U2 / Sao Paulo 2017 Final Night / 2CDR

U2 / Sao Paulo 2017 Final Night / 2CDR / Uxbridge

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Live At Soldier Field, Chicago, IL ,USA 4th June 2017.

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Finally, it is finally the appearance of a complete recording soundboard album of the great attention tour “THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR 2017” of the century. This is amazing. It’s wonderful!
It is contained in this work “Sao Paulo Performance on October 25, 2017”. Speaking of the current U2, a new work “SONGS OF EXPERIENCE” has been released and a big hit. Currently, the live being performed is only promotional television appearances, the latest tour from May next year. As a public concert, this day is also the latest. Also include the meaning of the record, let’s confirm the whole thing of “THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR 2017” which was a tour of the century now.

· May 12 – July 1: North America # 1 (21 performances)
· July 8 – August 1: Europe (12 performances)
· September 3 – 22: North America # 2 (8 shows)
· October 3 – 25: South America (10 shows) ← ★ Coco ★

Although the complete reproduction tour commemorating the 30th anniversary of the century ‘s famous masterpiece “THE JOSHUA TREE” was also the biggest shock in 2017, only the audience records have appeared so far. Unfortunately neither sound board nor pro shot saw the eyes of the day. This work is sound board recording that first appeared in such a situation. I heard the voice saying “That’s important work is CDR?”, But of course this is due to the fastest release.
Another point is that this work is a slightly different IEM recording than regular soundboard. However, its quality is completely different from what is imagined when it is heard as “IEM”. In the first place IEM is a thing that members and staff intercepted the sounds listened to by earphones in order to grasp the progress of the show. Although the direct sound with the vivid near the sound board is delicious, there are also many work mixes different from the PA output sound, and the case where the quality is not constant only for the radio waves interception is normal. Therefore, it is often made to matrix with the audience recording, giving the edge and direct feeling to the customer record.
However! This work is a valuable exception of such “common sense of IEM”. It is completely stereo sound board to reproduce this work and flow out. That is also the best guy. There is no image for work in an elaborate mix, nor instability of interception. What surprised us is a perfect “ringing”. In order to make it easy to hear even on the scene of explosive, IEM is often emphasized sound of weight loss, but this work is quite glossy and extreme like an official work. The delicate arpeggio is delicate and elegant, tough beats echo in the five organs, trembling the six consciousness. In addition, there is also a great cheer of South America Nori that pops in popular songs, and in the big chorus that happens in “I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For”, “With Or Without You”, etc., a spectacle of a large concert It spreads to … …. It is not perfect for anyone’s IEM, but it’s perfect quality enough to make you worry about extra worrying!
“THE JOSHUA TREE” drawn with that quality Completely reproduced show … … It is already feeling weak. Although I have listened many times in the masterpiece audience album, I feel that it is super beautiful sound of the sound board as well. As we have talked about, the show is largely composed of three parts “WAR + THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE excerpt” → “The complete reproduction of THE JOSHUA TREE” → “Encore of the repertoire since the 1990s”. Although it is not strict, it is a set that makes history feel roughly chronologically, but next to “THE JOSHUA TREE” complete reproduction is the new song “You’re The Best Thing About Me”. At the beginning of the tour “The Little Things That Give You Away” was being played, but this was the number that was released for the first time in “North America # 2” this autumn. It can be enjoyed with the finest sound board as soon as possible.
Also in this work “bon” on ‘October 21, 2017 Sao Paulo’ bonus included bonus. While Sao Paulo same as the main part, performance before the 2 performances. This is also a super-superb sound board without questions.

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Daimyo board, a tour of the century which achieved complete reproduction. There are 51 kinds of live performances “THE JOSHUA TREE” all over the world, but the Sao Paulo performance is its latest and final version. It is a long-awaited one that you can taste it with a superb sound board. I do not know if there is official work or sound board leakage from this tour in the future (I want you to come out!), But even if it did not come true, there is this work. It is the final form of live performance as a modern version of the century ‘s famous plate. Please, enjoy it!

★ terrible super high sound quality! It is recommended.

