Van Halen / Wichita 1978 / 1CD

Van Halen / Wichita 1978 / 1CD / Zodiac

Translated Text:
Live at Pogo’s Night Club, Wichita, Kansas, USA 3rd April 1978 STEREO SBD

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Just a live album of fire! Impressive emergence of the finest stereo sound board right after debut. It is decided to permanently save press CD.
It is contained in this work “Wichita performance on April 3, 1978”. This day is not listed in the tour schedule of the time, the concert which the existence itself was not known. Such a mysterious show is one amazement you can taste with the brain sound board directly connected. The biggest point is in a transcendent fierce sound, but first position. Let’s check from their first full-length world tour.

· January 27 + February 8: Warm up
“February 10” Fire fuse line “released”
· February 18 – April 28: North America # 1 (47 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· May 4th – 12th: Europe # 1 (7 performances)
· May 16 – June 10: UK (20 performances)
· June 17 – 28: Japan (9 shows)
· July 1 – September 30: North America # 2 (54 shows)
· October 9 – 27: Europe # 2 (13 performances)
· November 3 – December 3: North America # 3 (24 performances)
“December 11” Legendary bomber “started production”

This is the summary of the tour that revolutionized the whole world. In our shop, the soundboard three part “DEFINITIVE HAMMERSMITH 1978 (Zodiac 296)” “DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978 (Zodiac 298)” “DEFINITIVE IPSWICH 1978 (Zodiac 299)” has received great popularity Although this work ‘s Wichita’ s performance is even better and early. It was a concert of 27 concerts of “North America # 1” that began right after the release of “Fire fuse line”.
This work which contained such a show is exactly the best sound board. There is nothing like a beautiful feeling arranged like a broadcasting sound source, but the band itself is illegally invading into the brains barely a desk system. The trembling skin appears in the eyes of the drum, and the vocal is real breathing between the scats. It leads directly to the base and guitar so that you can feel even the unevenness of the string. To be honest, it seems that the desk is directly connected to the desk, so the enthusiasm of crowds is far away, so it can not be said to be a sense of the workplace, but the sounds say “What’s up with that!” “Fire fuse line” itself … … No, because it synchronizes with the band potential that explodes more than that, it is a pleasant pleasure for anything. Manias around the world are becoming turbulent only on such a fierce sound board, but this work is even more meticulous mastering. I correctly adjusted the pitch which was crazy as 1/4 sound, and more vividly depicted the direct impression of unrivaled strength.
The show drawn with that sound is the “fuse line of live performance”. In the above-mentioned UK tours and Japanese performances, a repertoire of “legendary bombers” was also played, but this work is not earlier than that. “Tying the Flame of Fire” number one at a stroke and showing off all songs except “Jamie’s Cryin ‘” and “Feel Your Love Tonight”. Everyone upgrades with this stage’s hyper tension, and it blows out from the speaker literally “being beaten” with the momentum. Among them, the only exception is Eddie Cochran’s cover “Summertime Blues”. Although it is also a repertoire before debut, it is not just a rare song, the original mood is amazing. While playing guitar solo, it was played with “Ice Cream Man” and “You Really Got Me” with 3 coverlets of covers, fiercely not losing to the classic “You Really Got Me”. “D.O.A.” And “Bottoms Up!” Serve as endings after the middle of the tour is also good, but “Summertime Blues” is far more primitive. It is Moon Mun that is the very early smell that directly connects with the debut.
And, by what, VAN HALEN itself is abnormal. The above-mentioned British trilogy was burning with the desire of “the first European expedition”, but this work is also the first place for me. Before debut, they were active around the local west coast, but this work is the state of Kansas in the middle of the continent. Although it is in the United States, it is a land that is more than 2,000 kilometers away, the first experience is the first experience. Of course, I am proud of my music with a single song, as well as a MC that I feel first-handedly full of ambition. And the site mood that witnessed it is also excellent. I wrote as “I’m not going to experience the site” earlier, but I can easily understand that even if it is small it is crazy. I do not know what kind of venue the “POGO’S NIGHT CLUB” that was the site is, but probably it is a club of a small basement level. It is so narrow that it seems only to be so, and a violent closed-door feeling is transmitted with a sense of skin. It is a live album that burns burns and burns.

It is even more primitive than the popular UK sound board trilogy, more primitive. Because it is a debut tour, it is a dysfunctional work, because it is a club, it is a closed room feeling, because the desk is directly connected, it’s a sense of sync. It is an ultra super stereo sound board album with all of it. The real pleasure of this work is the real pleasure of listening to rock itself. It is no exaggeration to say so one work that is superb. Here comes the majestic press CD.

★ It is too amazing piece.

まさに炎のライヴアルバム! デビュー直後の極上ステレオ・サウンドボードが衝撃の登場。永久保存プレスCD化決定です。


これが全世界に革命を振りまいたツアーの概要。当店では、初の英国ツアーを収めたサウンドボード3部作『DEFINITIVE HAMMERSMITH 1978(Zodiac 296)』『DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978(Zodiac 298)』『DEFINITIVE IPSWICH 1978(Zodiac 299)』が大好評を博しておりますが、本作のウィチタ公演は、さらにグッと初期。『炎の導火線』リリース直後から始まった「北米#1」27公演目のコンサートでした。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、それこそ「生演奏の導火線」。前述の英国ツアーや日本公演では『伝説の爆撃機』のレパートリーも演奏されましたが、それより初期にあたる本作ではなし。『炎の導火線』ナンバーの一気呵成でして「Jamie’s Cryin’」「Feel Your Love Tonight」以外の全曲を披露。そのことごとくが本生ステージのハイパー・テンションでアップグレードしており、文字通りに「叩きつけられる」勢いでスピーカーから吹き出す。そんな中で唯一の例外とも言えるのがエディ・コクランのカバー「Summertime Blues」。デビュー前のレパートリーでもあるわけですが、単なるレア曲ではなく、原初ムードが凄い。ギターソロを挟みつつ、「Ice Cream Man」「You Really Got Me」とカバー3連弾で演奏され、ド定番「You Really Got Me」にも負けない激烈ぶり。ツアー中期以降でエンディングを務める「D.O.A.」「Bottoms Up!」も良いのですが、「Summertime Blues」の方が遙かにプリミティヴ。それこそデビュー以前と直結する極初期の匂いがムンムンなのです。
そして、何によりVAN HALEN自体が異常。先述した英国3部作は「初のヨーロッパ遠征」の意欲に燃えていましたが、本作もまた初めての地。デビュー前の彼らは地元の西海岸周辺で活動していましたが、本作は大陸ド真ん中のカンザス州。アメリカ国内といえど、2,000キロ以上離れた土地であり、行く先々が初体験。初対面感満点のMCはもちろん、1曲1曲で自分達の音楽を証明していく熱気が凄まじいのです。そして、それを目の当たりにする現場ムードも絶品。先ほど「現場体験とはいかない」と書きましたが、うっすら小さくても熱狂が苛烈なのはよく分かる。現場となった“POGO’S NIGHT CLUB”がどんな会場なのかは寡聞にして分かりませんが、恐らくは小さな地下室レベルのクラブなのでしょう。そうとしか思えないほど狭く、猛烈な密室感が肌感覚で伝わってくる。脳がヒリヒリと火傷するようなライヴアルバムなのです。




1. On Fire 2. I’m The One 3. Bass Solo 4. Runnin’ With The Devil 5. Atomic Punk
6. Drum Solo 7. Little Dreamer 8. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 9. Ice Cream Man
10. Eruption 11. You Really Got Me 12. Summertime Blues

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