UK / The Final Concert 2015 / 2CDR

UK / The Final Concert 2015 / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 30th April 2015


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This week UK last of ultra-high quality sound recording machine from the Japan tour “THE FINAL IN JAPAN” will be released. Called “West strongest taper” Osaka performances Mr. has been recorded, and the famous taper Mr. recorded Tokyo performances, the splendor of playing content as well, the goodness of recorded sound quality in the future, the big topic between mania I think that it would be. For the Tokyo performances, and it is has been announced this concert is the UK final performance, therefore a number of famous taper’s we have, in order to record this important sound source at the highest sound quality, it seems to have participated. Also one of the book board of the sound source. Book Nakano Sun Plaza performance of April 30, 2015 was recorded in the high-quality sound of unprecedented take, which was recorded by renowned taper Mr., it had not decided the release of “THE FINAL IN JAPAN” , would have been definitely release in the press CD, it is a rarity, live recording board. Recording location right block, center closer to eight columns. Direct feeling full of sound is have a neat is, without doubt be fascinated by all fans. Honest, taking only the quality of the sound, “THE FINAL IN JAPAN” or that it is not losing at all to take, it will be judged definitely a “neck and neck”, really recording the highest grade of more than this can not be considered It is. This about excellent recording, because the gift is the release of the at CDR, is what has become really great era. From dampers part the delicacy is required, until the dramatic loud part, all the highest class. Perfect words to say superb recording, such as depicted in the picture. While stomach crystal-clear sound in the clear, the thickness of the sound is also enough. Or not better how our sunrise sound I will know well in this 2 sound source. Gift Edition just because of shalt not despise, large masterpiece title. This is really amazing!

今週はUK最後の日本ツアーからの超高音質録音盤「THE FINAL IN JAPAN」がリリースされます。「西日本最強テーパー」氏が録音された大阪公演、そして高名なテーパー氏が録音した東京公演と、演奏内容の素晴らしさはもとより、録音された音質の良さは今後、マニア間で大きな話題を呼ぶことになると思います。東京公演に関しては、このコンサートがUK最終公演であることがアナウンスされており、ゆえに数多くの有名テーパーさん達が、この重要音源を最高音質で記録すべく、参加したようです。本盤の音源もそのひとつ。2015年4月30日の中野サンプラザ公演を空前絶後の高音質で収録された本テイクは、高名なテーパー氏によって録音されたもので、「THE FINAL IN JAPAN」のリリースが決まっていなかったら、間違いなくプレスCDでリリースされていたであろう、絶品・実況録音盤です。録音場所は右ブロック、センター寄り8列。端正でいてダイレクト感いっぱいのサウンドは、全てのファンを魅了すること間違いなし。正直、音の質だけとれば、「THE FINAL IN JAPAN」テイクに全く負けていないというか、間違いなく「互角」と判定されるであろう、本当にこれ以上は考えられない程の最高グレードの録音です。これほど優れた録音が、CDRでギフトリリースなのですから、本当に凄い時代になったものです。繊細さが要求される弱音パートから、ドラマチックなラウドパートまで、全てが最高クラス。パーフェクトと言う言葉を絵で描いたような絶品録音。クリアーで澄み切ったサウンドでいながら、音の厚さも十分。いかに当日の出音が優れていたかが今回の2音源で良く分かります。ギフト盤だからといって侮るなかれの、大傑作タイトル。これは本当に凄いです!

Disc 1 (74:12)
1. Intro 2. Thirty Years 3. Nevermore 4. Carrying No Cross 5. Alaska 6. Time To Kill 7. MC
8. Night After Night 9. Keyboard Solo 10. Violin Solo 11. Drum Solo 12. Rendezvous 6:02

Disc 2 (50:27)
1. Nothing To Lose 2. In The Dead Of Night 3. By The Light Of Day 4. Presto Vivace And Reprise
5. Forever Until Sunday 6. Caesar’s Palace Blues 7. The Only Thing She Needs
8. Carrying No Cross (Last Verse)

John Wetton – Bass, Vocals Eddie Jobson – Keyboards, Violin Alex Machacek – Guitar
Mike Mangini – Drums, Percussion

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