UFO / Palo Alto & Boston 1978 / 2CDR

UFO / Palo Alto & Boston 1978 / 2CDR / Shades

Maples Pavillion, Palo Alto, CA USA 29th October 1978.

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From Michael Schenker to Paul Chapman. Introducing a masterpiece live album set where you can experience the biggest turning point of UFOs in their heyday.
The two performances of the US tour accompanying “OBSESSION” are included in this work. This is a 2-disc set that includes the masterpiece audience recordings of “October 29, 1978 Palo Alto Performance” and “December 15, 1978 Boston Performance”. The former guitar is Michael Schenker, and the latter is after the change of Paul Chapman. What are the positions of each? Let’s check from the schedule at that time.

・ January 19-February 25: UK # 1 (22 performances)
・ June 14-20: UK # 2a (7 performances)
《June 21st release of “OBSESSION”》
・ June 21-July 3: UK # 2b (12 performances)
・ July 12-October 29: North America # 1 (58 performances) ← ★ DISC 1 ★
《October 29: Withdrawal from Schenker → Return to Chapman》
・ November 30-December 16: North America # 2 (11 performances) ← ★ DISC 2 ★

This is a 1978 UFO. Schenker disappeared during the US tour, but the Palo Alto performance of this work DISC 1 is exactly the last show. And DISC 2’s Boston performance was the second performance from the end of the tour after the change of Chapman. Let’s introduce each one individually.

[DISC 1: Palo Alto performance on the last night of Schenker] The first thing that appears is a famous recording that has been loved by enthusiasts for a long time. This is a valuable Audi Uence recording that recorded the last show of Schenker. Moreover, the sound is quite good. As a matter of fact, the balance of the vocals is a little retracted, so I can’t tout it as “super-superb!”, But only the essential Flying V is super-superb! The core without a sense of distance reaches straight like a laser beam, and the outline is clear and clear to the details. The nuances of picking seem to be felt up to the angle of the pick, and a little choking comes to mind even when the strings are pushed up. Perhaps those who listen to this recording are 100% Schenker, but it is a guitar recording that meets that expectation 120%.
The sound is a historic show. “Pack It Up (And Go)”, which cannot be heard even on the expanded “STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT” remastered version, may be the point, but the fact that it was the last performance in the 70’s is even heavier. Each song, each riff, and every phrase are full of historical weight.

[DISC 2: Super-name recording of the final Boston performance of the US tour] Next up is a famous recording of the Boston performance, which was the final stage of the US tour even after the change of Paul Chapman. It is a new master that was discovered recently, but this is the best without any questions! The same thick guitar as DISC 1 is featured, but it is not the only one. Phil Mogg’s wet voice and Paul Raymond’s keyboard are similarly captured without a sense of distance, and the balance is excellent. Especially, Pete Way’s bass, who died the other day, has a mellow groove if the attack is clear. That’s the direct sound that makes me think, “This isn’t an FM broadcast sound board !?”
The best sound is a show that can be called “Chapman version STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT”. Let’s organize the set together with DISC 1 here.

● Phenomenon (2 songs, 4 takes)
・ Common to 2 performances: Doctor Doctor / Rock Bottom
● Force It (1 song)
・ DISC 2: Only: Mother Mary
● New murderous intention (3 songs, 5 takes)
・ Common to 2 performances: Love To Love / Too Hot To Handle
・ DISC 1: Only: Lights Out
● Space Conquest (4 songs, 7 takes)
・ Common to 2 performances: Hot’n’Ready / Cherry / Only You Can Rock Me
・ DISC 1 only: Pack It Up (And Go) (★)
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard in “STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT”.

… And it looks like this. Basically, all the songs can be heard in “STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT”, but DISC 2 is all Chapman version. Speaking of live performances during the Chapman era, the official version “REGENERATOR” is the standard, but there are also five songs that cannot be heard, “Hot’n’Ready,” “Cherry,” “Mother Mary,” “Doctor Doctor,” and “Rock Bottom.” You can fully enjoy it.
Moreover, the ensemble is really good. It’s not a dimension of whether or not it exceeds the shenker, but although it is orthodox, there is no sense of discomfort in the hot playing, and the compatibility with the UFO stands out. Especially the combination with Pete is excellent, and if you think that the bassline with a lot of singing heart is intertwined with Chapman’s melody like a counterpoint, it synchronizes and carves a riff. This work has only done 10 performances since Chapman rejoined, but you can already clearly see that it is compatible like a brother.

