Van Halen / Definitive Ipswich 1978 / 1CD

Van Halen / Definitive Ipswich 1978 / 1CD / Zodiac

Translated text:
Live at Gaumont Theatre, Ipswich, UK 28th May 1978 STEREO SBD


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There were two things twice. Last week, the initial excavation soundboard master of the initial VAN HALEN who shocked with amazing upgrades. That third bullet appears in permanent storage press CD.
It is contained in this work “Ipswich Performance May 28, 1978”. This is one of the same UK tour as “DEFINITIVE HAMMERSMITH 1978 (Zodiac 296)” released last week and “DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978 (Zodiac 298)” released at the same time this week. Let’s check the position of the show by narrowing down to the UK tour here, as the whole picture of the world tour seeing the explanation of “DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978”.

· May 16 – 19: UK # 1 (4 shows)
· May 21 – 23: UK # 2 (3 shows)
· May 25 – 28: UK # 3 (4 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· May 30 – June 3: UK # 4 (5 shows)
· June 5th: UK # 5 (Birmingham)
· June 7th + 8th: UK # 6 (2 performances)
· June 10: UK # 7 (London)

Over all, 20 performances. Separated by turning off between them will be divided into seven. The Ipswich performance of this work is the final performance of “British # 3” between “DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978” and “DEFINITIVE HAMMERS MITH 1978”. Speaking of the UK tour as a whole, it was 11 concerts and it was a concert that just turned around.
This show has also been known for a long time from the outflow sound board, and this work is its upgrade master. And it is an improvement which is worrisome … but this is amazing. It is completely different thing. “DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978” “DEFINITIVE HAMMERSMITH 1978” also sounded much better than the previous episode, but this work is No. 1 in terms of the degree of upgrade. That said, the original soundboard of this Ipswich show was a quality that yielded one step and two steps compared to Hammersmith performance / Manchester performance. It sounds like a bunch of loud creatures playing in the tunnel, if the bass is boa, the edges of the guitar and the drum are blurred. It was now a soundboard that only vocal is clearly burning out.
But that is a story of the past. The newly unearthed master sounds like a cookie that seems to be the same live. The vibe of the base is fine as well, and the drum is one vivid stroke so vivid that the structure of the kit appears to the eyes. And the wonderful thing about the guitar that is essential! If the edge is also sharp, the ringing is vivid. Despite being asleep if asked “Do you want to transcend DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978 or DEFINITIVE HAMMERSMITH 1978?”, It is in the same dimension. Perhaps, the past mastered master seems to have been dubbing degraded severely. It was clear that things were originally vivid and furious sound boards with 3 performances as well.
And the show drawn with that sound is the same level of crowds. Since set and performances are too thin for the previous two works, I will skip in detail, but I am surprised that that night was repeated every night for that extreme show. According to the schedule above, although this work is the final day of the 4th consecutive day show, the physical strength and tension which falls even with full force every day is overwhelming. Rather, it is as hard as possible to say that “I am looking forward to the next day’s break”!

A new excavation master who will overtake himself after upgrading more than the Hammersmith performance which was a transcendent since the past episode. It is the final compilation of the ultra superb soundboard suitable for calling trilogy on both sides of performance / sound. One by one is a transcendence, you can realize the momentum just after debut by combining three. It is truly a century super masterpiece live album three copies. Please, please enjoy plenty.

二度あることは三度あった。先週、驚異のアップグレードで衝撃を振りまいた初期VAN HALENの新発掘サウンドボード・マスター。その第3弾が永久保存プレスCDで登場です。
本作に収められているのは「1978年5月28日イプスウィッチ公演」。先週リリースされた『DEFINITIVE HAMMERSMITH 1978(Zodiac 296)』や今週同時リリースの『DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978(Zodiac 298)』と同じ英国ツアーの一幕です。ワールドツアーの全容は『DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978』の解説をご覧頂くとして、ここでは英国ツアーに絞り込んでショウのポジションをチェックしてみましょう。

・5月25日-28日:英国#3(4公演) ←★ココ★

以上、全20公演。合間に入るオフで区切ると7つに分けられます。本作のイプスウィッチ公演は『DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978』『DEFINITIVE HAMMERSMITH 1978』の合間である「英国#3」の最終公演。英国ツアー全体で言えば11公演目であり、ちょうど折り返しにあたるコンサートでした。
このショウもまた、以前から流出サウンドボードで知られており、本作はそのアップグレード・マスターなのです。そして気になる向上ぶりですが……これは凄い。完全に別物です。『DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978』『DEFINITIVE HAMMERSMITH 1978』も既発を大きく上回るサウンドでしたが、アップグレード度で言ったら本作こそがNo.1です。と言うのも、このイプスウィッチ公演の既発サウンドボードは、ハマースミス公演/マンチェスター公演に比べると1歩も2歩も譲るクオリティでした。まるでトンネルの中でライヴをやっているような籠もったサウンドで、ベースがボワボワならギターもドラムもエッジがボケボケ。ヴォーカルだけがやけにハッキリとしている今いちサウンドボードだったのです。
しかし、それは過去の話。新たに発掘されたマスターは同じライヴとは思えないほどにクッキリとしたサウンド。ベースのヴァイヴもきめ細かく、ドラムはキットの構造が目に浮かぶほどに1打1打が鮮やか。そして、肝心要のギターの素晴らしい事! エッジも鋭ければ、鳴りも生々しい。「DEFINITIVE MANCHESTER 1978やDEFINITIVE HAMMERSMITH 1978を超越するか?」と訊かれたらさすがに迷うものの、同次元ではある。恐らく、これまでの既発マスターはダビング劣化が激しかったのでしょう。元々は3公演とも鮮烈・激烈なサウンドボードだったことがハッキリとしました。



1. Intro 2. On Fire 3. I’m The One 4. Bass Solo 5. Runnin’ With The Devil 6. Atomic Punk
7. Little Dreamer 8. Feel Your Love Tonight 9. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
10. Eruption 11. You Really Got Me 12. D.O.A.


David Lee Roth – Lead Vocals Eddie Van Halen – Guitars, Vocals
Michael Anthony – Bass, Vocals Alex Van Halen – Drums


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