Uriah Heep / Easy Livin A History Of Uriah Heep / 1DVD+1Bonus DVDR

Uriah Heep / Easy Livin A History Of Uriah Heep / 1DVD+1Bonus DVDR / Non Label

Taken from the original Japanese laser disc(SM068-3070) plus Ltd Bonus DVDR “LONDON 1985 & DKRC 1975”

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The hero URIAH HEEP, which was once named LED ZEPPELIN and DEEP PURPLE and was also a symbol of British HR. An illusionary official image of the history and live testimony is reproduced.
The illusory work is “EASY LIVIN’: A HISTORY OF URIAH HEEP”. It is a history work officially released in 1985. It was released as a VHS/laser disk at the time, but it will soon be discontinued. It is a video work that has disappeared from the darkness of history without being made into a DVD. This work is a DVD version of the highest edition of the Japanese edition laser disc.
≪Even if you say “history thing” in a bit, it is a bit different from what we imagine today. Although the basics of being formed by live footage from various eras and interviews with members are adhered to, the emphasis is on live more than usual. Rather, it is a style where you can enjoy various member compositions live and add comments behind the scenes. However! The comment is interesting because Ken Hensley is the main person, and it is 1985, so I can’t miss it. Of course, speaking of Hensley, it is the cornerstone of the Golden Age in terms of music style and song writing. Forty years after leaving HEEP, he is still regarded as the most important person above Mick Box. However, he left URIAH HEEP in 1980, and at the end of the BLACKFOOT era in 1985 when this work was produced. Furthermore, David Byron also died this year, defeating his heart at such a sensational timing.
First of all, from the grasp of the whole picture. This work consists of four sections and is drawn in chronological order. Let’s introduce each one.

[Appearance of “D.K.R.C.” in the David Byron era (5 songs + medley)] First, the golden age that everyone loves. It is a multi-camera professional shot of the famous program “DON KIRSHNER’S ROCK CONCERT (DKRC)” that appeared on “April 15, 1974”. He also appeared in “DKRC” in 1975, but the one seen in this work is the “1974” person who was enrolled in the late Gary Sane. And this “1974” is the point. Byron’s vocals are amazing, not to mention the brave figure of Sein. In 1975, the alcohol problem worsened and the performance was a bit painful, but here it is literally a golden glow. It sings a lot of famous songs of the 70’s with original vocalization, and the aggressive action is also crisp.
And Hensley’s comment between the live is also interesting. I will look back on the background of the formation, the origin of the band name and the title of the debut work related to it, and the sense of fulfillment that entered the golden age with Sein and Lee Curse Lake. Byron’s dismissal is particularly deep. “(Byron) was so sad that he was too late for Rod Stewart to go to the same clothing store and try to compete with him.” “September last year, when I talked to him I was blamed (for being fired).” Of course there was a lot of hostility between him and us (…) David hated everyone, he hated everyone, and so on. Well, I’m barely naked, but honestly it’s too ridiculous considering the time of the interview. I don’t know exactly what month it was taken, but Byron seems to have died already, and apparently just after it was calculated backward from the release time. At that timing, these words… Mr. Hensley’s frank and honest personality is a shocking image.

[Promotion of John Lawton’s era (3 songs)] Following Byron is the famous singer: John Lawton. From “FALLEN ANGEL” you can enjoy 3 promotional songs “One More Night”, “Come Back To Me” and “Falling In Love”. It’s not a live performance, but there is no acting and the mime image with a simple performance scene feels like a studio live performance.
And here again, Mr. Hensley’s comment is sharp and interesting! Praise Lawton, saying “Looks are not good,” and praises him, “I still greeted him because he has a great voice.” And the most interesting thing is that Roger Grover introduced Lawton. “Roger (Grover) and John (Lawton) have been in a band together, and Glen Hughes and Ian Gillan were in the band,” Roger and Gillan said. And the band that Glen had been in is DEEP PURPLE, so is Lawton there? Even if it is a memory difference of Hensley in that neighborhood, if Roger and Lawton were old knowledge, it would have been good to invite to RAINBOW in 1979 when he quit URIAH HEEP, etc., and the thought spread to “IF of history”. It will end up.

