U2 / Osaka 1989 Final Night / 2CD

U2 / Osaka 1989 Final Night / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 1st December 1989.


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In 1989, U2 who came back to Japan as an extraordinary for the first time in 6 years. A live album that will revive that second performance in Japan with a superb superb sound is appearing.
It is included in this work “December 1, 1989: Osakajo Hall” performance. They have been to Japan five times so far, but it is one of the “LOVE COMES TO TOWN TOUR WITH B.B. KING 1989” that was the largest among them. We have delivered the best live album of this tour so far, so let’s organize the schedule here with that masterpiece group.

· November 23rd: Yokohama Arena “WHEN LOVE COMES TO JAPAN”
· November 25: Tokyo Dome “LOVE COMES TO DOME”
· November 26: Tokyo Dome “LOVE RESCUE ME”
· November 28th: ​​Osakajo Hall
· November 29th: Osakajo Hall
· December 1st: Osakajo Hall 【this work】

Over, all six performances. Osaka performance of this work was a concert that was the last day of the concert. As mentioned above, we introduced a number of press and albums of the Kanto performance in our shop, but in fact this work is also one of that series. It is a collection by the same recordingist. If you listen to the above one, I think that it will come with a pin for that super high quality for the first time, but this work will be the best masterpiece even in such a collection. It is a commodity directly converted to CD from original cassette itself directly transferred from the recordingist himself.
In fact, that sound must be called a “miracle”. Although it seems that audiences are recorded in the nuances of “ringing”, sound-like musical sounds with its crystal clear are not enemies even if line recordings of Sonjiya’s line are bundled. Although I do not know the detailed recording position, there is almost no sense of distance, the venue acoustics are also extremely minimal. That slight sound also makes the performance beautiful, there is no turbidity or cloudiness at all …. This quality is not likely to happen even in the modern age of digital large scale. For audience recording, occasionally a miracle far beyond “age” or “situation” occurs, but this work is like that extreme.
To tell the truth, this recording was missing, there was no recording from the middle of “Running To Stand Still” to the full “Slow Dancing” and the head of “Angel Of Harlem”. Although it seems that it was probably a tape change, this recording man did not have a break even in that respect. I switched another recorder with timing and recorded that part as a kitchen. In this work, the missing part is complemented by another master. Although the delicate sound is different from the difference of the equipment, again the high sound quality with “super” attached also. It finished in a complete version seamlessly immersed in full show.
It is the main work of the sound which has been completely separated from the audience, but plenty of taste of the customer record is caught beautifully no more. It is the breath of the audience gathered to the scene. Osakajo Hall The popularity that enabled a huge schedule of three days is terrible, its appearance is also recorded in Ultra Clear. Please do not make a difference here. In this album that is wrapped in a yellow scream (never!) There is not. It is a live album where massive performance and singing voice dominate, but the singing voice attracts 16,000 chorus units beautifully. It is not only the big hit song of “THE JOSHUA TREE”. Of course, such a large representative song is also pretty beautifully thick, but even with a little phrase or only a single chorus, I respond to Vivid with full power and if I can not sing I will join hands. It also spreads smoothly like the velvety finely in the space of Osakajo Hall without a single voice popping out … ….
And U2 ‘s wonderful thing that made such audiences ahead …… The tasty places of this tour are perfect, including the performance and big dignity, the co-star with B. B. King at “When Love Comes to Town” “Love Rescue Me”. On top of that, plenty of taste unique to the last day is also included in this work. In the Kanto performance album, etc., as well as opening of live performances from SE’s “Stand by Me”, famous piece “Gloria” (followed by a cappella’s “Help!” Also), premiered on this day “Slow Dancing” There are plenty of scenes that I could not taste. Especially interesting is “People Get Ready”. Say “Do you want to play the guitar?” And raise the fan to the stage. Fans liked other tastes, fans played a brilliant solo on the second day in Tokyo, Bono was angry at the security that tried to block fans on the first day in Osaka, various dramas were born. However, this day was different from the usual. It seems there was a rude man in the front row, Bono said, “You guys, listen, I will kick out if you imitate it more than this.” “How much did you know about the front row seats? “Mouthed out. Even while removing the microphone from the mouth, even the staff say to “you can pick out the guys after the song ends.” After that we will return to the show as if nothing had happened, but the air that froze for a second is also captured in the super clear.

Anyway, a miraculous sound. Although it is not the dimension of the audience, the taste of the audience is a super finest item condensed. A miracle that you can face with U2 of the great prime in that sound. Please, please spend plenty of time of bliss in this work.


