UK / Air Live The First Live In Japan 1979 / 2CDR

UK / Air Live The First Live In Japan 1979 / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 29th May 1979.


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From 1979 the beginning of the year of Japan tour, and complete recording of the May 29 Nakano Sun Plaza performance of the first day of the best level in the ultra-high-quality audience recording. The appearance was sound source than progressive specialty label called Ayanami in 2001, and direct recorded in the original release as it is. Release at that time, despite its new master of the complete first appearance that is not available in the past, as Japan tour all the best sound quality board to to determine version superior to its outstanding board of, shocked the mania around the world, “AIR” ( The title, from Bach “Air on the G String”, which flows in the venue after the show). Even re listening now, is the best sound quality of much would Nokezo~tsu not think that the “did you was so great sound?”. When the Now comes out this sound at first appearance, it would fuss really. (It is not was enough sensational even at that time, but.) Sound source later of “AIR”, by being re-released in the “Presto Vivace” from Sirene, which appeared in the form of take over the progressive field in press platen you have any, but of somewhat sober eyes It has been recorded in the sound, equalization is sound output and the fit of the band, there was no impact of more “AIR” which had created a great sound world. However, it is a great record. The person who forgot to what it was sound, come in the shop, try to listen in a roar. I do not think the audience recording of 1979, “heck, it? From being recorded incense With what kind of equipment,” the best sound quality and enough would wonder to think. From the high-frequency to low frequency, and looming on hand to hear the sound width and sound pressure that does not believe it is a cassette recording. However great the thing – amazing thing of ’36 before young UK of the performance, including the Terry Bozzio. When you listen to this, “Why, UK is there until either had been deified” I remember the. This amazing (and delicious) music-playing pre-gray band would not there so. To live deployment of ultra-Japanese taste, 1 hour 38 minutes, it is no mistake that would have listened in the think of nothing but stunned, stunned. This “THE FINAL IN JAPAN” and the same, overnight legend that has been deployed in Nakano Sun Plaza 36 years ago. UK After the final performance was proficient at the highest sound quality, by all means, Japan’s first live from the Japan tour of the name live album “NIGHT AFTER NIGHT” 1979 legend you lay out and enjoy this also in the best sound quality. You can enjoy a rich time of about no more. . .

1979年初の日本ツアーより、初日の5月29日中野サンプラザ公演を極上レベルの超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。2001年にAyanamiというプログレ専門レーベルより登場した音源を、オリジナルリリースそのままでダイレクト収録。リリース当時、過去に出回っていない完全初登場のニューマスターでありながら、日本公演全ての既発盤を凌駕する最高音質盤にして決定版として、世界中のマニアに衝撃を与えた「AIR」(タイトルは、終演後に会場に流れたバッハ「G線上のアリア」から)。今聴き直しても、「こんなに凄い音だったの?」と思わず仰け反ってしまうくらいの最高音質です。今、初登場でこんな音が出てきたら、本当に大騒ぎでしょうね。(当時も十分にセンセーショナルだったわけですが。)「AIR」の音源は後に、プログレ分野を引き継ぐ形で登場したSireneからプレス盤で「Presto Vivace」で再リリースされてはいますが、やや地味目のサウンドで収録されており、イコライズがバンドの出音とジャストフィットし、凄い音世界を作り上げていた「AIR」程のインパクトはありませんでした。しかし凄い録音です。どんな音だったか忘れてしまった人は、店頭で是非、爆音で試聴してみて下さい。1979年のオーディエンス録音とは思えない、「一体、どういう機材を使うとこう録れるの?」と不思議に思ってしまう程の最高音質。高域から低域まで、カセット録音であることが信じられない音幅と音圧で聴き手に迫ってきます。しかしテリー・ボジオを含めた36年前の若きUKの演奏の凄いこと・凄いこと。これを聴くと「何故、UKがあそこまで神格化されていたか」を思い出します。こんな凄い(&美味しい)プレグレバンドの楽曲・演奏はそうあるものではないでしょう。超日本人好みのライヴ展開に、1時間38分、ただただ呆然・唖然の思いで聴き入ってしまうこと間違いなし。今回の「THE FINAL IN JAPAN」と同じ、36年前の中野サンプラザで展開された伝説の一夜。UK最終公演を最高音質で堪能した後は、是非、名ライヴ盤「NIGHT AFTER NIGHT」を産み出した1979年伝説のジャパンツアーからの日本初ライヴを、これまた最高の音質でお楽しみ下さい。これ以上ない程のリッチな時間が楽しめます。。。

Disc 1(45:16)
1. Danger Money Intro 2. Danger Money 3. The Only Thing She Needs 4. Nothing To Lose
5. Spanish Tune(Bass Solo) 6. By The Light Of Day 7. Presto Vivace 8. Drums Solo
9. In The Dead Of The Night 10. Rendez-vous 6:02

Disc 2(52:55)
1. As Long As You Want Me 2. Thirty Years 3. Carrying No Cross 4. Alaska 5. Time To Kill
6. Violin Solo 7. Time To Kill (reprise) 8. “Kimitachi Saiko Dayo” 9. Night After Night
10. Caesar’s Palace Blues 11. Air(Outro)

John Wetton – Bass & Vocals Eddie Jobson – Keyboards & Electric Violin
Terry Bozzio – Drums & Percussion

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