UFO / Forward To Return / 4CD

UFO / Forward To Return / 4CD / Shades

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Live at Landmark Hall, Yokohama, Japan 14th June 1994. Soundboard

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Than tour in 1994 of the UFO that has played a dramatic reunion in the lineup, including Michael Schenker, two performances of Japan tour was enthusiastic the fans, and ultra-high quality audience master of Yokohama show, which will become a wholly first appearance, become a set at the official class stereo sound board sound of the Tokyo show, release determined by CD4-Disc Complete limited press eagerly-awaited! Will be exhaustive taste to fully from the point of view of both the stage and the audience, the pattern of the Japan tour special especially in the history of the band!

Also Michael Schenker after the withdrawal of 1978, UFO led by Phil Mogg has continued activities reached a certain guitarist of arms Atomic Tommy · M and colleagues Paul Chapman, but struggled commercial gradually , had been forced to disband the 80s late. But when it comes to ’92, Phil launched the band again and Pete Way, Japan about 10 years was also to realize was appointed as the guitarist Laurence Archer in “HIGH STAKES AND DANGEROUS MAN”.
Michael Around the same time, had to terminate the MSG with Robin Macquarie, announced album of solo to “THANK YOU”. The entrained also tour in a way that will make a guest appearance on the SCORPIONS, it had played an acoustic set. By using lobbied the UFO return fill in contact with Michael on the tour, path is attached to the reunion 1977 “LIGHTS OUT” in the lineup at the time, re-formed in Germany in December 1993 tour is realized. “Re-flight” of UFO by the strongest line-up has brought rapture fans around the world.
And from 12 June 1994, the long-awaited Japan tour will be realized. UFO had played a visit to Japan to June 1979 of “STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT” after the announcement once, but Michael has left the band at that point, and the UFO “Michael to play for fans of Japan at that time like a dream that Japan “of did not come true. I met his long-cherished wish will become a reality at last, Japan tour of reunion UFO became a big topic.
Than its 1994 Japan tour, engraved to press CD, with the best material and each and Yokohama Landmark Tower performances of two shows first, the pattern of (second day) Nakano Sun Plaza concert performances 4 th in this work! At once the wonders of playing with the hot air of the reunion tour legendary, I can enjoy plenty also it!

Was based on the DAT master of full first appearance that is not floating around also absolutely trader between the Yokohama show of June 14, which corresponds to the second day visit to Japan in the first and second disk, and is fully recorded in ultra-high quality audience recording.
Or for definitive sound board sound source, which will be described later is present, the audience recording has not been around too much, the atmosphere of the audience is not known Surprisingly this ’94 tour. However, in the spread of sound wide and direct feeling, and the outlook was outstanding in this recording, I can enjoy the realism plenty of state of play. Tone clear in the acoustic part of Michael increases the gloss finally to give a exquisite echo, you can enjoy the texture that does not taste in the sound board.
Produce a response and tension excitement rise from intro listen unbearable, in the opening such that the explosion of “Natural Thing”, to feel as if listening to the sound at the venue actually hands Kiki a set this volume as a UFO will bound! Classic uplifting feeling Aktiv waviness heavy of “Mother Mary”, and the delicacy is Konjiru enters “This Kids”, guitar Michael is paid out in the tone a sharp such as “Hot ‘N’ Ready,” “Too Hot To Handle” from many of the wonderful performances, taste of live recording unique superior has overflowed.
After you have finished the main set featuring Rongusoro that Saewataru of Michael in “Rock Bottom”, “Shoot Shoot”, “C’Mon Everybody” explodes the encore and more! The Tokeai mood and they both “have fun playing” the band’s enthusiasm of the audience, mood Suponteniasu spreads full stadium. Sound of venues Pojitivu spewing into direct feeling perfect score is the splendor of the live recording unique, such as in this recording!

Then, in disk 3 and 4, I served in the super sound with stereo sound board sound of stakeholders outflow, the Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza concert June 16!
This sound was classic long masterpiece of Langley label as “THE RETURN TOUR 1994”, but wipe out completely the noise, etc., is subjected to remaster the latest to its original material, ease also significantly listening and clear of the sound this time was improved, definitive edition exactly. We were to achieve a press on CD finally in the quality of past superlative!
Live Start from two songs acoustic set of Michael as “Positive Forward” and “Peace” here. Although the line sources of stakeholders recording, is what sound is thinner and more would normally, but there is a needle in a rich and incredible stiffness and thickness of the tone here. It is a level that seems the realism and “? Either not a recording of the official release for”. It is picked up one sound is also not up to Yosa delicate play of members, you can anyone of listeners listen to all of the play in stereo line recording the best surprised and “No way!”.
The main live beginning with “Natural Thing”, all of the word “great!” Playing members are stereo separate pat on the left and right channels, also the thickness of the powerful sound in brightness that was glistening. Around the vocals of Phil guitar and Michael, rhythm punch of Andy and Pete worked, also keyboard craftsman of Paul, all gone out in the realism and clearness terrifying.
Uplifting is portrayed in sound vivid color to “Let It Roll”, “Out In The Street”, catchy “Only You Can Rock Me”, such as the lyrical dramatic “Love To Love”, and Tsu Ikimo in hand listening scenes, which is not imposed volley from one minute to the next. Is the climax of the live “Lights Out,” “Doctor, Doctor” and “Rock Bottom” are also paid out in strong force like being in front of the band! This sound is not is safe any even expressed as version 1994 that official live work “STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT”! It is a sound source of astonishment that exceeds the official exactly!

