U2 / Hollywood Palladium 1981 /1CD

U2 / Hollywood Palladium 1981 /1CD / Wardour

Live at Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA, USA 28th November 1981 STEREO SBD(UPGRADE)

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U2 in 1981 was not a big name in the music world, but a rock band that was still young. Introducing a soundboard album that represents the pre-breakthrough era.
The engraving on this work is “November 28, 1981 Los Angeles performance”. It is the best stereo sound board recording recorded at the famous venue “Hollywood Palladium”. The biggest point of this work is the shining sound and the explosive live itself. But first and foremost, the show position. Let’s look back on the big picture of “OCTOBER TOUR 1981-1982”, which traveled around the world with passion.

● 1981
・ August 16-September 2: Europe # 1 (6 performances)
“October 12” OCTOBER “released”
・ October 1st-November 4th: Europe # 2 (29 performances)
・ November 13-December 13: North America # 1 (23 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ December 20 + 21: London (2 performances)
● 1982
・ January 23-26: Ireland (3 performances)
・ February 11-March 30: North America # 2 (32 performances)
《September-November “WAR” production》

This is the process from “OCTOBER” to “WAR”. There were two North American tours, the end of 1981 and the early spring of 1982, but the Los Angeles performance of this work is the former. It was the 11th performance of “North America # 1”. At our shop, we introduced the masterpiece sound board “BOSTON 1981 Pre-FM (Uxbridge 1335)” the other day, but this work is also two weeks later.
Such a show was also known to have been broadcast on the radio, and its FM sound board has become a staple. This work became a hot topic with the highest peak master. In fact, the sound is superb. “BOSTON 1981 Pre-FM” introduced the other day was also at a level that could be officially released as it is, but this work is bright with a circle. Every note is vivid and sharp. Especially for the edge guitar, each attack sound of the arpeggio stands out clearly, and the reverberation that extends is clear to the vibe. “BOSTON 1981 Pre-FM” included the warmth of an analog master, but this work is a glaring sound that seems to be digitized directly from the master tape and polished. There was already an increase in the amount of Tsugihagi with the Gene Ochi Master, but this work is a sound board album that can be pushed out only by the finest master.
And what is drawn with that shining sound is a young U2 who rocks hot. It is short, about 42 minutes without encore, due to the broadcasting frame, but within that limited time, the repertoire unique to that time is concentrated. You can listen to several songs on the bonus CD of the remastered “OCTOBER” at that time, so let’s organize the set while comparing.

● Boy (7 songs + α)
・ Another Time, Another Place (★) / A Day Without Me (★) / The Cry / The Electric Co. / Stories for Boys (★) / I Will Follow / Twilight (★) / Out of Control (★)
● Irish October (4 songs)
・ Gloria / I Threw a Brick Through a Window / Rejoice (★) / I Fall Down
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the bonus CD of “OCTOBER”.

… And it looks like this. As a matter of fact, “BOSTON 1981 Pre-FM” has more songs in terms of volume, but in this work, “A Day Without Me”, which cannot be heard there, will be shown. Of course, you can enjoy the masterpieces unique to the early days, such as “Another Time, Another Place”, “Rejoice”, “Stories for Boys”, etc., with completely official sound. And the performance of spelling such a set is overwhelming. After all, Bono and Adam were 21 at the time, and both Edge and Rally were just 20. Even if you hold down the performances of these four people, the power and dynamism that overflows is tremendous.

42 minutes is too short in the usual sense, but when you think about it, it’s almost the size of an analog board. If the official live version was being produced at that time … The shining sound quality and the dense performance are just like that delusion. A superb stereo sound board album that is perfect for experiencing the burning U2 on the verge of breaking. Please enjoy with the permanent storage press CD!

