U2 / Chicago 2017 1st Night / 2CD

U2 / Chicago 2017 1st Night / 2CD / Wardour
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Live At Soldier Field, Chicago, IL. USA 3rd June 2017.

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Tour of the century reporting like every day “THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR 2017”. Finally, the decision board of permanent preservation class finally appears. In our shop, we delivered many masterpiece recordings including “VANCOUVER 2017 (Uxbridge 675)” on the first day, “SANTA CLARA 2017 (Uxbridge 671)” and “CHICAGO 2017 DAY 2 (Uxbridge 684)”. However, although they are more than enough for preliminary reporting and real-time reporting, they have not reached a level that permanently repeats. This work is the best recording suitable for such permanent preservation. It is a masterpiece that will continue to listen even when the tour ends in the future.
Such a work is contained in “Chicago Performance on June 3, 2017”. Speaking of “Chicago”, I recently reported “CHICAGO 2017 DAY 2”, but this work is totally different performances. Uxbridge board was “Chicago Day 2”, but this work is “Chicago First day” which is the day before that. Let’s confirm the position of such a work even in the full tour of the tour.

· May 12 – 26: North America # 1 (7 performances)
· June 3 – July 1: North America # 2 (14 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· July 8 – August 1: Europe (12 performances)
· September 3 – 22: North America # 3 (8 shows)
· October 3 – 21: South America (8 shows)

This is the tour schedule that has been published so far. The schedule has been added day by day, it has reached 49 performances. This work is not only the first day of Chicago but also the concert which is the first day of “North America # 2”. The main point of such work is, of course, sound quality. Although the masterpiece group so far was also a wonderful sound, this work which used the popular high-end microphone “Schoeps MK 4s” in the world’s top taper is quite clear and close. Strong musical tones and singing voice are roaring, and it is steeply clear up to details. If you listen carefully well, the feeling of the air on the scene is wearing a little, but a thicker core is thrust beyond it. I do not know the detailed recording position, but as if a huge PA is standing up in front of me. In fact, from this work there is little scale feeling of a huge venue, and the cheers are also far and small. Even from a stereo feeling somewhat closer to the center, it seems that the author of this work was hooking on the stage with the stage solely … It is such a sound that even imagine it.
“THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR 2017” drawn with such quality is exactly the splendor of permanent preservation. Like the live album so far, it is in the three part composition “Part 1 = WAR + THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE Selection” → “Part 2 = THE JOSHUA TREE all song performances” → “Part 3 = Recent Song Encore”, but ” Department “and” Part 3 “have daily changes. Compared with “CHICAGO 2017 DAY 2”, “Bad” has been added in the first part of this work, the last part of the third part (big rascal of encore) is “I Will Follow”. Especially big is “I Will Follow”. In the major part of “THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR 2017”, it ends after forecasting a new work at the new song “The Little Things That Give You Away”, but the sense of great sense of circle with ultra-representative songs is exceptional. There is only 4 shows yet at “THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR”, which is held at this song. By the way, before this song a birthday song celebrating the birthday of ISLAND RECORDS founder Chris Blackwell will be sung (his birthday should be on June 22 … …).

Although it became a little detailed story, what is more important than that is the second part. “THE JOSHUA TREE all song performance” is nothing else. There is nothing beyond the pleasure that you can taste it with a superb sound comparable to a sound board. I do not know if I will officially make a live album from this tour, but even if it did not happen, there is this work. “Live performance version THE JOSHUA TREE” that can be soaked in so-called famous sound recordings and beautiful sounds. Excellent product born from the tour of the century, please enjoy to yourself.
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連日のようにレポートしている世紀のツアー“THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR 2017”。遂に、遂に永久保存クラスの決定盤が登場です。当店では、初日の『VANCOUVER 2017(Uxbridge 675)』をはじめ、『SANTA CLARA 2017(Uxbridge 671)』『CHICAGO 2017 DAY 2(Uxbridge 684)』など、何作もの傑作録音をお届けしました。しかし、それらは速報・リアルタイムのレポートには十二分なものの、永久に繰り返すほどのレベルには至っていなかった。本作は、そんな永久保存に相応しい極上録音。将来、ツアーが終わっても聴き続けていくであろう大傑作なのです。
そんな本作に収められているのは「2017年6月3日シカゴ公演」。「シカゴ」と言えば、先日『CHICAGO 2017 DAY 2』をレポートしたばかりですが、本作はまったくの別公演。Uxbridge盤は「シカゴ2日目」でしたが、本作はその前日にあたる「シカゴ初日」です。そんな本作のポジションをツアー全景の中でも確認しておきましょう。


