UK / North East 1979 / 2CDR

UK / North East 1979 / 2CDR /Non Label

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Madison Square Garden, New York, USA 11th October 1979.


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Than US tour due to the 1979 “Night After Night”, in New York’s October 11 at the finest level of audience recording the Madison Square Garden concert and Boston Garden performances October 31, complete recording respectively. Undercard performances because of both Jethro Tull of US tour (Storm Watcher Tour), MSG concert 47 minutes, but the Boston performances 49 minutes and slightly shorter, I can enjoy the performance of compelling all the first half turn over press in medley performance. New York performance of disk 1 since although there is a cut in the Caesar’s Palace of Blues 2:04 of the opening has been recorded without any problems. Anyway because the sound quality is surprisingly good fan is must listen! As Long As You Want Me Here vocal, such as theatrical was also that contains enough of the heat never heard of Wetton is must listen. As Long As You Want Me Here ~ Alaska ~ Presto Vivace ~ In The Dead Of Night to continue medley performance of powerful There are tremendous thing. MC as much as possible sharpener is purely performance was muffled by playing only the UK of spirit to try to attract the audience is all of prog fans must listen definitely. Arrange evolution is to suggest in various places, it is comedy that comes through is how the band fulfilling the North American tour of October 79. Last you left me a powerful violin riff strong impression that contrast to pop vocal melody in the unreleased song Waiting For You that emotional vocals of Wetton feel more alert. Boston performance of disk 2 you can since of what Caesar’s Palace Blues starts Out in my head you as possible to listen to last in the sound image that is powerful without cut. Sound quality will feel is superior in New York performances with 煌Biyakana sound, but this Boston performances also have enough quality enough to only this alone release. Base, keyboard, all instruments and drum is being recorded in high-quality feel the raw force, is a gem that comes through force that became also different blend together and New York performances. About 4 minutes symphonic instrumental featuring a keyboard that has not been played in the MSG show in front of the Rendezvous 6:02 of following in the first half of the medley performance has been recorded. This awfully You can listen to the emotional vocals of Wetton in performance. As a live take of UK both performances is a gem boasts a quality one of the best.

★ This is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.115 (2 May 2010 issue). In case you’re wondering.

From October 1979 North American tour, which was released two performances is coupling. The North American tour, and one that was entrained as opening act on promotion tour accompanying the album “Stormwatch” of Jethro Tull, Tronto performances of October 5 start from (Maple Leaf Gardens), Oakland performances of November 18 (Oakland Coliseum) in and close the curtain. That is why they playing time is short. It should be noted that from this tour, Quebec performances of October 6 as “Quebec 1979 (No Label)”, and Long Beach performances of November 14 is “After Midnight (Highland HL052)”, has been recorded music media of. New York performances of Disc 1 is a performance that was Sold Out, cheers also terrible. Perhaps because of that, the vocal of Wetton are in equivalent Cikarang. For approximately 50 minutes of playing time, and playing the past hits medley, and is configured to place a new song on the last. It should be noted that, in this day has been carried out also played at the same venue, but that rose flowers audience threw strikes the eye of Ian Anderson, is happening famous accident among fans. Boston performances of Disc 2 is a change in the set list, song entitled “Instrumental” is added (Track 6). This is Eddie Jobson solo album of “Green Album” recording of “Walking From Pastel”. Both performances, sound source used was 2nd gen. But, the sound quality is very good. It is important board that fill in the blanks of their activity period.

