Twisted Sister / Charlotte 2006 / 1DVDR

Twisted Sister / Charlotte 2006 / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Food Lion Speed Street 600 Festival , Charlotte, NC, USA 26th May 2006. NTSC


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What ‘s Koryaa! Audience but often are TV broadcast specials such as “visual impact ● volley!” In, !! this work it class is a shocking video work, that contains the “Charlotte performances May 26, 2006” of Kano TWISTED SISTER the video. And …………… ultra beautiful picture quality and sound quality of digital equipment from the front seat of the stage front, we have received a shock of about also hesitate to calmly introduce. No, not have a specially strange that, in the normal show … of the reunion was TWISTED SISTER original organization, but the I think ……. What what is so or impact, of that Dee Snider, it that makeup comes popping out to fill the screen with ultra-detailed image quality of the windup a lot.
How “What, such a thing either,” and, I would like you not think. There is a familiar in the jacket photograph, you make the face of the Dee at the time 51-year-old, to candidly say “dirty”. Rampage without it stops even for a moment. And Doban to with disheveled hair, long Humacao cry distorts to Kuchakucha, … almost Yamanba Gal and blonde stick with Petapeta become sweaty. Spree to play the guitar painted until further guitar of Jay Jay French also lame-based Rouge and cheeks to plump grew up face. That is the looming in the ultra-clear of the 80’s official video or more.
Watch and have it here involuntarily, (Oh my God …) and How can become to become, let alone can not be can not be normal vision, trouble from as it is enthralling. Dee’s action does not stop even for a moment really, proud of the stamina to become wanna 20 DaiKayo and tsukkomi, spree fueled the guests laughing and the secondary cut in that make-up. Its performance also be unchanged even heyday and specks song, it would have been pulled Guigui in strong force and dramatic.
In addition, because it is also the audience taken a more image quality official, terrific also the scene of reality. It is truly beyond “enjoying the show” and “have to enjoy” much in the vortex of enthusiasm. Tremendous large chorus and fuss, but a myriad of arm is crazy rise, but it should have aimed at the gap, camera work spree down the Dee of winding up the horribly beautiful. But what a do, this is ….

“We’re Not Gonna Take …… because It not only know”? Could Once, anyway of the “We’re Not Gonna Take It” when the intro beat rang of, I would like you to look at the doss face of Dee. To break a song, like seeing the face to talk while satisfying to the climax. Why so much chest to Kogitanai suspended becomes hot. Why father us that rage in idiot like becomes happy. Is this “lock soul” of the, or “metal soul” of the, does not it understand.
In fact, this video that appeared rice drummer who died of a heart attack in March last year, the A.J. Perot of memorial (By the way, now has a tour with Mike Portnoy of the original DREAM THEATER is supported). Photographer also burnt the chest in this field, was clutching hot fist. That’s the metal of one that feeling is jammed. Even if you did not also have one of the albums of TWISTED SISTER, even did not know even if one song, such a thing does not matter. It’s such a good thing, even if. Nevertheless, in the dirty in the cheap in this vulgar, and yet it will come to move against the “something that is in the soul” How hot father us without even trying. In such a shocking, one hot ridiculously. Unprecedented visual impact, thank you all means your experience.

★ no questions asked of the ultra-must-see video! This is amazing.


なんじゃこりゃあ! よくテレビで「衝撃映像●連発!」といった特番が放送されますが、それ級のショッキング映像作品です!! 本作は、かのTWISTED SISTERの「2006年5月26日シャーロット公演」を収めたオーディエンス映像。ステージ正面の前方席からデジタル機材の超美麗画質・音質で……………と、冷静にご紹介するのも躊躇われるほどの衝撃を受けています。いや、特別におかしな事をしているわけではなく、オリジナル編成で再結成したTWISTED SISTERの通常ショウ……とは、思うのですが……。何がそれほど衝撃かって、あのディー・スナイダーの、あのメイクがドアップたっぷりの超詳細画質で画面いっぱいに飛び出してくるのです。

「We’re Not Gonna Take Itしか知らないから……」? でしたら、とにかくその「We’re Not Gonna Take It」のイントロビートが鳴ったときの、ディーのドヤ顔を見ていただきたい。曲をブレイクさせ、盛り上がりに満足しながら語る顔をご覧頂きたい。なぜ、小汚いツラにこんなにも胸が熱くなってしまうのか。なぜ、アホみたいに暴れる親父どもが嬉しくなってしまうのか。これが“ロック魂”なのか、“メタル魂”なのか、それは分かりません。
実は、この映像は昨年3月に心臓発作で亡くなったドラマー、A.J.ペロの追悼を込めて登場したもの(ちなみに、現在は元DREAM THEATERのマイク・ポートノイがサポートに付いてツアーをしています)。撮影者もまた、この現場で胸を焦がし、拳を熱く握りしめていた。そのメタルな気持ちが詰まった1本なのです。たとえ、あなたがTWISTED SISTERのアルバムを1枚も持っていなかったとしても、たとえ1曲も知らなかったとしても、そんなことは関係ない。どうでもいいことなんです。それでも、この下品でチープでダーティで、それでいてどうしようもなく熱い親父どもが“魂の中にある何か”を突き動かしてくるでしょう。そんなショッキングで、とんでもなく熱い1枚。前代未聞の衝撃映像、ぜひともご体験をお願いします。


1. What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You) 2. The Kids Are Back 3. Stay Hungry
4. Captain Howdy 5. You Can’t Stop Rock N’ Roll 6. The Fire Still Burns
7. We’re Not Gonna Take It 8. Shoot ‘Em Down 9. Burn In Hell 10. I Wanna Rock
11. The Price 12. S.M.F.

Dee Snider – Vocal Jay Jay French – Guitar Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda – Guitar
Mark “The Animal” Mendoza – Bass A. J. Pero – Drum

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 71min.

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