Van Halen / Darien & Camden 2015 / 4CDR

Van Halen / Darien & Camden 2015 / 4CDR / Non Label

Live At Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien, NT, USA, 23th August 2015

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Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien, NY. USA 25th August 2015
Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ. USA 27th August 2015


From the 2015 North American Tour, two performances with high quality and strong accidents have been set! Discs 1 and 2 that will first appear are the most unique discs ever! Audience album that recorded the first day of the second leg of the 2015 tour, “Delien performance on August 25, 2015”. If you buy it and play it back, you’ll be amazed by its ultra-ultra high-quality sound. However, with the third song, “Romeo Delight,” a problem occurred not on the musician side but on the recorder side! On that day, it seems that this taper was recorded by his brother, and it seems that one person was recording this work and the other was shooting. However, the brother who was shooting the video was discovered by the security of the venue, and the memory card was confiscated. Only in a tense scene, the siblings who were recording quickly hid the equipment, which caused the sound to become distant in this song. However, even in such a situation, the super-lively interactions such as “What are you doing?” “Isn’t everyone shooting with a mobile camera?” “I’ll take the card to Tourmane,” I’ve recorded clearly. . Security disappears after saying “Thank you for your cooperation”, but the voice is not too soft. Such communication ends until the middle of the next song “Everybody Wants Some !!”, and then it returns to a super clear sound.
Every time you listen to the audience recording, have you ever wondered “what if it was found …”? I can hear the liveliness of the actual situation and the actual situation. In fact, because of its quality and realism, it is a valuable sound source of a super first-class product.
Instead, Discs 3 and 4 will be the “August 27th Camden Performance” on the second day of the second leg. This is a live album that does not have a super document like Disc 1 and 2 but simply has great sound and performance. The clearness of the sound was also thin in “DEFINITIVE BRISTOW 2015”, which was the “best of the second leg”, and it was a good match with the Derien performance of Disc 1 and 2. Depending on your taste, it’s a gem recording that you wouldn’t be surprised if “this work is the best”.
Accidents occurred even in these 2 performances, and one of the spectators threw a beer on the stage in the “Dirty Movies” intro. Dave Lee Ross will stop the performance, but you can listen to the scene that calls for you to enjoy the live, paying attention to the cool, without being sharpened as it is a battle battle.

★ You can see the trouble at the beginning of “Dirty Movies” on the following youtube. (Interrupted because the audience threw beer on stage)

The Delien performance may have troubles on the recording side, and the Camden performance may have interruptions due to an accident on stage, but the overall quality is the strongest in both sound and content. You can thoroughly enjoy the 2015 Van Halen show with plenty of sound.

2015年北米ツアーからハイクオリティかつアクシデントも強烈な2公演をセット!まず登場するディスク1・2こそ、前代未聞の超個性盤! 2015年ツアーのセカンドレッグ初日「2015年8月25日デリエン公演」を記録したオーディエンスアルバムです。もしお求めになって再生されたら、その超ウルトラ高音質ぶりにド肝を抜かれることでしょう。しかし3曲目の「Romeo Delight」でミュージシャン側ではなく録音者サイドでトラブル発生!当日、このテーパーは兄弟で記録していたらしく、1人が本作を録音し、もう1人が撮影してたようなのです。ところが、ビデオ撮影していた兄弟が会場のセキュリティに発見され、メモリーカードを没収されてしまう。緊迫したシーンだけに、録音していた方の兄弟は機材をサッと隠し、そのためにこの曲で音が遠くなるのです。しかし、そんな中でも「なにやってるんだ?」「みんな携帯カメラで撮ってるじゃないか」「ツアマネに持っていくからカードを渡すんだ」という、超生々しいやりとりがクッキリと録音されている。「ご協力ありがとう」と言ってセキュリティは去りますが、その声に和やかさは微塵もない。そうしたやり取りは、次曲「Everybody Wants Some!!」の中盤までには終わり、その後は超クリア・サウンドに戻っていきます。
オーディエンス録音を聴く度、「もし見つかったらどうなるんだろう……」と思われたことはありませんか? その実例、現場の緊迫感が極めて生々しく聴けるのです。事実、そのクオリティ、リアルさゆえに超一級品の貴重音源なのです。
代わってディスク3・4は、セカンドレッグ2日目の「8月27日カムデン公演」です。こちらは、ディスク1・2のようなスーパードキュメントはなく、シンプルに素晴らしいサウンドとパフォーマンスが凄まじいライヴアルバムです。そのサウンドのクリアさは、“セカンドレッグのベスト”に輝いた「DEFINITIVE BRISTOW 2015」にも肉薄し、ディスク1・2のデリエン公演ともいい勝負。好みによっては、“本作こそベスト”とされても何ら不思議はない逸品録音なのです。
この2公演目でもアクシデントが発生、「”Dirty Movies”」のイントロで、観客のひとりがステージ上にビールを投げ込むのです。デイヴ・リー・ロスが演奏をストップさせますが、百戦錬磨なだけにキレることもなく、クールに注意し、ライヴを楽しむように呼びかけるシーンが聴けます。



Disc 1(68:37)
1. Light Up The Sky 2. Runnin’ With The Devil 3. Romeo Delight 4. Argument with security guards
5. Everybody Wants Some!! 6. Drop Dead Legs 7. Feel Your Love Tonight 8. Somebody Get Me a Doctor
9. She’s The Woman 10. China Town 11. I’ll Wait 12. Drum Solo 13. Little Guitars
14. Dance The Night Away 15. Beautiful Girls 16. Women In Love 17. Hot For Teacher

Disc 2(52:57)
1. In A Simple Rhyme 2. Growth 3. “Dirty Movies” 4. Stay Frosty 5. Ice Cream Man 6. Unchained
7. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 8. Guitar Solo 9. You Really Got Me 10. Panama 11. Jump

Live at Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ. USA 27th August 2015

Disc 3(66:48)
1. Light Up The Sky 2. Runnin’ With The Devil 3. Romeo Delight 4. Everybody Wants Some!!
5. Drop Dead Legs 6. Feel Your Love Tonight 7. Somebody Get Me a Doctor 8. She’s The Woman
9. China Town 10. I’ll Wait 11. Drum Solo 12. Little Guitars 13. Dance The Night Away
14. Beautiful Girls 15. Women In Love 16. Hot for Teacher

Disc 4(51:28)
1. In A Simple Rhyme 2. Growth 3. “Dirty Movies” Interrupted 4. “Dirty Movies” Restart
5. Stay Frosty 6. Ice Cream Man 7. Unchained 8. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
9. Guitar Solo 10. You Really Got Me 11. Panama 12. Jump

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