U2 / Rosemont 429 Joshua Tree Tour / 2CD

U2 / Rosemont 429 Joshua Tree Tour / 2CD /Moonchild Records

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Recorded Live At Rosemont Horison, Rosemont, IL, USA 29th April 1987. Stereo Soundboard Recording

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From the North American tour after the release of “Joshua Tree” in 1987, the title which completed the live at Rosemont Horizon on April 29 at the master quality, sound board sound source was completely limited Press 2 CD of perfectly low price At.
First of all, the full-fledged book tour after the release of the same album, which made the first full UK / national chart chart, started with “Where The Streets Have No Name” featuring John Lennon’s song as an opening SE. And, of course, the set which interwoven the representative songs of the past around the album number as the axis has included their respect and number everywhere, by the way Bob Marley “Exodus” and “Three Little Birds” , Van Morrison “Gloria”, and Stones “Ruby Tuesday” and “Sympathy For The Devil” as well as Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”.
In addition, as far as possible troublesome parts due to the master of the sound source which had been distributed so far were restored as much as possible, and the latest digital remastering was given, as a decision board of the day finished, the documentary which became that movie “Rattle & Ham “, unlike a complete collection of One Concert, fans are necessarily limited edition Collectors Edition.

まず初の全英・全米チャート制覇を成した同アルバム・リリース後の本格的な本ツアーは、オープニングSEとしてジョン・レノンの曲をフィーチャーした”Where The Streets Have No Name”からスタート。そしてもちろんアルバム・ナンバーを軸に、過去の代表曲も織り交ぜたセットは、随所で彼らのリスペクト・ナンバーもインクルードされており、因みにこの日は、ボブ・マーリィ”Exodus”と“Three Little Birds”、ヴァン・モリソン“Gloria”、そしてストーンズは“Ruby Tuesday”と“Sympathy For The Devil”、さらにジョイ・ディヴィジョンの”Love Will Tear Us Apart”まで登場。

Disc 1 : 01. Where The Streets Have No Name 02. I Will Follow 03. Trip Through Your Wires 04. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For 05. MLK 06. The Unforgettable Fire 07. Bullet The Blue Sky 08. Running To Stand Still 09. Sunday Bloody Sunday 10. Exit 11. In God’s Country
Disc 2 : 01. Bad 02. October 03. Springhill Mining Disaster 04. New Year’s Day 05. Pride (In The Name Of Love) 06. Mothers Of The Disappeared 07. With or Without You 08. Gloria 09. 40
[Live At Rosemont horizon, Chicago, IL, USA April 29th 1987 : Stereo Soundboard Recording]

Moonchild Records. MC 056

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