これが現在までに公表されているツアースケジュール。日に日に日程が追加されており、49公演にまでなりました。本作はシカゴの初日なだけでなく、「北米#2」の初日にあたるコンサートなのです。そんな本作最大のポイントは、当然サウンド・クオリティ。これまでの傑作群も素晴らしいサウンドではありましたが、世界のトップテーパーに大人気の高級マイク「Schoeps MK4s」を使用した本作はグッとクリアで近い。逞しい楽音と歌声が轟き、ディテールまでクッキリと切り立っています。よくよく聴けば現場の空気感もうっすらと纏ってはいますが、それ以上に極太の芯が突きつけられる。詳しい録音ポジションは分かりませんが、まるで目の前に巨大なPAがそそり立っているかのよう。実際、本作からは巨大な会場のスケール感がほとんどなく、大歓声も遠く小さい。やや中央に寄ったステレオ感からしても、本作の作者はステージそっちのけでPAにかぶりついていたんじゃないか……そんな想像さえしてしまうほどのサウンドなのです。
そんなクオリティで描かれる“THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR 2017”は、まさに永久保存の素晴らしさ。これまでのライヴアルバムと同様、三部構成「第一部=WAR+THE UNFORGETTABLE FIREセレクション」→「第二部=THE JOSHUA TREE全曲演奏」→「第三部=近年曲アンコール」ではありますが、「第一部」と「第三部」には日替わりの変更がある。『CHICAGO 2017 DAY 2』と比べると、本作の第一部では「Bad」が追加されており、第三部ラスト(アンコールの大ラス)が「I Will Follow」になっています。特に大きいのは「I Will Follow」。“THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR 2017”の大部分では新曲「The Little Things That Give You Away」で新作を予告して終わるのですが、やはり超・代表曲での大団円感は格別。この曲で〆るショウは、“THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR”でもまだ4公演しかありません。ちなみに、この曲の前にはISLAND RECORDSの創業者クリス・ブラックウェルの誕生日を祝うバースデーソングが歌われます(彼の誕生日は6月22日のはずなんですが……)。

やや細かい話になってしまいましたが、それ以上に重要なのは何と言っても第二部。「THE JOSHUA TREE全曲演奏」に他ならない。それをサウンドボードに匹敵する極上サウンドで味わえる喜びに勝るものなどありはしません。このツアーから公式にライヴアルバムを作るかどうかは分かりませんが、それが実現しなかったとしても、本作がある。それほどまでの名録音・美麗サウンドで浸りきれる「生演奏版THE JOSHUA TREE」。世紀のツアーから生まれた絶品、どうぞ存分にお楽しみください。
Disc 1(55:30)
1. Intro: A Rainy Night In Soho (The Pogues) 2. Sunday Bloody Sunday 3. New Year’s Day
4. Bad / America (snippet) 5. Pride (In The Name Of Love) 6. Where The Streets Have No Name
7. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For 8. With Or Without You
9. Bullet The Blue Sky / Black Dog (snippet) / America (West Side Story) (snippet)
10. Running To Stand Still

Disc 2(70:03)
1. Red Hill Mining Town 2. In God’s Country 3. Trip Through Your Wires 4. One Tree Hill
5. Exit / Wise Blood (snippet) / Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (snippet) 6. Mothers Of The Disappeared
7. Beautiful Day / My Kind Of Town (snippet) 8. Elevation
9. Miss Sarajevo / The New Colossus (snippet) 10. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
11. One 12. Happy Birthday to Chris Blackwell 13. I Will Follow



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