TOTO / Tokyo 2014 1st Night / 2CDR

TOTO / Tokyo 2014 1st Night /2CDR / Non Label

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Live At Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan 26th April 2014.


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Complete recording of high-quality sound recording of the best audience level over 17 minutes to about 2 hours from Japan tour in 2014 , hit the Tokyo performance the first day , the live one day Tokyo Dome City Hall, April 26 . Press platen is of ” TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT ” , recording ‘s due to the taper of the same recorded can be adjective also miraculous , Tokyo second day performance which took place at the same venue , in the ultra-high- quality sound of angry waves . 8 column Arena right block , while the front block , recording the location of the position opposite of the second day . Very close to the sound quality in the clear , and if you listen in this alone , as much as possible also press CD as it is, is a recording of high quality, but the second day performance board that was recorded at the highest quality sound itself is ” TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT because it is a feeling and not reach one step now to ” , and it was with the release of two pieces as bonus this time . However , also in this panel , as has been demonstrated in press platen , taste of super sound proud of clearness distinguished is alive and well , in fact , enough to feel in the taper of the general, that high-quality recordings so far is impossible the quality is high in , it is a must-listen – must-have definitely fan . Section tight portion of a small number of sound especially in the best part , I am really surprised the beauty of the sound of the tone . What is honest but … There is also a somewhat blurry feeling compared to installation is vocal on the contrary, to say something complain about in this is a luxury . . . Together with the press board of the second day , with great sound , enjoy the Tokyo opening night slowly and carefully . You may also drop the sound of the bonus and this story is intense , resulting in a ” Na something ” even got a bonus with much effort , but there is no absolutely that sort of thing if and only this set . That voice , ” far better if , you ! Ought to have press this too ” is also coming out on the contrary, is assumed , ultra- high- quality version . First day in Tokyo , audience recording more than this will not come out probably . Lukather guitar sound is a masterpiece in particular ! ! It is two pieces of large recommendation !

2014年日本ツアーより、東京公演初日にあたる、4月26日の東京ドーム・シティ・ホール一日目のライヴを約2時間17分に渡って極上レベルの高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。録音者はプレス盤「TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT」のて、同会場で行われた東京2日目公演を、奇跡的とも形容できる、怒涛の超高音質サウンドで録音した同一のテーパーによるもの。録音場所はアリーナ右ブロック8列目と、前方ブロックながら、2日目とは正反対の位置。音自体は非常に近く、音質もクリアーで、これ単体で聴けば、そのままプレスCDも可能なほどに、高品質な録音ですが、最高音質で録音された2日目公演盤「TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT」には今一歩及ばずといった感じですので、今回はボーナス2枚組としてのリリースとなりました。しかしながら、本盤においても、プレス盤で証明されている通り、抜群のクリアネスを誇るスーパーサウンドのテイストは健在であり、実際、一般のテーパーで、ここまで高音質な録音というのはありえないと感じるほどに品質は高いので、ファンは間違いなく必聴・必携です。特に音数が少ない部分のタイトなセクションは圧巻で、楽音の音の綺麗さには本当に驚かされます。逆にボーカルがインストに比べやや不鮮明な感もありますが・・・正直、これで何か文句を言うのは贅沢と言うもの。。。2日目のプレス盤と合わせて、素晴らしいサウンドで、じっくりと東京初日公演をお楽しみ下さい。本編とボーナスの音の落差が激しいと、せっかくボーナスをもらっても「なんかなー」となってしまうこともありますが、本セットに限ってそういったことは絶対にありません。逆に「ここまで良いのなら、これもプレスすれば良かったのに!」という声も出てくることが想定される、超高品質版。恐らく東京初日で、これを超えるオーディエンス録音は出てこないでしょう。特にルカサーのギターサウンドは圧巻!!大推薦の2枚組です!

Disc 1 (74:13)
1. On The Run / Child’s Anthem / Goodbye Elenore 2. Goin’ Home 3. Hydra 
4. St. George And The Dragon 5. I’ll Be Over You 6. It’s A Feeling 7. Rosanna 
8. MC (with Interpreter) 9. Wings Of Time 10. Falling In Between 11. I Won’t Hold You Back 
12. Pamela 

Disc 2 (63:12)
1. 99 2. White Sister 3. Africa 4. Band Introductions 5. How Many Times 6. Stop Loving You 
7. Drum Solo 8. Hold The Line 9. Home Of The Brave 

Steve Lukather – Guitars, Vocals David Paich – Keyboards, Vocals Steve Porcaro – Keyboards
Joseph Williams – Lead Vocals Nathan East – Bass Keith Carlock – Drums
Mabvuto Carpenter – Backing Vocals Amy Keys – Backing Vocals

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