[Promotion of John Slowman (1 song)] The John Slowman era continues further. It’s a promo for one song, “Feelings,” but “moving Slowman HEEP” is so valuable! Moreover, the destructive power is also excellent. Slowman has a sweeter face and is more handsome than Lawton, but his action to show off his nipples while wearing a large white shirt is unmatched. Mr. Hensley also criticized that “it was a misery at that time” and “I was a vocalist who couldn’t fit the band at all”, but it is true…
Also pay attention to the back of Slowman. At that time, the master Chris Slade was sitting on the stool. The skin heads from THE FIRM and AC/DC are impressive, but in this work you can still worship.

[Auckland performances during the Pete-Golby era (5 songs + α)] And, reached the era of Pete Goulby. This work is a video of 1985, the latest in Pete era. It is recorded in the same volume as the Byron era, centered on the professional shot of “April 27, 1984 performance”. In the above, “+α” is used, but this is “Easy Livin'”. This song has been edited uniquely to this work, and the images from the Byron era and Goalby era at the beginning are alternately combined. It’s made to be sung by two people as if it were the third stage DEEP PURPLE.
Also, Mr. Hensley’s comment is interesting here as well. It’s been a long time since I left HEEP, but “I wanted to have Pete Goalby (rather than Slowman). I was dropped by an audition because everyone opposed me and now he’s the heap lead singer. It’s ironic.” “If the band chose Pete at that time, I would have been in the Eurya Heap even now.” I am also praising Mick for letting go.

Comment from Mr. Hensley, “If David Byron and Gary Sane are alive, I would definitely like to try it again together.” Immediately after this, URIAH HEEP is in danger of dismantling again, but has established a rock solid Bernie Shaw & Phil Lanzon system to the present. 1985 was just before the “present tense” was completed, and it was also the year when the death of Byron made reunion impossible forever.
Although it is a history of 15 years since debut, this work is also URIAH HEEP and Ken Hensley who had gone through a huge turning point at the same time. While such an era is transparent, a video masterpiece that cannot be officially reproduced. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press DVD to your heart’s content.


かつてLED ZEPPELIN、DEEP PURPLEと並び称され、英国HRの象徴でもあった英雄URIAH HEEP。その歴史にライヴと証言で踏みこむ幻のオフィシャル映像が復刻です。
その幻作品とは『EASY LIVIN’: A HISTORY OF URIAH HEEP』。1985年に公式リリースされたヒストリー作品です。当時、VHS/レーザーディスクで発売されたものの、間もなく廃盤。その後もDVD化されることなく、歴史の闇消えていた映像作品です。本作は、その最高峰版である日本盤レーザーディスクからDVD化したものなのです。
ひと口に「ヒストリー物」と言っても、現在の私たちがイメージするものとはちょっと違う。さまざまな時代のライヴ映像とメンバーのインタビューによって組まれるという基本は貫かれるものの、普通のものよりグッとライヴ重視。むしろ、多彩なメンバー構成をライヴで楽しみつつ、その裏舞台もコメントで添えられるスタイルなのです。ただし! そのコメント主が他の誰でもないケン・ヘンズレーだから面白く、1985年だから見逃せない。もちろん、ヘンズレーと言えば音楽スタイル的にもソング・ライティング面でも黄金時代の要。HEEPを去ってから40年が経った現在でもなお、ミック・ボックス以上の最重要人物とみなされている。しかし、彼は1980年にはURIAH HEEPを去っており、本作が制作された1985年にはBLACKFOOT時代の末期。さらに言えば、この年にはデヴィッド・バイロンも亡くなっており、そんなセンセーショナルなタイミングでの本心をぶちまけているのです。

まず登場するのは、誰もが愛する黄金時代。「1974年4月15日」に出演した名物番組“DON KIRSHNER’S ROCK CONCERT(DKRC)”のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。“DKRC”には1975年にも出演していますが、本作で観られるのは故ゲイリー・セイン在籍していた「1974年」の方。そして、この「1974年」こそがポイント。セインの勇姿もさることながら、バイロンのヴォーカルが凄い。1975年にはアルコール問題が悪化してやや痛々しいパフォーマンスでしたが、ここでは文字通り黄金の輝き。70年代の名曲群を本来のヴォーカリゼーションでたっぷりと歌い、アグレッシヴなアクションもキレッキレなのです。

