Uli Jon Roth And Friends / The Spirit Of Jimi Hendrix Live In Concert/ 1DVD

Uli Jon Roth And Friends / The Spirit Of Jimi Hendrix Live In Concert/ 1DVD / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at E-Werk, Cologne, Germany 25th April 1991 , Taken from the original Japanese laser disc (TKLB-50141). Pro-shot

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Reprint series of outstanding image of popular popularity, latest bullet is Uri Jon Roth. This work is by Jimi Hendrix Tribute “THE SPIRIT OF JIMI HENDRIX LIVE IN CONCERT”. This concert was held in “Cologne on April 25, 1991”. In Uri ‘s career there was a “lost decade” from ELECTRIC SUN dissolution in 1986 to solo restart in 1995, but this work is just in the middle. It is a picture known as a picture showing a little face of a ceremonial haunted sennin.
Although the boot leg was also circulated from the time when it was televised, in 1994 it was softened in a formal way. However, it was not digitized after that but it disappeared into the dark of history. This work was reprinted from the Japanese version laser disc known as the highest quality among those softened. As with the previous series, Omoto is digitized in a high-end environment using a mint quality board that domestic core collector has treasured, by a manufacturer of analog video experts abroad.
That image beauty is also suitable for affirming “highest peak in history” this time too. Even though the TV recording over the quarter century ago is the original, editing is also rough, but the picture beauty of the essence is true opposite to the cheapness of editing. The image quality exceeding the VHS standard, movement without movement unevenness, glossy texture of deterioration / noise zero is exactly a dedicated laser disc. Even the modern eyes of the digital major prosperity can enjoy plenty with a beautiful sight without clouds of one point.
And the live depicted with that quality is the taste of a talented guitarist riding the fat. As the title, this show is dedicated to Jimi Hendrix, and all songs cover Jimi. It is an improvised song based on Woodstock’s “Villanova Junction Blues” even if it is the last “Atlantis”. Although it is not the original classical and magnificent world of Uri, that is why the clearness of “guitarist: Uri” emerges clearly. It lets you listen to the heavenly phrase in your hands, with the fifth car “DESTINY” which can be said as a flagship model of sky guitar.
The playing team surrounding such Uri is also luxurious. British heavyweights such as Jack Blues and John Wetton join Simon Phillips besides Michael Flexsig, a buddy of a younger brother Gino Roth. Wetton is “All Along The Watchtower”, Jack is “Spanish Castle Magic”, “One Rainy Wish”, “The Wind Cries Mary”, “Angel” and singing voice is also shown off with Jack, Wetton and Simon’s rhythm corps alone. Especially Jack is a relationship with Cimel that was also a rival with Jimi’s EXPERIENCE. Because of him, it is the “60’s mood” that drifts because of him, and the Uri guitar like Jimi’s soul has become intertwined … … It is possible to taste the different performance from the Jimi Tribute of Jeon. Of course, Flexig is skillful to the ballist, and a female singer from Russia: Jules Nigel also sings sexyly. Although it is Jimi’s song if it is sung by Uri himself, thanks to the name singers leaving it to us, the entire show becomes colorful and the beauty of Sky guitar is even more pronounced.
Also, the song selection seems to be very rude. Although Uri has respected Jimi ‘s all – career, his opinion is that “Jimi has flowered after” AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE “”. Indeed, in this work too, there are many late times around the two works “AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE” “ELECTRIC LADYLAND”, only three songs from “ARE YOU EXPERIENCED”. It is also a set of commitment not even being able to be removed “Foxy Lady” or “Hey Joe”.
More like that, “Jimi possesses” is another guitarist / singer: Randy Hansen. As a Jimi’s cosplay, there are black people who are outgoing … … and I think he is a Caucasian actually. It’s painted black like a rat & star. If you do not know Japanese music for Japanese people, it is likely that foreigners will buy a large bowl when doing this, but it is a possession grade guitar that silences such a voice. Jimi got a chance to copy it to the chance by chance, the spirit blew out from the vocals and the performance and it was just overflowing from the screen. That heteromorphic possessor is overwhelming even by Uri. In a song that he will appear all over, I will go backing so that even Uri gets a respect.

