U2 / Apollo Theater 2018 / 2CDR

U2 / Apollo Theater 2018 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

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Live At Apollo Theater, New York, NY, USA 11th June 2018. Stereo SBD

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Recently, the latest FM broadcast sound board which gained popularity as a live album “APOLLO THEATER 2018 (Uxbridge 851)”. It is a deluxe edition of three-disc pair that should also be said to appear.
What is included in this work is, of course, “Apollo Theater Show on June 11, 2018”. It is a luxury version that arranged sound board · album 2 set on disk 1 – 2, and video edition on disk 3. Let’s introduce the contents of each disc.

【Disk 1-2: Full Live Album】
First of all, the same sound board album as the previous work “APOLLO THEATER 2018 (Uxbridge 851)” appears. For those who do not know the previous work, if you explain, this is the latest FM broadcast of the official grade sound. However, since only one song “Red Flag Day” was unpublished, it is a complete version complementing that part with a superb audience recording. This audience recording is also a wonderful name recording not to be defeated by the latest broadcast. Although enthusiasm is real compared to the front and rear sound boards, the performance sound which is crucial is extremely on, there is almost no discomfort.
It is dedicated to that quality, a special show for only one night. On this day it is not a regular tour / concert, but a special performance only held for invited guests and contest winners. Even though the set usually plays a tour, it is replaced greatly. From the beginning of the show three “BOY” “I Will Follow” “The Electric Co.” “Out of Control” pops out! Of course I always play “I Will Follow”, “The Electric Co.” “Out of Control” is a choice for this day. Although the Apollo Theater which became a scene was small enough not to be compared with the usual gym site, “BOY” three consecutive times with the feeling that “There were times when I was doing at this venue” It looks like.
After that, plenty of masterpieces not played on regular tours. 8 songs in 18 songs are special selections such as “Angel Of Harlem” “When Love Comes To Town” “Stuck In A Moment You Can not Get Out Of” “Every Breaking Wave”. What is particularly interesting is “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses” of “ACHTUNG BABY” played in encore. Actually I played once even last month, but that was the first time in 12 years. It can be enjoyed on the official grade stereo sound board.

【Disk 3: Multi-camera image】
Well, the main feature of this time is video footage of Disc 3. It is produced by overseas mania, and it is multi-camera editing which combines a number of audience shots, synchronizing the best FM soundboard as well as sound. It is a masterpiece that can enjoy a memorable show as a professional shot feeling.
Moreover, this editing is also skillful. One phrase, it is precisely switched in units of bars, keeping down the highlight. In Bono’s facial expression close-up shot, it really looks like a pro shot, and with a cut with a sense of audience (because the sound board is a vivid mix) it also has a superb experience while feeling the workplace heated. However, since this day is not a huge stadium like a normal tour, the number of cuts is not so much. Depending on songs, you may pass through one turtle, but the best shot is also chosen for such songs, so you can experience the show very easily.
Although the real pleasure of the image can be tasted with all songs, the overwhelmingly superb performance is also luxury cooperation realized by encore. On this day, band SUN RA ARKESTRA, a successor to Saint La’s greatest spiritual jazz world, participated, and “Angel of Harlem” “Desire” “When Love Comes to Town” “Stuck in a Moment You Can ‘ t Get Out Of ‘. This is really amazing already. Usually, special guest performances end only with the rareness of meeting, but this work’s co-star is also gorgeous musically. Beat’s dynamic feeling is swollen many times, and horn section gets excited with a great deal.
I felt that luxury for the first time in the sound board, but it gets even worse when it comes to images. With the start of “Angel of Harlem” the curtain quickly rose and the members of SUN RA ARKESTRA appeared all at once. The excess gets stuck at a stroke for that powerful force. Furthermore, when “When Love Comes to Town”, the image becomes monochrome, but this is the production of the maniac who made it. As with vintage film, brightness is changed finely and mood is also full mark. It is not just a multicamera editing but also an image work that sticks to details.

Boiling sound board. Their enthusiasm for fireworks also caught the enthusiasm for mania because their quality and show are so great. This passion is a luxury version with multi camera video that blows out from the screen. 3 sheets set which you can enjoy thoroughly with a special overnight even with your ears and eyes. Please enjoy it with plenty.