バイロンに続くのは、名シンガー:ジョン・ロートン時代。『FALLEN ANGEL』からプロモ3曲「One More Night」「Come Back To Me」「Falling In Love」が楽しめます。ライヴではないのですが、演技などはなくシンプルな演奏シーンによるマイム映像は、スタジオ・ライヴのような感じです。
そして、ここでもヘンズレー氏のコメントが鋭く面白い! ロートンに対して「ルックスはよくない」とサラッと断じつつ「それでも彼を迎えたのは、凄い声の持ち主だから」と絶賛する。そして、何より興味深いのがロートンを紹介したのがロジャー・グローヴァーという証言。曰わく「ロジャー(グルーヴァー)とジョン(ロートン)は一緒にバンドをやってたことがある。グレン・ヒューズやイアン・ギランも在籍してたバンドだ」と語るのですが、ロジャーとギラン、そしてグレンが在籍していたバンドと言えばDEEP PURPLEなわけで、そこにロートン? その辺はヘンズレーの記憶違いだとしても、ロジャーとロートンが旧知であるならURIAH HEEPを辞めた1979年にRAINBOWに誘えば良かったじゃんか……などと、「歴史のIF」にまで思いが広がってしまうのです。

さらに続くのはジョン・スローマン時代。1曲「Feelings」のプロモではあるのですが、“動くスローマンHEEP”はそれだけで貴重! しかも、これが破壊力もバツグン。スローマンは甘い顔立ちでロートンよりは男前ではあるものの、白シャツを大きくはだけながら乳首を見せびらかすアクションは強烈無比。ヘンズレー氏も「あのころは悲惨」「バンドにはとうてい合わないヴォーカリストだった」と酷評していますが、確かに……。
さらにスローマンの後ろにも注目。当時スツールに座っているのは名手クリス・スレイド。THE FIRMやAC/DCでのスキンヘッドが印象的ですが、本作ではまだフサフサした姿が拝めるのです。

そして、ピート・ゴールビー時代に到達。本作は1985年の映像であり、ピート時代は最新。「1984年4月27日オークランド公演」のプロショットを軸にバイロン時代と並ぶボリュームで収録されています。上記で「+α」としていますが、これは「Easy Livin’」のこと。この曲は本作独自の編集が施されており、冒頭のバイロン時代とゴールビー時代の映像を交互に組み合わせ。まるで第III期DEEP PURPLEのように2人が歌い分けるように作られています。

ヘンズレー氏によるコメント「もしデヴィッド・バイロンやゲイリー・セインが生きてたら、ぜひもう一度いっしょにやってみたいところだ」が余韻を残して幕を閉じる本作。この直後、URIAH HEEPは再び解体の危機に瀕するも、盤石のバーニー・ショウ&フィル・ランゾン体制を築いて現在に至ります。1985年とは、そんな「現在形」が完成する直前であり、バイロンの死によって再結成が永遠に不可能になった年でもありました。
本作に描かれるのはデビューから15年の歴史ではありますが、それと同時に巨大なターニング・ポイントに経っていたURIAH HEEPとケン・ヘンズレーでもある。そんな時代が透けつつ、公式の復刻は望めない映像傑作。どうぞ、永久保存プレスDVDで存分にご堪能ください。


Recorded at Shepperton Studios, Surrey, UK on 15th March 1974 for “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert”
(1974年9月30日にTV放送された “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert)

1. Easy Livin’
2. So Tired
3. Stealin’
4. Love Machine
5. Rock ‘N’ Roll Medley
6. The Easy Road

David Byron – vocals
Mick Box – guitar
Gary Thain – bass
Lee Kerslake – drums
Ken Hensley – keyboards