Along with Robin Trower and Frank Marino, Woori John Roth is named as a representative of Jimi Follower. One piece that revived the official video that his “thought to Jimihen” exploded was the highest quality ever. A masterpiece of soul’s sky guitar running around. Please, enjoy plenty.
大好評の廃盤映像の復刻シリーズ、最新弾はウリ・ジョン・ロートです。本作はジミ・ヘンドリックス・トリビュート作『THE SPIRIT OF JIMI HENDRIX LIVE IN CONCERT』。このコンサートが行われたのは「1991年4月25日ケルン」のことでした。ウリのキャリアには1986年のELECTRIC SUN解散から1995年のソロ再開まで“失われた10年”があったわけですが、本作はそのちょうど真ん中。雲隠れしていた仙人がホンの少し顔を見せた映像として知られていた映像です。
そして、そのクオリティで描かれるライヴは、脂の乗りきった天才ギタリストの旨み全開。タイトル通り、このショウはジミ・ヘンドリックスに捧げられ、全曲がジミのカバー。ラストの「Atlantis」にしてもウッドストックの「Villanova Junction Blues」をベースにした即興曲です。ウリ本来のクラシカルで壮大な世界ではないわけですが、だからこそ“ギタリスト:ウリ”の冴えがクッキリと浮かび上がる。スカイギターのフラッグシップ・モデルとも言える5号機“DESTINY”を手に、天翔るフレーズを存分に聴かせてくれるのです。
そんなウリを囲む演奏陣がまた豪華。実弟ジーノ・ロートの相棒マイケル・フレクシグの他にも、サイモン・フィリップスにジャック・ブルース、ジョン・ウェットンといった英国の重鎮が参加。ジャックやウェットンとサイモンのリズム隊だけでも素晴らしいのに、ウェットンは「All Along The Watchtower」で、ジャックは「Spanish Castle Magic」「One Rainy Wish」「The Wind Cries Mary」「Angel」で歌声も披露。特にジャックはCREAMでジミのEXPERIENCEとライバルでもあった間柄。その彼だからこそ漂う“60年代ムード”と、ジミの魂が乗り移ったようなウリのギターが絡み合う……凡百のジミ・トリビュートとは格の違う演奏がタップリと味わえるのです。もちろん、フレクシグはバツグンに巧いですし、ロシア出身の女性シンガー:ジュール・ナイジェルもセクシーに歌いこなす。ジミの曲であれば、ウリ本人が歌っても許されるところですが、名シンガー達に任せているおかげでショウ全体がカラフルになり、スカイギターの美しさが一層引き立つのです。
また、選曲も実にウリらしい。ジミのオールキャリアをリスペクトしているウリですが、彼の持論は「ジミは『AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE』以降に開花した」というもの。実際、本作でも『AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE』『ELECTRIC LADYLAND』の2作を軸に後期が多く、『ARE YOU EXPERIENCED』からは3曲だけ。それも普通なら外せない「Foxy Lady」や「Hey Joe」さえないというこだわりのセットなのです。

1. Intro 2. Gypsy Eyes 3. If 6 Was 9 4. Spanish Castle Magic 5. One Rainy Wish
6. The Wind Cries Mary 7. All Along The Watchtower 8. House Burning Down
9. Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) 10. Castles Made Of Sand 11. Little Wing
12. Axis: Bold As Love 13. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 14. 3rd Stone From The Sun
15. Crosstown Traffic 16. In From The Storm 17. Who Knows 18. Message Of Love
19. Hey Baby 20. Angel 21. Purple Haze 22. Atlantis

Acoustic Guitar – Peter Bursch
Backing Vocals – Jane Palmer, Jule Neigel, Nadja Ollig, Tobias Stachelhaus
Bass – Francois Garny, Jack Bruce, John Wetton
Drums – Herb Quick, Simon Phillips
Guitar – Randy Hansen, Uli Jon Roth, Zeno Roth
Keyboards – Oliver Hennlich
Music Director – Uli Jon Roth
Violin – Manni Neumann
Vocals – Jack Bruce, John Wetton, Michael Flexig, Randy Hansen

100min. Dolby 2.0 Stereo 4:3


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