ついに、ついに世紀の大注目ツアー“THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR 2017”の完全収録サウンドボード・アルバムの登場です。これは、これは凄い。素晴らしいっ!
本作に収められているのは「2017年10月25日サンパウロ公演」。現在のU2と言えば、新作『SONGS OF EXPERIENCE』がリリースされて大ヒット中。今、行われているライヴはプロモーションのテレビ出演ばかりで、最新ツアーは来年5月から。公のコンサートとしては、この日が最新でもあります。記録の意味も込め、ここで今一度世紀のツアーだった“THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR 2017”の全容を確認しておきましょう。


世紀の大名盤『THE JOSHUA TREE』の30周年を記念した完全再現ツアーは2017年最大の衝撃でもあったわけですが、これまで登場したのはオーディエンス記録ばかり。残念ながらサウンドボードもプロショットも日の目を見てきませんでした。本作は、そんな中で初めて登場したサウンドボード録音なのです。「それだけの重要作がCDR?」との声も聞こえてきそうですが、もちろんこれは最速リリースのためです。
ところが! 本作はそんな“IEMの常識”の貴重な例外。本作を再生して流れ出すのは、完全にステレオサウンドボード。それも、極上のヤツです。精緻なミックスには作業用のイメージはまるでなく、傍受の不安定さも皆無。さたに驚きなのは、完璧な“鳴り”。IEMは爆音の現場でも聞きやすいようにするためか、痩せてアタックの強調された音なことも多いのですが、本作はまるでオフィシャル作品のように艶やかで極太。細やかなアルペジオはどこまでも繊細で、タフなビートは五臓に響き、六腑を揺るがす迫力。さらにさらに、人気曲に湧く南米ノリの大歓声もしっかりと入っており、「I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For」「With Or Without You」等で巻き起こる大合唱では大規模コンサートのスペクタクルまで広がる……。誰用のIEMかは伝わっていませんが、こんなに作品然としたサウンドで作業できるの?!と余計な心配までしてしまうほどのパーフェクト・クオリティなのです。
そのクオリティで描かれる『THE JOSHUA TREE』完全再現ショウ……もう感無量です。傑作オーディエンスアルバムで何度も聴いてきたわけですが、やはりサウンドボードの超美麗サウンドだと感慨もひとしお。これまでのお伝えしてきた通り、ショウは大きく3部構成「WAR+THE UNFORGETTABLE FIREの抜粋」→「THE JOSHUA TREEの完全再現」→「90年代以降レパートリーのアンコール」。厳密ではないものの、ざっくりと時系列で歴史を感じさせるセットなのですが、『THE JOSHUA TREE』完全再現に次いで注目したいのが新曲「You’re The Best Thing About Me」。ツアー冒頭では「The Little Things That Give You Away」が演奏されていましたが、今年秋の「北米#2」で初公開されたナンバー。それが早くも極上サウンドボードで楽しめるわけです。

大名盤の30周年を記念し、完全再現を成し遂げた世紀のツアー。全世界で51種類もの生演奏『THE JOSHUA TREE』が披露されたわけですが、サンパウロ公演はその最新・最終版。それを超極上なサウンドボードで味わえる待望の1本です。今後、このツアーから公式作品やサウンドボード流出があるか分かりません(ぜひ登場して欲しい!)が、仮に実現しなかったとしても本作がある。世紀の大名盤の現代版にして生演奏の最終形。どうぞ、存分にお楽しみください!


Disc 1(67:46)
1. Intro 2. Sunday Bloody Sunday 3. New Year’s Day 4. Bad 5. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
6. Where The Streets Have No Name 7. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
8. With Or Without You 9. Bullet The Blue Sky 10. Running To Stand Still
11. Red Hill Mining Town 12. In God’s Country 13. Trip Through Your Wires

Disc 2(68:55)
1. One Tree Hill 2. Exit 3. Mothers of The Disappeared (with Daniel Lanois)
4. Beautiful Day 5. Elevation 6. Vertigo 7. You’re The Best Thing About Me
8. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) 9. One 10. I Will Follow 11. Outro (Stand By Me)

Live at Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil 21st October 2017
12. Bad


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