Studio Promo 1978
7. One More Night
8. Come Back To Me
9. Falling In Love

John Lawton – vocals
Mick Box – guitar
Trevor Bolder – bass
Lee Kerslake – drums
Ken Hensley – keyboards

Studio Promo 1980
10. Feelings

John Sloman – vocals
Mick Box – guitar
Trevor Bolder – bass
Chris Slade – drums
Ken Hensley – keyboards

Live at the Galaxy, Auckland, New Zealand 27th April 1984

11. The Wizard
12. Stay On Top
13. Gypsy
14. Look At Yourself
15. Too Scared To Run

Peter Goalby – vocals
Mick Box – guitar
Trevor Bolder – bass
Lee Kerslake – drums
John Sinclair – keyboards

16. Easy Livin’ (独自編集、見所のひとつ)
17. July Morning (Outro)

73min. Linear PCM Stereo 4:3 NTSC



Uriah Heep / London 1985 & DKRC 1975 / 1DVDR / Non Label
Camden Palace, London, UK 19th May 1985 Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert 1975 Japanese Broadcast Edition

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This featured press DVD is a masterpiece video work that you can step into the history of “URIAH HEEP” that you may not know because you know it on a professional shot live. As I touched on in the commentary, the only thing I’m worried about is the live feeling that is interrupted by the valuable testimonial interview. Therefore, we have prepared one piece that has the same quality as the main press DVD, but you can fully enjoy a wide range of live performances.
Included in this work is the Japanese program “Golden Western Music Live” that was broadcast in 2007. Two of them are Pro Shot Live, “London performance on May 19, 1985” and “Santa Monica performance on September 1, 1975”. The former is in the Pete Gorby era, and the latter is in the John Wetton era. It is a general selection that is similar to the main press DVD but slightly different. As a matter of fact, this is a professional shot that has also been officially made, but there are also preludes unique to the program, and the member names and MC also have Japanese subtitles. Of course, since it was broadcast in 2007, its quality is a super official product of the complete official class. Let’s introduce each individually.

[London performance on May 19, 1985] The main one was the Pete Goulby era. It is a representative video of the Pete era that has been officially released as “GYPSY” and “LIVE IN LONDON”. There were 3 albums in Pete’s time, but the main press DVD is “HEAD FIRST”, and this work is a professional shot live of the final “EQUATOR” era.
Actually, this video is precious and fresh. Anyway, the repertoire of the Pete era is too delicious, and there are a lot of songs that can not be heard even on the main press DVD. And the classics sandwiched between them are reborn with Pete’s singing voice. Let’s organize the set here.
● 70’s number (5 songs)
・Stealin’/The Wizard/Gypsy/Easy Livin’/Look At Yourself
●80’s number (7 songs)
・Makai Re-Arrival: Sell Your Soul (★)/Too Scared To Run/That’s The Way That It Is (★)
・Head First: The Other Side Of Midnight (★)
・Equator: Rockarama (★)/Angel (★)/Bad Blood (★)
*Note: The “★” marks are songs that cannot be seen in the main press DVD “EASY LIVIN’: A History Of Uriah Heep”.

[Santa Monica performance on September 1, 1975] The latter half of the program is a professional shot broadcast on the specialty program “D.K.R.C.”. The main press DVD also had “D.K.R.C.”, but the contents were completely different. While the press DVD is “1974”, this work is the appearance of “1975” that John Wetton joined. This is also a professional shot that has been officially part of “CLASSIC HEEP LIVE FROM THE BYRON ERA”.
The key point in this video is Wetton! At that time, the prodigal period after the dissolution of KING CRIMSON? That’s why, the base that growls and growls is exactly Wetton. This is already cool. Although the main vocal is the chorus, there are still scenes where Byron and Mike are shared, and it is precious and the best to see the slim Wetton with a professional shot. To tell you the truth, unlike the appearance in “1974” in this volume, David Byron was in a bad condition, but “Prima Donna” and “Shady Lady” of the masterpiece “RETURN TO FANTASY” are delicious. You can see the precious masterpieces that were played only on this tour with professional shots. There are four songs, but let’s organize the set here as well.
● Devil and Wizard: Easy Livin’
● Sweet Freedom: Stealin’
● Return to Illusion: Prima Donna (★)/Shady Lady (★)

The golden David Byron era and the Pete Goulby era that was betting on the rebirth. This is a video collection that allows you to thoroughly enjoy both eras, which were the key to the main press DVD. This is a sequel/subtext of the main story, including subtitles that are typical of Japanese broadcasting. By all means, please fully enjoy the history of British HR hero URIAH HEEP.