And at the same time happenings epoch-making career on any of the band, ’94 Japan tour has been reunited with “LIGHTS OUT” line-up, was the realization of a long-cherished wish awaited for many years even for hard rock fans of Japan. Re co-star of the UFO and Michael will be held intermittently until 2002 even after that, and Michael in the reunion tour thing (surprising era that would have substantial probably the most among its’s a ’94 this organization, including the Andy Parker also only at this time). You have not left in this press CD era, the What you should leave together!
One vividly in the live recording of the superlative, this work was revived in Ultra-realistic sound board sound source that exceeds even the official, another representative of the ’94 years of live UFO future, the pattern of the tour memorable the sure to be a great classic to! It’s a set of ultimate was achieved because Collector’s item. This is a good event to say that the case anymore for fans of UFO and Michael. CD4-Disc Complete limited press nobody miss you’re a fan, will start here now!

マイケル・シェンカーを含むラインナップで劇的な再結成を果たしたUFOの1994年ツアーより、ファンを熱狂させたジャパンツアーの2公演が、完全初登場となる横浜公演の超高音質オーディエンス・マスターと、東京公演の公式級ステレオ・サウンドボード音源でセットになって、ファン待望の完全限定プレスCD4枚組でリリース決定! バンドの歴史でも特にスペシャルな来日公演の模様を、客席とステージ双方の視点から存分に味わい尽くせます!

 フィル・モグ率いるUFOは、1978年のマイケル・シェンカー脱退後も、ポール・チャップマンやアトミック・トミー・Mら腕の確かなギタリストを迎えて活動を続けましたが、次第に商業的な苦戦を強いられ、’80年代後半は解散を余儀なくされていました。しかし’92年になると、フィルはピート・ウェイと再びバンドを立ち上げ、ローレンス・アーチャーをギタリストに起用した「HIGH STAKES AND DANGEROUS MAN」では約10年ぶりの来日も実現させました。
 同じ頃、ロビン・マッコーリーとのM.S.G.を終了させていたマイケルは、ソロ名義のアルバム「THANK YOU」を発表。SCORPIONSに客演する形でツアーにも帯同し、アコースティック・セットをプレイしていました。そのツアー中にフィルがマイケルと接触してUFO復帰を働きかけた事で、’77年「LIGHTS OUT」当時のラインナップでの再結成に道筋が付けられ、’93年12月にはドイツにおいて再結成ツアーが実現。最強ラインナップによるUFOの”再飛翔”は、世界中のファンを狂喜させました。
 そして’94年6月12日からは、待ちに待ったジャパンツアーが実現します。かつてUFOは「STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT」発表後の’79年6月にも来日を果たしていましたが、その時点でマイケルはバンドを離れており、当時の日本のファンにとって「マイケルがプレイするUFOの来日」は叶わなかった夢のようなもの。その悲願がついに現実になるとあって、再結成UFOの来日公演は大きな話題となりました。
 本作ではその’94年ジャパンツアーより、2公演目の横浜ランドマークタワー公演と、4公演目の中野サンプラザ公演(二日目)の模様をそれぞれ最高の素材でプレスCDに刻印! 伝説的な再結成ツアーの熱気と演奏の素晴らしさを一度に、それもたっぷりと満喫できます!

 UFOとしてのセット本編ではイントロから盛り上がる興奮と緊張感が堪らない聴き応えを演出し、爆発するような「Natural Thing」のオープニングでは、聴き手が実際に会場で音を聴いているような感覚に囚われるでしょう! ヘヴィな「Mother Mary」のうねり、繊細さとアクティヴな躍動感が入り混じる「This Kids」、マイケルのギターが鋭角的な音色で繰り出される「Hot ‘N’ Ready」・「Too Hot To Handle」など名曲名演の数々からは、優れた実況録音ならではの旨みが溢れています。
 マイケルの冴え渡るロングソロをフィーチャーした「Rock Bottom」でメインセットを終えた後は、「Shoot Shoot」さらに「C’Mon Everybody」がアンコールで炸裂! どちらもオーディエンスの熱気がバンドの”演奏を楽しんでいる”というムードと溶け合い、場内いっぱいにスポンテニアスなムードが広がります。ダイレクト感満点に噴き出すポジティヴな会場のサウンドは、本録音のような実況録音ならではの素晴らしさです!