★ The best stereo sound board recording of “November 28, 1981 Los Angeles performance”. It is the highest peak master of FM sound source known as a standard, and it is exactly the official class. It’s a glaring sound board that looks like it’s been digitized and polished directly from the master tape. It is short, about 42 minutes without encore, due to the broadcasting frame, but the repertoire unique to that time is concentrated within that limited time. You can enjoy the famous songs unique to the early days such as “A Day Without Me”, “Another Time, Another Place”, “Rejoice”, “Stories for Boys”, etc. with completely official grade sound.

そんな本作に刻まれているのは「1981年11月28日ロサンゼルス公演」。名会場“ハリウッド・パラディウム”で記録された極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。本作最大のポイントは輝くサウンドと、爆発するようなライヴそのもの。しかし、まずは何よりショウのポジション。情熱のままに世界を駆け巡った“OCTOBER TOUR 1981-1982”の全体像から振り返ってみましょう。


これが『OCTOBER』から『WAR』に至るまでの歩み。北米ツアーは1981年末と1982年春先の2回あったわけですが、本作のロサンゼルス公演は前者。「北米#1」の11公演目にあたるコンサートでした。当店では先日も傑作サウンドボード『BOSTON 1981 Pre-FM(Uxbridge 1335)』をご紹介しましたが、本作はその2週間後でもあるのです。
そんなショウはラジオ放送されたことでも知られ、そのFMサウンドボードが定番となってきました。本作は、その最高峰マスターと話題になったもの。実際、そのサウンドは極上。先日ご紹介した『BOSTON 1981 Pre-FM』もそのまま公式リリース可能なレベルでしたが、本作は輪をかけてブライト。とびかく1音1音がビビッドでシャープ。特にエッジのギターはアルペジオのアタック音1つひとつがクッキリと浮き立ち、伸びる残響がヴァイヴまで鮮明。『BOSTON 1981 Pre-FM』はいかにもアナログ原盤起こしな暖かみも内包していましたが、本作はまるでマスターテープからダイレクトにデジタル化し、磨き上げたようなギラッギラのサウンド。ジェネ落ちマスターでツギハギ増量した既発もありましたが、本作は極上マスターのみで押し切るサウンドボード・アルバムなのです。

・Another Time, Another Place(★)/A Day Without Me(★)/The Cry/The Electric Co./Stories for Boys(★)/I Will Follow/Twilight(★)/Out of Control(★)
・Gloria/I Threw a Brick Through a Window/Rejoice(★)/I Fall Down

……と、このようになっています。実のところ、曲数ボリューム的には『BOSTON 1981 Pre-FM』の方が多かったりもするのですが、本作ではそこでも聴けない「A Day Without Me」が披露される。もちろん、「Another Time, Another Place」「Rejoice」「Stories for Boys」等々、今では望むべくもない初期ならではの名曲群も完全オフィシャル級サウンドで楽しめる。そして、そんなセットを綴るパフォーマンスこそが圧倒的。何しろ、当時のボノやアダムは21歳であり、エッジもラリーも20歳になったばかり。そんな4人の演奏は押さえても溢れてこぼれるパワーと躍動感が凄まじいのです。


★「1981年11月28日ロサンゼルス公演」の極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音。定番として知られるFM音源の最高峰マスターで、まさに完全オフィシャル級。まるでマスターテープからダイレクトにデジタル化し、磨き上げたようなギラッギラのサウンドボードです。放送枠の関係かアンコールなしの約42分と短めなのですが、その限られた時間内に当時ならではのレパートリーが濃縮。「A Day Without Me」「Another Time, Another Place」「Rejoice」「Stories for Boys」等々、初期ならではの名曲群が完全オフィシャル級サウンドで楽しめます。

1. Gloria
2. Another Time, Another Place
3. I Threw a Brick Through a Window
4 A Day Without Me
5. Rejoice
6. The Cry / The Electric Co. / Send in the Clowns (snippet)
7. Stories for Boys
8. I Will Follow
9. I Fall Down
10. Twilight
11. Out of Control

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