U2 / Live At The O2 2015 + Experience Tour 2015 / 2CD

U2 / Live At The O2 2015 + Experience Tour 2015 / 2CD / Whiteleys

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Live At The 02 London Uk October 26, 2015. Digitally Remastered


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London performance of “Innocence and Experience Tour” due to the “Songs of Innocence” of U2, in the O2 Arena, 6 performances was held on October 25 to November 3. Two days October 26 hits the first performances is the emergence from Whiteleys. Although they are pleasing the fans in the stage set was Kola the latest technology and taste in every tour, it attracted attention as well in live set list was to have a meaning, such as look back at the history of U2 this time It has. Why this October 26 performances be released? It is as you know in the various reports, the day of the live of the original oasis, such as the epithet is Noel Gallagher of still in the rush a successful solo project NGHFB enough does not make sense unexpected surprise, with U2 the first of the historical overnight of I that played a stage contest! !

Since listening to “New Year’s Day” in 1983 (I previously would have say that since I saw the “Fire” in TOTP in 1981), Noel it has professed to be a big fan of many years of U2 Gallagher. About Alan McGee that was unearthed oasis has said, “U2 I did not contract if you know and like”, is located in the band of feeling that was too big, but Noel consistently such a thing in anyway I never hid tribute to U2 by. Originally Gallagher family’s roots in Ireland, for the Noel that was homecoming from a young age, I think there is also awareness that local hero.

From around the following year debut of Oasis, or had a chance to see the members of U2 in the live venue as a guest, or served as an oasis in California performances in POPMART TOUR of the 1997 U2 (June 18 / the 19th) is the undercard, In Manchester performances in 2001 Elevation Tour (August 12), Bono is the Noel and Sarah “One” (then girlfriend, now wife) or me dedicated to, Noel to reverse of 2004, “How It can become to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb “catalyst of” One Step Closer “of the recording, this day of Noel, which has continued the relationship, such as friends like Bono and the teacher-student other than these were finally fulfilled one dream It will be that wanted was.

On this day venue containing the Noel in the subway, before their turn comes, is enjoying live in the arena, along with the ants and other audience is the wife of Bono, by raising both hands in very high spirits in the “Bad” singing In that appearance (!!) for But has also been confirmed by the city, “I’d like to Bono bring out of one my heroes, one of the band’s heroes to help us out with this next song. Will you welcome to the stage the high flying bird himself Noel Gallagher !! “led to the introduction of, when it appeared on the stage and faced the D-28, even while bite Bono and Gutatchi, the look of tension smile even without a word. So it had been playing “The Joshua Tree” recording of classic “I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For (uninterrupted journey)”.

First Bono takes the lead vocal, and fueled the audience, and singing together. Noel served as backing vocals from the chorus (rust) (Noel that sing in harmony is the first time in a few years!), Then of the second verse Noel takes the lead vocals, switch Bono is the backing vocals. This Noel and Bono, and entanglement of audience Gataku was beyond description, it is a great performance that you would like you to please listen with his ears. In addition, Bono left the vocals to the audience, the band has gradually dropped the volume of the performance, featuring an audience of vocal. Meanwhile, as if Bono came up with something, you return to the post and whispered to Noel, it would be completely ad-lib perhaps, “You Need Is Love All” Bono begins to sing the chorus (the rust) of the Beatles! Trombone (trumpet) phrase in the mimic (laughs). Configuration back to the beginning song, Bono the first verse is, Second verse is Noel! ! Well ~, this is amazing.

Bono will first wait beside trying to backup of Noel in some cases, but the arrangement because of the third time in place of Noel own public, etc. Different “All You Need Is Love” and sang without graduation. Bono, a great performance that Noel, and audience are integrated! ! ! However, including the tilt of the audience, eventually feeling that is Bono a place best went with is not wiped, also one-act that is feel to be a genuine entertainer. Honest, because it is Meien remaining in rock history that can not be any way represented in the text, I think that it would like you to by all means listen to one.

This work is, U2 fan while, of course, Oasis fan, is what I would like you to listen through all means this performance even Noel Gallagher fans. Why Noel is the enthusiastic fan of U2, the day listening to what Noel is, what you feel, what to think. Among the life of the hero remains in the lock history that Noel Gallagher, the Meien that will remain in the memory, the power possessed by the music, I think that it would like you to relive all means in this van. U2 and complete recording of the London performances October 26, 2015 from the most recent tour in the high-quality sound. Or play “Love Me Do,” the Beatles, there is jump in the Noel Gallagher, it is noteworthy night among the latest tour. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.

