UK / EL Mocambo 1978 Reel Master / 1CD

UK / EL Mocambo 1978 Reel Master / 1CD / Virtuoso
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Live at El Mocambo, Toronto, ON. Canada 27th June 1978 STEREO SBD

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Even in 1978, which is a treasure house of recordings, the best stereo sound board album, which will be the first major masterpiece, appears. In this work is “Toronto Performance June 27, 1978”. This show was also FM broadcasting, and its air check has brought about a lot of early development. This work is one sheet that has studied the highest peak of such a large standard sound board.
I think that it is heard at once with a title by some title only, but the sound flowing out of this work is the best ever. Although there was also a history of blurred blurred sound that was historically mounded, this work is quite different from such an air checking board. Wake up from the reel master before broadcasting, the noise and shake peculiar to the air check is totally, the extremely stable official sounds loudly. Moreover, its edge is also extreme in vividness. It is extremely brilliant every single instrument, one tone, and the last shine of the seventies progression is poured directly into the brain’s miso. Speaking of “U.K. in 1978”, it is a treasure trove of abnormally high quality recording, but it is an outstanding stereo sound board among them.
And this work is more than just “a wonderful soundboard”. That point is at the time of the show. First of all, let’s imagine the position of this work from the schedule of activities at the time.

“January: 1st album release”
· April 29 – May 15: UK (13 performances)
“About 1 month later”
· June 23 – August 8: North America # 1 (22 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
“About 1 month later”
· September 1 – 11: North America # 2 (3 performances)
· September 18 – October 8: North America # 3 (8 shows)
“About 1 month later”
· November 9: North America # 4 (1 performance)
“November: demolition of four people → start 2nd album creation”

This is an outline from “release of the four of mourning” to 2nd album production. There is an obscure spot in the materials at that time, so it is not sure, but I think that you can understand the approximate outline. The Toronto performance of this work is a concert which is the third performance of “North America # 1”.
This “North America # 1” was one turning point. Actually, this 1978 tour has its set list changed on the way. Until “UK” to “North America # 1” at the beginning the first set is the initial set, most of the later will be the late stage set. The big difference is from the middle stage of the show to the second half. Although the performance song itself seems not to be much different from the latter part of the tour, the order of the songs is different, and the mood of the album “The Fourth of Mourning” remains remarkable. Specifically, after “Thirty Years”. In the latter term set, it was basically the snow crumbling and “Presto Vivace And Reprise” → “In The Dead Of Night” from the ending of “Thirty Years”, but in this work it is “In the Dead Of Night “” By The Light Of Day “” Presto Vivace And Reprise “flow.
Not just in order of songs. At that time new songs “The Sahara Of Snow”, “Carrying No Cross” and “The Only Thing She Needs” were released as early as that, but it seems that the finish is very early. “The Sahara Of Snow” which is officially recorded in BRUFORD Although completed as a spirit, “Carrying No Cross” “The Only Thing She Needs” has a guitar part as opposed to “DANGER MONEY” There is also a slow intermediate part which is not in the studio recording. It seems that these new songs were written during the tour rehearsal to compensate for the lack of repertoire, but it is a rough version that has not been polished yet.

The main point of this work is to be able to taste such early unique listening with the finest stereo sound board. I think that it is familiar to people of maniacs, but from this tour, excellent sound board such as the officialized Boston performance, Chicago performance, Philadelphia performance, Cleveland performance etc. are left. However, none of them is a late set. Only Toronto performance of this work is the sound board which conveys the initial set.
It is a big decision board which has drawn the large standard sound board with the ultimate master reel and quality. That is one piece that is not exaggeration to say that it is the live album which is closest to the masterpiece “The Fourths of the Mourning Country”, “The Fourths of the Love Performance Edition’s Mourning Kingdom”. Press CD to leave its ultimate glow forever. Please, add it to your collection.


この「北米#1」こそ、ひとつのターニング・ポイントでした。実は、この1978年ツアーは、途中でセットリストが変わっている。「UK」から「北米#1」冒頭の数公演までが初期セットであり、その後の大部分は後期セットになるのです。その大きな違いは、ショウの中盤から後半にかけて。演奏曲自体はツアー後期と大差ないようにも見えますが、曲順が異なり、アルバム『憂国の四士』のムードが色濃く残っている。具体的に言いますと「Thirty Years」の後。後期セットでは「Thirty Years」のエンディングから「Presto Vivace And Reprise」→「In The Dead Of Night」と雪崩れ込むのが基本だったのですが、本作ではアルバムA面通りに「In The Dead Of Night」「By The Light Of Day」「Presto Vivace And Reprise」の流れで演奏されるのです。
曲順だけではない。当時未発表の新曲「The Sahara Of Snow」「Carrying No Cross」「The Only Thing She Needs」が早くも披露されているのですが、その仕上がりがいかにも初期らしい。BRUFORDで正式に録音される「The Sahara Of Snow」はわりと完成しているものの、「Carrying No Cross」「The Only Thing She Needs」は『DANGER MONEY』とは違ってギターパートもあり、後者にはスタジオ録音にはないスローな中間パートもインサートされている。こうした新曲群は、レパートリー不足を補うためにツアーリハーサル中に書き上げたそうですが、まだまだ磨かれていないラフ・バージョンなのです。


1. Intro. 2. Alaska 3. Time To Kill 4. The Sahara Of Snow 5. Carrying No Cross
6. The Only Thing She Needs 7. Thirty Years 8. In The Dead Of Night
9. By The Light Of Day 10. Presto Vivace And Reprise 11. Radio Outro.


John Wetton – Vocal & Bass Eddie Jobson – Electric Violin & Keyboards
Allan Holdsworth – Guitars Bill Bruford – Drums & Percussion

Virtuoso 350


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