In the latter half of 1978, which was a historic turning point, it is a live set where you can enjoy UFOs by two guitarists on the same US tour and almost the same set. This is also a luxury that you can enjoy because it is an audience recording, and it is a pleasure that you can meet because you are a maniac. Please fully enjoy the precious 2-disc set where you can experience the last brilliance of Schenker and the enthusiasm of Chapman who inherited it.


・7月12日-10月29日:北米#1(58公演) ←★DISC 1★
・11月30日-12月16日:北米#2(11公演) ←★DISC 2★

これが1978年のUFO。シェンカーは全米ツアー中に失踪してしまったわけですが、本作DISC 1のパロアルト公演は、まさにそのラスト・ショウ。そして、DISC 2のボストン公演はチャップマン交代後のツアー最後から2公演目というコンサートでした。それでは、それぞれ個別にご紹介していきましょう。

【DISC 1:シェンカー最後の夜となったパロアルト公演】
まず登場するのは以前からマニアに愛されている名録音。シェンカーのラストショウを記録した貴重なオーディ宇エンス録音です。しかも、サウンドもかなりのもの。実のところ、ヴォーカルがやや引っ込んだバランスなために「超極上!」と喧伝するわけにもいかないのですが、肝心要のフライングVに限っては超極上! 距離感のない芯が真っ直ぐレーザー光線のように届き、輪郭もディテールまでくっきり・ハッキリ。ピッキングのニュアンスはピックの角度まで感じ取れそうですし、ちょっとしたチョーキングは弦の押し上げ具合まで目に浮かぶ。恐らくこの録音を聴く方は100%シェンカー目当てだと思いますが、その期待に120%応えてくれるギター録音なのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、まさに歴史的なショウ。拡張された『STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT』リマスター盤でも聴けない「Pack It Up (And Go)」がポイントだったりもしますが、それ以上に70年代最後の演奏という事実が重い。1曲1曲、リフ1つ1フレーズに至るまで歴史的な重みが溢れているのです。

【DISC 2:全米ツアー最終盤ボストン公演の超名録音】
続いて登場するのは、ポール・チャップマン交代後ながらやはり全米ツアー最終盤となったボストン公演の名録音。最近になって発掘された新マスターなのですが、こちらは問答無用に極上! DISC 1と同じように極太なギターがフィーチュアされているのですが、それだけではない。フィル・モグのウェット・ヴォイスもポール・レイモンドのキーボードも同じように距離感なしに捉えられ、バランスも絶品。特に先日亡くなったピート・ウェイのベースはアタックも克明なら鳴りのグルーヴも芳醇。それこそ「これ、FM放送サウンドボードじゃないの!?」と思うほど整ったダイレクト・サウンドなのです。
その極上サウンドで描かれるのは「チャップマン版STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT」とでも言えそうなショウ。ここでDISC 1と併せてセットを整理しておきましょう。

・2公演共通:Doctor Doctor/Rock Bottom
・DISC 2のみ:Mother Mary
・2公演共通:Love To Love/Too Hot To Handle
・DISC 1のみ:Lights Out
・2公演共通:Hot ‘n’ Ready/Cherry/Only You Can Rock Me
・DISC 1のみ:Pack It Up (And Go)(★)
※注:「★」印は『STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT』では聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。基本的に『STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT』で聴ける曲ばかりなのですが、DISC 2はそのすべてがチャップマン・バージョン。チャップマン時代のライヴと言えば、公式盤『REGENERATOR』が基準になるわけですが、そこでは聴けないナンバーも5曲「Hot ‘n’ Ready」「Cherry」「Mother Mary」「Doctor Doctor」「Rock Bottom」と、たっぷり楽しめるわけです。


Disc 1(50:57)
Maples Pavillion, Palo Alto, CA, USA 29th October 1978

1. Intro.
2. Hot ‘n’ Ready
3. Pack It Up (And Go)
4. Cherry
5. Love To Love
6. Only You Can Rock Me
7. Doctor Doctor
8. Lights Out
9. Rock Bottom
10. Too Hot To Handle

Phil Mogg – Vocals
Michael Schenker – Guitar
Pete Way – Bass
Andy Parker – Drums
Paul Raymond – Keyboards, Guitar

Disc 2(46:41)
Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA, USA 15th December 1978

1. Intro.
2. Hot ‘n’ Ready
3. Only You Can Rock Me
4. Cherry
5. Love To Love
6. Mother Mary
7. Doctor Doctor
8. Too Hot To Handle
9. Rock Bottom

Phil Mogg – Vocals
Paul Chapman – Guitar
Pete Way – Bass
Andy Parker – Drums
Paul Raymond – Keyboards, Guitar

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