本作に収められているのは「1989年12月1日:大阪城ホール」公演。彼らは現在までに5回来日していますが、その中でも最大規模となった“LOVE COMES TO TOWN TOUR WITH B.B. KING 1989”の一幕です。当店では、これまでもこのツアーの極上ライヴアルバムをお届けしてきましたので、ここでその傑作群と共に日程を整理してみましょう。

・11月23日:横浜アリーナ 『WHEN LOVE COMES TO JAPAN』
・11月25日:東京ドーム 『LOVE COMES TO DOME』
・11月26日:東京ドーム 『LOVE RESCUE ME』
・12月1日:大阪城ホール 【本作】

実のところ、この録音には欠けがあり、「Running To Stand Still」の中盤から「Slow Dancing」全編、そして「Angel Of Harlem」頭まで録音されていませんでした。恐らくはテープチェンジだったと思われますが、この録音家はその点でも抜かりがなかった。もう1台のレコーダーをタイミングをズラして回しており、そのパートもキッチリと記録していたのです。本作では、その欠け部分をもう1本のマスターで補完。機材の違いからか微妙にサウンドは異なるものの、やはりこちらも「超」の付く高音質。シームレスにフルショウに浸りきれる完全版に仕上げました。
まるっきりオーディエンス離れしたサウンドの本作ですが、客録の旨みもたっぷりと、これ以上なく美しく捉えられている。それは現場に集った観客たちの息吹。大阪城ホール3日間という巨大なスケジュールを可能にした人気ぶりは凄まじく、その様子もウルトラ・クリアに記録されているのです。ここでカン違いしないでいただきたい。本作は黄色い絶叫に包まれるアルバムでは(決して!)ありません。がっしりと骨太・肉厚な演奏と歌声が支配するライヴアルバムではあるのですが、その歌声に1万6,000人のコーラス隊が美しく付き従うのです。それも『THE JOSHUA TREE』の大ヒット曲だけじゃない。もちろん、そうした大代表曲もひたすらに美しくぶ厚いのですが、ちょっとしたフレーズや1コーラスだけの曲でもビビッドに全力で応え、歌えなければ手拍子で参加していく。それも1人の声が飛び出すことなく、大阪城ホールの空間をきめ細やかに、ビロードのように滑らかに広がる……。
そして、そんな観客たちを前にしたU2の素晴らしい事……。熱演ぶりや大物の貫禄、「When Love Comes to Town」「Love Rescue Me」でのB.B.キングとの共演など、このツアーの美味しいところはばっちり。その上で、本作には最終日ならではの旨みもたっぷり。SEの「Stand by Me」途中から生演奏になるオープニング、名曲「Gloria」(それに続くアカペラの「Help!」も感動的!)や、この日が初演の「Slow Dancing」等々、関東公演アルバムでは味わえなかったシーンも盛りだくさんなのです。特に面白いのは「People Get Ready」。「ギターを弾きたい人はいるかい?」と言い、ファンをステージに上げるのです。他公演でもあった趣向で東京2日目ではファンが見事なソロを弾き、大阪初日にはファンを遮ろうとしたセキュリティにボノが怒るなど、さまざまなドラマが生まれました。しかし、この日はいつもとは違った。どうも最前列に非礼な人間がいたらしく、ボノが「お前ら、聴けよ。これ以上ふざけた真似をするなら追い出すぞ」「お前らが最前列の席にいくら払ったか? そんなの俺の知ったことか」と口走る。さらにマイクを口元から外しつつもスタッフに「曲が終わったらヤツらをつまみ出せ」とさえ言うのです。その後は何事もなかったようにショウに戻っていきますが、一瞬凍る空気も超クリアに捉えられているのです。


Disc 1 (49:34)
1. Stand by Me 2. Pride (In the Name of Love) 3. New Year’s Day
4. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (with ‘Exodus’ snippet)
5. People Get Ready

Anybody wanna play my guitar?
Anybody wa… LISTEN, GUYS!
One more piece of shit out of you and you’are outta here!!
お前ら 聴けよ。これ以上ふざけた真似をするなら追い出すぞ
I don’t care if you did pay for front row…
Leave them for one more (song)
Then (they’re) out of here この曲が終わったら彼等を追い出せ

6. MLK 7. One Tree Hill 8. Where the Streets Have No Name 9. Gloria 10. Help! 11. Bad
12. Van Diemen’s Land

Disc 2 (56:01)
1. Bullet the Blue Sky 2. Running to Stand Still 3. Slow Dancing
4. Angel of Harlem 5. When Love Comes to Town 6. Love Rescue Me 7. Desire
8. All Along the Watchtower 9. All I Want Is You 10. 40


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