1979年「Night After Night」に伴うUSツアーより、10月11日のニューヨークはマジソン・スクエア・ガーデン公演と10月31日ボストン・ガーデン公演を極上レベルのオーディエンス録音で、それぞれ完全収録。どちらもジェスロ・タルのUSツアー(Storm Watcher Tour)の前座公演ゆえ、MSG公演47分、ボストン公演49分と若干短めですが、前半を全てメドレー演奏で押し捲る迫力満点の演奏を堪能できます。ディスク1のニューヨーク公演はオープニングのCaesar’s Palace Bluesの2:04でカットがあるものの以降は問題なく収録されています。とにかく音質が驚くほど優れているのでファンは必聴です!As Long As You Want Me Hereのウェットンの聴いたこともない程熱の入った芝居がかったようなボーカルは必聴。As Long As You Want Me Here~Alaska~Presto Vivace~In The Dead Of Nightと続くメドレー演奏の迫力は凄まじいものがあります。MCは極力削り、純粋に演奏のみで観客を魅了しようとするUKの気迫の篭ったパフォーマンスは間違いなく全てのプログレ・ファン必聴です。各所でアレンジに進化が伺われ、79年10月の北米ツアーのバンド充実した様子が伝わってくる好演です。ラストはウェットンのエモーショナルなボーカルが冴える未発表曲Waiting For Youでポップなボーカルメロに対比するような迫力あるヴァイオリン・リフが強烈な印象を残してくれます。ディスク2のボストン公演はCaesar’s Palace Bluesが頭切れでスタートするものの以降はカット無しで迫力ある音像でラストまで聴き切ることができます。音質は煌びやかなサウンドをもったニューヨーク公演のほうが優れていると感じますが、このボストン公演も、これだけで単独リリースできるほどの十分なクオリティを持っています。ベース、キーボード、ドラムと全ての楽器が生々しい迫力を感じさせる高音質で収録されており、ニューヨーク公演とはまた違った渾然一体となった迫力が伝わってくる逸品です。前半のメドレー演奏に続いてのRendezvous 6:02の手前にMSG公演では演奏されなかったキーボードをフィーチャーした約4分のシンフォニックなインストが収録されています。こちらの公演でもウェットンのやけにエモーショナルなボーカルを聴く事ができます。両公演ともUKのライブテイクとしては屈指のクオリティを誇る逸品です。

★beatleg誌 vol.115(2010年2月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

1979年10月の北米ツアーから、2公演がカップリングされてリリースされた。この北米ツアーは、Jethro Tullのアルバム『Stormwatch』に伴うプロモーションツアーに前座として帯同したもので、10月5日のTronto公演(Maple Leaf Gardens)から始まり、11月18日のOakland公演(Oakland Coliseum)で幕を閉じている。彼らの演奏時間が短いのはそのためだ。なお、このツアーからは、10月6日のQuebec公演が『Quebec 1979(No Label)』、そして11月14日のLong Beach公演が『After Midnight (Highland HL052)』として、音盤化されている。Disc 1のNew York公演はSold Outした公演で、歓声も物凄い。そのせいか、Wettonのボーカルは相当力んでいる。約50分の演奏時間のため、過去のヒット曲をメドレーで演奏し、ラストに新曲を配置する構成となっている。なお、この翌日にも同会場で演奏が行われているが、観客が投げた薔薇の花がIan Andersonの目に当たるという、ファンの間では有名な事故が起きている。Disc 2のBoston公演はセットリストに変更があり、「Instrumental」と題された曲が加えられている(Track 6)。これは、Eddie Jobsonのソロアルバム『Green Album』収録の「Walking From Pastel」である。両公演とも、使用された音源は2nd gen.だが、音質は非常に良い。彼らの活動期間の空白を埋める重要盤だ。

Disc 1
Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA 11th October 1979

1. Caesar’s Palace Blues 2. As Long As You Want Me Here 3. Alaska 4. Presto Vivace
5. In The Dead Of Night 6. Rendezvous 6:02 7. Night After Night 8. The Only Thing She Needs
9. Waiting For You

Disc 2
Live at Boston Garden, Boston, USA 21st October 1979

1. Caesar’s Palace Blues 2. As Long As You Want Me Here 3. Alaska 4. Presto Vivace
5. In The Dead Of Night 6. Instrumental 7. Rendezvous 6:02 8. Night After Night
9. The Only Thing She Needs 10. Waiting For You

John Wetton – Bass & Vocals Eddie Jobson – Keyboards & Electric Violin
Terry Bozzio – Drums & Percussion

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