Various Artists / 121212 The Concert For Sandy Relief Original Audience Recording / 5CDR

Various Artists / 121212 The Concert For Sandy Relief Original Audience Recording / 5CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:

Benefit Concert at Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY. USA 12th December 2012


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Total recorded total time 358 minutes! Document of high sound quality audience recording capturing the whole picture of “12 – 12 – 12: The Concert For Sandy Relief” covering 6 hours. Use the original master of astonishment, provided by Taper himself, which has not been circled anywhere in the world. The whole picture of the charity show show of the century held on the unprecedented scale in history. This day’s record from the audience side, which can be enjoyed with a different texture of sound from Pro Shot video, will be a very important item for collectors. Fans who have perfectly documented the MSG venue that is excited at the stage of the boss, Roger · Waters, Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, The Who, Billy Joel, and Paul McCutney for 6 hours from the audience seats 5 sheets set. As the concert progresses, the sound quality improves steadily and Billy Joel and Paul McCutney of Disk 5 can enjoy it with a sound of “exquisite”. Completely original high sound quality sound source from Japan! ! It is the appearance of a monster item which is a transcendental 5 set which surprises fans all over the world.

This main board is a complete complete recording version by audience recording of “Hurricane · Sandy victim support concert” which was held on 12th December 2012, New York in Madison Square Garden. This master has not been released at all on the net etc, it was brought from a person who actually performed recording at the venue by watching this concert here and it is a genuinely first appearance master. It is recorded with a good stereo and audience recording with full sense of separation. As so many artists have appeared, it can be seen that the adjustment of the set equipment and PA was serious, but the impression of the drum sound in the performance of each artist differs depending on it. Not only can we enjoy the stage where contemporary superstars such as Boss, Roger Waters, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, The Who, Billy Joel, Paul McArthney and others all met together, The excitement of the state before the performance and the film message at the beginning and the video part between the performances of each artist, the official live board scheduled to be released contains lots of parts that can not be tasted very much. I think that many people have already watched the video of this concert, but the whole board of the charity concert of this century will be revived with high sound quality. The essence of “Hurricane Sandy victim support concert” is in the main board. Please do not miss the precious master of quality that originally could not be released even if it was released as a regular board. The 6-hour real document of the masterpiece, impressive release is the release of shock.

総収録合計時間358分!6時間に及ぶ「12-12-12: The Concert For Sandy Relief」の全貌を捉えた、高音質オーディエンス録音のドキュメント。世界中の何処にも出回っていない、テーパー本人からの提供による、驚愕のオリジナル・マスターを使用。史上空前のスケールで開催された世紀のチャリティ・ショウ・ライヴの全貌。プロショット映像とはまた違った音の質感で楽しめる、観客サイドからのこの日の記録は、コレクターにとって、非常に重要なアイテムになることでしょう。ボス、ロジャー・ウォーターズ、ボン・ジョヴィ、ローリング・ストーンズ、ザ・フー、ビリー・ジョエル、そしてポール・マッカトニーのステージに盛り上がるMSG会場を、観客席から6時間に渡って完璧にドキュメントしたファン必携の5枚組。音質はコンサートが進行するに従って、どんどん向上していき、ディスク5のビリー・ジョエル、ポール・マッカトニーは「絶品」のサウンドで楽しめます。日本発信の完全オリジナル高音質音源!!世界中のファンを驚愕させる超絶5枚組、まさにモンスター・アイテムの登場です。


Disc 1 (77:38)
1. Opening
2. Video montage of news coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band
3. Land of Hope and Dreams incl. People Get Ready 4. Wrecking Ball
5. My City Of Ruins incl. Jersey Girl 6. Born To Run” (with Jon Bon Jovi)

7. Billy Crystal 8. Susan Sarandon

Roger Waters
9. In The Flesh? 10. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives 11. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
12. The Ballad of Jean Charles de Menezes 13. Money 14. Us and Them
15. Comfortably Numb (with Eddie Vedder)


Disc 2 (77:17)
Adam Sandler and Paul Shaffer
1. Sandy Screw Ya (comedic take on Sandy and New York set to “Hallelujah”)
2. Brian Williams (with Ben Stiller and Whoopi Goldberg) 3. Billy Crystal
4. Kristen Stewart 5. Video segment: Jon Bon Jovi in New Jersey

Bon Jovi
6. It’s My Life 7. Wanted Dead Or Alive 8. Who Says You Can’t Go Home (with Bruce Springsteen)
9. Livin’ On A Prayer

10. Brian Williams (with Tony Danza and Whoopi Goldberg) 11. Jon Stewart

Eric Clapton
12. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out 13. Got To Get Better In A Little While
14. Crossroads

15. Chelsea Clinton 16. Video segment of Team Rubicon in the Rockaways
17. Jimmy Fallon 18. Video segment: Pastor Connie Hula

The Rolling Stones
19. You Got Me Rocking 20. Jumping Jack Flash

21. Video segment sponsored by Chase

Disc 3 (69:19)
1. Stephen Colbert
2. Sean Combs and Olivia Wilde

Alicia Keys
3. Brand New Me

4. No One with several improvised interpolations of “Put your cellphones in the air”
5. Video segment sponsored by State Farm Insurance
6. Steve Buscemi w/Video segment: the Graybeards

The Who
7. Who Are You 8. Bell Boy 9. Pinball Wizard 10. See Me, Feel Me 11. Listening To You
12. Baba O’Riley 13. Love, Reign O’er Me 14. Tea & Theatre

15. Brian Williams (with Joe Pantoliano and James Gandolfini)
16. Video segment: Performers on the aftermath 17. Billy Crystal 18. News 12 New Jersey
19. Video segment: Neighbors in the aftermath, featuring Phyllis Puglia

Disc 4 (64:48)
1. Chris Rock

Kanye West (all songs performed as a medley)
2. Medley/Clique/ Mercy/Power/Jesus Walks/All of the Lights/Run This Town
Diamonds from Sierra Leone/Diamonds Remix/Touch the Sky/Gold Digger/Good Life

3. Brian Williams (with Jack McBrayer and Jimmy Fallon)
4. Seth Meyers with Bobby Moynihan as “Drunk Uncle” 5. Jake Gyllenhaal with Patricia Farrell

Billy Joel
6. Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out on Broadway) 7. Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)
8. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 9. New York State Of Mind
10. The River of Dreams incl. Gloria 11. You May Be Right 12. Only The Good Die Young

13. Blake Lively

Disc 5 (68:37)
Chris Martin of Coldplay
1. Viva la Vida 2. Losing My Religion (with Michael Stipe of R.E.M.)

3. Us Against the World 4. Brian Williams 5. Katie Holmes and Jason Sudeikis
6. Video segment: Red Hook Rising 7. Leonardo DiCaprio (via video)
8. Jamie Foxx, Quentin Tarantino and Christoph Waltz

Paul McCartney
9. Helter Skelter 10. Let Me Roll It 11. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
12. My Valentine (with Diana Krall) 13. Blackbird
14. Cut Me Some Slack (with Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl and Pat Smear of Nirvana)
15. I’ve Got A Feeling 16. Live And Let Die

Alicia Keys
17. Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down

18. Billy Crystal “God Bless America”

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