UK / Final World Tour In Norway / 2CDR

UK / Final World Tour In Norway / 2CDR / Blue Cafe

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Live At Cosmopolite Scene, Oslo, Norway February 26th 2015. Audience


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Also approaches UK the latest live concert in Japan as 2015 Final World Tour arrives!

The complete recording of February 26, 2015 the performances in Norway-Oslo Cosmo Polite scene with high quality digital audience master.

Japan is the performances have been scheduled double drum organized by Mike Mangini and Chad Wackerman but four people organized by Virgil Donati drums is the technician the first time, not as good as Terry Bozzio was noted in this European leg it was a live that can not be overlooked as a performance that have been made.

In the history of progressive rock is the latest live large recommendation as UK last tour sound source that shines brilliantly!





Live At Cosmopolite Scene, Oslo, Norway February 26th 2015

01. Intro / Thirty Years
02. Nevermore
03. Carrying No Cross
04. Alaska
05. Time To Kill
06. Keyboard & Violin Solo
07. Rendezvous 6:02

01. Drum Solo
02. In The Dead Of Night
03. By The Light Of Day
04. Presto Vivance
05. In The Dead Of Night (reprise)
06. Thirty Years
07. Caesars Palace Blues
08. The Only Thing She Needs
09. Carrying No Cross (reprise)


Blue Cafe – 350A/B

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