U2の『ソングス・オブ・イノセンス』に伴う「イノセンス・アンド・エクスペリエンス・ツアー」のロンドン公演は、O2アリーナにおいて、10月25日から11月3日の間に6公演が行なわれました。その2日目にあたる10月26日公演がWhiteleysから登場です。ツアーの度に最新技術と趣向を凝らせたステージセットでファンを楽しませてくれる彼等ですが、今回はライヴのセットリストにおいてもU2の歴史を振り返るような意味合いを持たせたものとして話題を集めています。何故、この10月26日公演がリリースされるのか? それは各種報道でご存知の通り、この日のライヴには元オアシスの、といった形容が意味を成さないほどにソロ・プロジェクトNGHFBを成功させ未だ驀進中のノエル・ギャラガーが意外や意外、U2との初のステージ競演を果たした歴史的一夜なのです!!

1983年に「New Year’s Day」を聴いて以来(以前は1981年にTOTPで「Fire」を見て以来と言うてましたがね)、長年のU2の大ファンだと公言しているノエル・ギャラガー。オアシスを発掘したアラン・マッギーが「U2が好きだと知っていたら契約しなかったよ」と言っているほど、ビッグに成り過ぎた感のあるバンドではありますが、ノエルはそんなことはお構いなしに一貫してU2への敬意を隠したことはありません。元々ギャラガー家のルーツはアイルランド、幼少の頃から帰省していたノエルにとっては、地元の英雄という意識もあるのでしょうか。

オアシスのデビュー翌年頃から、ゲストとしてライヴ会場でU2のメンバーを見かける機会があったり、1997年のU2のPOPMART TOUR中のカリフォルニア公演(6月18日/19日)でオアシスが前座を務めたり、2001年Elevation Tour中のマンチェスター公演(8月12日)では、ボノが「One」をノエルとサラ(当時のガールフレンド、現在の奥さん)に捧げてくれたり、逆にノエルが2004年の『How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb』収録の「One Step Closer」の触媒となったり、これら以外でもボノと師弟のような友人のような関係を続けてきたノエルが遂に夢のひとつを叶えたのがこの日だったということになります。

この日地下鉄で会場入りしたノエルは、自分の出番が来る前、アリーナでライヴを楽しんでおり、ボノの奥さんであるアリやその他のオーディエンスと共に、「Bad」では非常にノリノリで両手を上げて熱唱している姿(!!)も確認されているのですが、ボノの「I’d like to bring out of one my heroes, one of the band’s heroes to help us out with this next song. Will you welcome to the stage the high flying bird himself Noel Gallagher!!」という紹介に導かれ、D-28を抱えてステージに現れた時には、ボノとグータッチをかましつつも、笑顔も言葉もなく緊張の面持ち。そこで演奏されたのは『The Joshua Tree』収録の名曲「I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For(終わりなき旅)」。

まずはボノがリードボーカルを取り、オーディエンスを煽り、共に歌い上げる。ノエルはコーラス(サビ)からバッキングボーカルを務め(ノエルがハモるのは数年ぶり!)、その後の2回目のヴァースではノエルがリードボーカルを取り、ボノがバッキングボーカルにスイッチ。このノエルとボノ、そしてオーディエンスの絡みは筆舌にしがたく、ぜひその耳で聴いて頂きたい素晴らしいパフォーマンスです。さらに、ボノがオーディエンスにボーカルを任せ、バンドが演奏のボリュームを徐々に落とし、オーディエンスのボーカルをフィーチャー。そんな中、ボノが何かを思いついたかのように、ノエルに耳打ちし持ち場に戻ると、恐らく全くのアドリブであろう、ビートルズの「愛こそはすべて」のコーラス(サビ)をボノが歌い出す! トロンボーン(トランペット)・フレーズは口真似で(笑)。構成は曲冒頭に戻り、最初のヴァースをボノが、セカンド・ヴァースはノエルが!!いやー、これは凄い。


本作品は、U2ファンはもちろんのことながら、オアシス・ファン、ノエル・ギャラガー・ファンにもぜひこの公演を通して聴いていただきたい内容です。なぜノエルがU2の熱狂的なファンなのか、この日ノエルが何を聴き、何を感じ、何を思ったのか。ノエル・ギャラガーというロック史上に残るヒーローの人生の中でも、記憶に残るであろうこの名演を、音楽の持つパワーを、是非ともこの盤で追体験して頂きたいと思います。  U2最新ツアーより2015年10月26日ロンドン公演を高音質で完全収録。ビートルズの「Love Me Do」を演奏したり、ノエルギャラガーの飛び入りあり、最新ツアーの中でも特筆すべき夜です。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。

01. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
02. Out Of Control
03. Vertigo
04. I Will Follow
05. Iris (Hold Me Close)
06. Cedarwood Road
07. Song For Someone
08. Sunday Bloody Sunday
09. Raised By Wolves
10. Until The End Of The World
11. Invisible
12. Even Better Than The Real Thing
13. Mysterious Ways
14. Desire
15. Love Me Do

01. Angel of Harlem
02. Every Breaking Wave
03. October
04. Bullet The Blue Sky
05. Zooropa
06. Where The Streets Have No Name
07. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
08. With Or Without You
09. City Of Blinding Lights
10. Beautiful Day
11. Mother And Child Reunion
12. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
13. All You Need Is Love
Whiteleys. WL-09/10

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