先日、ライヴアルバム『APOLLO THEATER 2018(Uxbridge 851)』としても好評を博した最新のFM放送サウンドボード。そのデラックス・エディションとも言うべき3枚組が登場です。

まず登場するのは、前作『APOLLO THEATER 2018(Uxbridge 851)』と同じサウンドボード・アルバム。前作をご存じない方のためにご説明しますと、これはオフィシャル級サウンドの最新FM放送。ただし、1曲「Red Flag Day」だけは未放送でしたので、そのパートを極上オーディエンス録音で補完した完全版です。このオーディエンス録音も最新放送に負けないほどの素晴らしい名録音。前後のサウンドボードに比べると熱狂がリアルではありますが、肝心要の演奏音は極めてオンであり、違和感もほとんどありません。
そのクオリティで描かれるのは、一夜限りの特別ショウ。この日は通常のツアー・コンサートではなく、招待客とコンテスト受賞者のためにだけ開かれた特別公演。セットは通常ツアーを軸としつつも、大幅に入れ替え。ショウの冒頭から「I Will Follow」「The Electric Co.」「Out of Control」の『BOY』3連発が飛び出す! もちろん「I Will Follow」はいつも演奏していますが、「The Electric Co.」「Out of Control」はこの日のためのチョイス。現場となったアポロシアターは、いつもの素他ジム会場とは比較にならないほど小さいわけですが、「これくらいの会場でやってた時代もあったよな」という想いを込めた『BOY』3連発のようです。
その後も通常ツアーでは演奏していない名曲がたっぷり。「Angel Of Harlem」「When Love Comes To Town」「Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of」「Every Breaking Wave」等々、実に18曲中8曲がスペシャル選曲です。特に目玉なのはアンコールで演奏される『ACHTUNG BABY』の「Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses」。実は先月にも一度演奏してはいるものの、それが12年ぶりの復活だった。それをオフィシャル級ステレオ・サウンドボードで楽しめるのです。

映像の醍醐味は全曲で味わえますが、やはり圧倒的なのはアンコールで実現した豪華共演。この日はスピリチュアル・ジャズ界の偉人サン・ラの遺志を継ぐバンド、SUN RA ARKESTRAが参加しており、「Angel of Harlem」「Desire」「When Love Comes to Town」「Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of」で共演するのです。これがもう、本当に凄い。通常、特別客演は顔合わせの珍しさだけで終わることも多いのですが、本作の共演は音楽的にもゴージャス。ビートの躍動感は何倍にも膨れあがり、ホーン・セクションが盛大に盛り上げるのです。
その豪華ぶりはサウンドボードでも感じられましたが、映像になるとさらに凄い。「Angel of Harlem」のスタートと共にカーテンがサッと上がってSUN RA ARKESTRAの面々が一斉に登場。そのド迫力ぶりに過剰が一気に沸き上がる。さらに「When Love Comes to Town」では映像がモノクロになるのですが、これは制作したマニアの演出。ヴィンテージ・フィルムのように明るさを細かく変えてムードも満点。単にマルチカメラ編集しているだけでなく、細部までこだわって制作している映像作品なのです。


Disc 1(49:56)
1. Intro 2. I Will Follow 3. The Electric Co. 4. Out of Control
5. Red Flag Day (Audience Recording) 6. All Because of You 7. Vertigo 8. Elevation
9. Beautiful Day 10. Pride (In the Name of Love) 11. Get Out of Your Own Way
12. American Soul

Disc 2(41:39)
1. Angel of Harlem (with Sun Ra Arkestra) 2. Desire (with Sun Ra Arkestra)
3. When Love Comes to Town (with Sun Ra Arkestra)
4. Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of (with Sun Ra Arkestra)
5. Every Breaking Wave 6. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
7. Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way 8. Outro


DVD (90:24)
1. Intro 2. I Will Follow 3. The Electric Co 4. Out of Control 5. Red Flag Day
6. All Because of You 7. Vertigo 8. Elevation 9. Beautiful Day 10. Pride
11. Get Out of Your Own Way 12. American Soul 13. Angel of Harlem 14. Desire
15. When Love Comes To Town 16. Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of
17. Every Breaking Wave 18. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
19. Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way?

COLOUR NTSC Approx.90min.

Uxbridge 851

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