dancing mad fuss … … it always does not change (bitter smile), but its momentum is more than usual. After that, he is also enthralling in Spanish only to him who produces the Spanish album “SONRISA SALVAJE” of “EAT ‘EM AND SMILE”. Of course, South American Nori that made them ahead of them is overwhelming, even camera work with little seating in the audience seems to be a tremendous excitement to see that it is a mass crowd with only the bustle.

The image itself is in the valuable original VH, more valuable multi camera camera shot. Moreover, it is the inscription that can witness the historic night which is the only South American Tour first day with two highest peak master. Please, please enjoy plenty on this occasion.

VAN HALEN史上、唯一の南米ツアーが実現した“HIDE YOUR SHEEP TOUR”。その模様を綴ったマルチカメラ・プロショットがギフト・リリース決定です。本作が撮影されたのは、今を去ること35年前となる「1983年1月16日カラカス公演(ベネズエラ)」。そのテレビ放送マスター2種をカップリングした2枚組です。
『DIVER DOWN』に伴う“HIDE YOUR SHEEP TOUR”本編は1982年中に終了していました(北米のみの81公演)が、その後に大規模な南米ツアーが実現しました。現在でこそ南米はロックの一大市場となっていますが、東西冷戦下だった80年代にはまだまだ未開の地。特に1982年-1983年と言えばグレナダ侵攻やフォークランド紛争もあり、そうそう簡単にロックバンドがツアーできる状況ではありませんでした。しかし、そんな中で果敢にツアーを実行したのが我らがビッグV。良い機会ですので、彼ら唯一の南米ツアーを含む1986年のライヴスケジュールを確認してみましょう。

・5月29日:US FESTIVAL出演

まず登場するディスク1は長尺マスター。フルショウではなく、あくまでも放送のフルですが、それでも約70分に渡って貴重なオリジナルVHをマルチカメラで堪能できます。さすがに未開時代の南米放送ですから「オフィシャル級」とは言えないわけですが、艶やかな画面には目を見張る。色滲みやテープヨレの類も見当たらず、たなびくデイヴのブロンドもドアップで迫るエディの微笑みも鮮明。少々、発色の弱い暗めの画面は残念なものの、細部の美しさでは数ある“HIDE YOUR SHEEP TOUR”プロショットでも格別の1枚です。
代わって登場するディスク2は、その色落ちがほとんどなく明るくカラフルなマスター。同じ放送ながら冒頭の約15分が未収録(「Romeo Delight」から「Secrets」まで)ではありますが、鮮やかな発色はまるで別物! もちろん、デジタル処理による無理なハイライト処理ではなく、あくまでも自然なマスター鮮度による美しさ。これまでカラカス公演は放送自体が暗めだったのではないかとも言われていたのですが、オリジナル放送は極めて鮮やかだった事を証明するマスターなのです。
そんな2つの絶品マスターで描かれるショウこそが絶品。『1984』による一大全盛期を目前にして意気上がるバンド・ポテンシャルは凄まじく、初日とは言え、前年12月まで北米をツアーしていたためにアンサンブルもこなれている。そして何より、初の南米公演に臨む爆テンション! 常にド派手なダイヤモンド・デイヴではありますが、本作のはしゃぎっぷりは凄い。ステージ狭しと跳ぶわ、跳ねるわ、踊り狂うわの大騒ぎ……と書くといつも変わらない(苦笑)わけですが、その勢いがいつも以上。後に『EAT ‘EM AND SMILE』のスペイン語アルバム『SONRISA SALVAJE』を制作する彼だけに、スペイン語での煽りも堂に入っている。もちろん、そんな彼らを前にした南米ノリは圧倒的で、客席がほとんど映らないカメラワークでも、喧噪だけで大群衆なのが分かる凄まじい盛り上がりです。


Disc 1(69:43)
1. Romeo Delight 2. Unchained 3. Drum Solo 4. Jamie’s Cryin’ 5. Bass Solo 6. Secrets
7. Drum Solo 2 8. Everybody Wants Some!! 9. Dance The Night Away 10. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
11. Band Jam / I’m So Glad 12. Somebody Get Me A Doctor(Reprise) 13. Ice Cream Man
14. Intruder 15. Oh, Pretty Woman 16. Guitar Solo 17. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
18. Bottoms Up 19. You Really Got Me 20. Happy Trails

Disc 2(55:46) Imcompete & Upgrade
1. Drum Solo 2. Everybody Wants Some!! 3. Dance The Night Away
4. Somebody Get Me A Doctor / Band Jam 5. I’m So Glad / Somebody Get Me A Doctor(Reprise)
6. Ice Cream Man 7. Intruder/Oh, Pretty Woman 8. Guitar Solo
9. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 10. Bottoms Up 11. You Really Got Me 12. Happy Trails


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