 本音源はLangleyレーベルの傑作「THE RETURN TOUR 1994」として長らく定番でしたが、今回はその元素材へ最新のリマスターを施してノイズ類を完全に一掃し、音のクリアさと聴き易さも大幅に向上した、まさに決定版。過去最上級のクオリティで遂にプレスCD化を実現したのです!
 ここでもライヴはマイケルのアコースティック・セット「Positive Forward」と「Peace」の2曲からスタート。関係者録音のライン音源とはいえ、普通ならもっと音が細くなっているものですが、ここでは音色の太さとコシも信じられないほどに豊かでハリがある。そのリアルさは”公式リリース用の録音ではないか?”と思えるレベルです。メンバーの細やかなプレイまで一音も余さず拾い上げており、聴き手の誰もが「まさか!」と驚く最高のステレオ・ライン録音で演奏の全てを聴くことが出来ます。
 「Natural Thing」で始まるライヴ本編は、チャンネル左右にばっちりステレオ・セパレートされたメンバーの演奏、ギラギラした明度に迫力ある音の厚みも全てが「凄い!」の一言。マイケルのギターとフィルのヴォーカルを中心に、ピートとアンディのパンチが効いたリズム、ポールの職人的なキーボードも、全てが恐ろしいほどのクリアネスとリアルさで飛び出してきます。
 色鮮やかなサウンドで描き出される「Let It Roll」に「Out In The Street」、キャッチーな「Only You Can Rock Me」の躍動感、「Love To Love」のドラマティックな叙情性など、聴き手に息もつかせぬ名場面が次から次へと連発。ライヴのクライマックスである「Lights Out」・「Doctor, Doctor」や「Rock Bottom」も、バンドが目の前にいるようなド迫力で繰り出されます! 本音源はあの公式ライヴ作品「STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT」の1994年バージョンと表現しても何ら差し支えありません! まさに公式を超えた驚愕の音源です!

 再結成された「LIGHTS OUT」ラインナップによる’94年ジャパンツアーは、バンドのキャリア上でもエポック・メイキングな出来事であると同時に、日本のハードロック・ファンにとっても長年待ち望んだ悲願の実現でした。マイケルとUFOの再共演はその後も2002年まで断続的に行われますが、その中でもおそらく最も充実していたであろう時代がこの’94年なのです(意外な事に再結成ツアーでマイケルとアンディ・パーカーを含む編成もこの時のみ)。この時代をプレスCDで残さずして、一体何を残せばよいのでしょう!
 記念すべきツアーの模様を、ひとつは最上級の実況録音で生々しく、もうひとつは公式をも超えるサウンドボード音源でウルトラ・リアルに蘇らせた本作は、今後UFOの’94年ライヴを代表する大定番になること間違いなし! コレクターズ・アイテムだからこそ実現した究極のセットなのです。これはマイケルおよびUFOのファンにとってもはや事件と言っても良い出来事。ファンなら誰もが見逃せない完全限定プレスCD4枚組が、今ここに発進します!

Live at Landmark Hall, Yokohama, Japan 14th June 1994 

Disc 1 (44:58)
Michael Schenker Acoustic Set
1. Intro 2. Positive Forward 3. Peace

4. Intro 5. Natural Thing 6. Mother Mary 7. Let It Roll 8. Out In The Street 9. This Kids 
10. Only You Can Rock Me 11. Love To Love

Disc 2 (42:42)
1. Hot ‘N’ Ready 2. Too Hot To Handle 3. Lights Out 4. Doctor, Doctor 5. Rock Bottom
6. Shoot Shoot 7. C’Mon Everybody 

Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 16th June 1994 

Disc 3 (44:42)

Michael Schenker Acoustic Set
1. Positive Forward 2. Peace 

3. Intro 4. Natural Thing 5. Mother Mary 6. Let It Roll 7. Out In The Street 8. This Kids 
9. Only You Can Rock Me 10. Love To Love

Disc 4 (44:27)
1. Hot ‘N’ Ready 2. Too Hot To Handle 3. Lights Out 4. Doctor, Doctor 5. Rock Bottom
6. Shoot Shoot 7. C’Mon Everybody 

Phil Mogg – Vocal Michael Schenker – Guitar Pete Way – Bass
Paul Raymond – Keyboards & Guitar Andy Parker – Drums

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