本編プレスDVDは、プロショット・ライヴに乗せて知っているようで知らない“URIAH HEEP史”にググッと踏み込める傑作映像作品です。その解説でも触れましたが、唯一気がかりとしたら貴重な証言インタビューが挟まることで途切れるライヴ感でしょうか。そこで、本編プレスDVDと同等のクオリティでありながら、幅広い時期のライヴをたっぷりと楽しめる1枚をご用意しました。

メインとなるのは、ピート・ゴールビー時代。『GYPSY』『LIVE IN LONDON』 として公式リリースされたこともあるピート時代の代表映像です。ピート時代はアルバム3枚でしたが、本編プレスDVDは『HEAD FIRST』であり、本作はさら末期の『EQUATOR』時代のプロショット・ライヴです。
・Stealin’/The Wizard/Gypsy/Easy Livin’/Look At Yourself
・魔界再来:Sell Your Soul(★)/Too Scared To Run/That’s The Way That It Is(★)
・ヘッドファースト:The Other Side Of Midnight(★)
・イクウェイター:Rockarama(★)/Angel(★)/Bad Blood(★)
※注:「★」印は本編プレスDVD『EASY LIVIN’: A History Of Uriah Heep』では観られない曲。

番組後半は名物番組“D.K.R.C.”で放送されたプロショット。本編プレスDVDにも“D.K.R.C.”がありましたが、中身はまったく別。プレスDVDが「1974年」なのに対し、本作はジョン・ウェットンが加入した「1975年」の出演なのです。これまた『CLASSIC HEEP LIVE FROM THE BYRON ERA』の一部として公式化された事もあるプロショットです。
この映像のツボは何と言ってもウェットン! 当時はKING CRIMSON解散後の放蕩期?だったわけですが、ブリブリと唸りまくるベースはまさしくウェットン節。これがもう、格好いいのなんの。ヴォーカルはコーラスがメインではあるものの、それでもバイロンとマイクを分け合うシーンもありますし、まだまだ痩身なウェットンをプロショットで観られるだけでも貴重で最高です。正直なところ、本編の「1974年」出演とは違ってデヴィッド・バイロンの調子も良くない時代なのですが、名盤『RETURN TO FANTASY』の「Prima Donna」「Shady Lady」が美味しい。このツアーでしか演奏されなかった貴重な名曲をプロショットで観られるわけです。4曲ではありますが、こちらもセットを整理しておきましょう。
●悪魔と魔法使い:Easy Livin’
●幻想への回帰:Prima Donna(★)/Shady Lady(★)

黄金のデヴィッド・バイロン時代と、再起を賭けていたピート・ゴールビー時代。本編プレスDVDでも要となった両時代をさらにじっくりと堪能できる映像集です。日本放送らしい字幕も含め、まさに本編の続編・サブテキストとなる1枚。ぜひ、併せて英国HRの英雄URIAH HEEPの歩みをたっぷりとお楽しみください。

1. Intro

Live at Camden Palace, London, UK 19th May 1985

2. Sell Your Soul
3. Stealin’
4. The Other Side Of Midnight
5. Too Scared To Run Rockarama
6. Angel
7. The Wizard
8. Gypsy
9. Look At Yourself

Peter Goalby – Lead Vocals
Mick Box – Guitar, Vocal
John Sinclair – Keyboards, Vocal
Trevor Bolder – Bass, Vocal
Lee Kerslake – Drums

Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert 1975

10. Easy Livin’
11. Stealin’
12. Prima Donna
13. Shady Lady

David Byron – Vocals
Mick Box – Guitars
John Wetton – Bass, Vocals★
Ken Hensley – Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Lee Kerslake – Drums

14. Outro


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