TOTO / Reggio Emilia 1982 Master Tape / 2CD

TOTO / Reggio Emilia 1982 Master Tape / 2CD / Zion

Live at Palazzetto dello Sport, Reggio nell ‘Emilia, Italy 13th September 1982

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The 1982 TOTO, which has been at the top of the Grammy Award’s Phenomenon album “IV”. The super-superior live album is appeared in the permanent preservation press 2CD.
It is “September 13, 1982 Reggio Neremilia performance” that is included in such this work. It is the audience recording which recorded the first Italian performance for TOTO. As a matter of fact, this show has been known for a long time, and in some cases has represented the peak period with the highest quality that is also traded as a sound board. This work is also its traditional recording, but it is neither a copy nor a remaster. It is the ultimate quality board which is digitized directly from the master tape itself excavated very recently.
The sound is crucial, but at first the show position. Let’s check in the 1982 schedule, which has the whole world in hand.

“April 8” TOTO IV “sale”
・ May 7-21: Japan (10 performances)
・ May 28: Los Angeles Tour
・ June 26: Auckland performance
・ July 10-29: North America # 1 (8 performances)
・ August 16-26: North America # 2 (five performances)
・ September 11-October 4: Europe (15 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

This is the whole picture of “TOTO IV WORLD TOUR”. The tour is roughly divided into the second visit to Japan, North America, and Europe, and the Reggio Neremilia performance of this work is the “Europe” leg that will be the end of the tour. It was a concert that hit the second performance. Such a work is just the best quality that I want to put “super” in a row. Although there is no doubt that it is an audience recording with a lively on-the-field feeling, the extremely thick feeling of the core and the feeling of closeness are huge, and even if you clear the ears with headphones, you do not feel the existence of space. Along with that, the details are also vivid. It is also a well-known zero distance sense name recording that has been distributed as a sound board.
Moreover, this is the story of the conventional board. This work is overwhelmingly upgraded with the ultimate gen of Omoto Master. The soundboard feeling that was originally strong is also up, but it is louder than it sounds. In the past, it was strangely skasuka whether the bass was spoiled when the dubbing had passed, even though it was a close contact like a sound board. However, in this work, even the bass is very thick and it is gorgeous. As a matter of fact, the excavated master itself had a mid range too thick, but it was corrected by careful mastering, and the noise remaining in “Hold the Line” was also corrected. If you follow the story that had already been considered as a sound board, the whole range is left sharp, and this work with even balance can be said as “official level” (Because there is also a realistic field feeling, official bootleg class What should I say?). Although it can not change until there is a tape change cut at the end of “99”, it is a superb live album where the lush sound of Ogen Master is uninterrupted.
The quality of such a miracle is depicted by the golden show that receives the wind of the climax right now. While centered on the blockbuster “IV”, it has been uniformly selected from the previous three. Of course, not just the Greatest Hits, but also the famous songs such as “Gift With a Golden Gun” and “Good for You” will be shown, and the show will be played with “Runaway” which is not recorded in the album. It is a daunting treasure trove of songs, but it is also a dazzling sense of activeness that pioneers the current era (“Gift With a Golden Gun” says “It’s the first Italian gig”).
It is the playing itself that feels such a sense of the times even more strongly. Although only an artisan group always listens to an iron walled show, this work is in the midst of great success. For example, even though the single “Africa” ​​was released in Europe, it was still in North America. In other words, the mood that everything you do is successful and you still can not see the breathlessness. The three pocaro brothers are all in line, and it is a show that the momentum full of the conviction and the confidence of success has come out of the speaker.

In 1982, it was at the climax also in the history of glory. It is a live album of a miracle to make with the ultra-superior sound in the spot. The super original recording that seems to be a sound board even in the generation fallen master, its original master. That is one of the cultural heritage classes that even thins down on “TOTO IV” itself. Please enjoy with the press 2CD which leaves the brightness forever.


《4月8日『TOTO IV』発売》

これが“TOTO IV WORLD TOUR”の全体像。ツアーは大きく2度目の来日公演・北米・欧州に分かれており、本作のレッジョ・ネレミリア公演はツアー終盤となる「欧州」レッグ。その2公演目にあたるコンサートでした。そんな本作は、まさに「超」を何個も並べてしまいたい極上クオリティ。生々しい現場感は間違いなくオーディエンス録音ではあるものの、芯の極太感も密着感も絶大で、ヘッドフォンで耳を澄ませても空間の存在を感じない。それに伴ってディテールも鮮やかそのもの。サウンドボードとして流通したのも納得のゼロ距離感覚な名録音なのです。
しかも、これは従来盤の話。本作は大元マスターの究極ジェネで圧倒的なまでにアップグレードしている。元々強烈だったサウンドボード感もアップしていますが、それ以上に絶大なのが鳴り。従来はサウンドボード的に鮮やか密着ではあっても、ダビングを経過した際に低音がスポイルされたのか、妙にスカスカしていました。しかし、本作は低音までもが極太で、えらくゴージャス。実のところ、発掘マスター自体は中音域が太すぎるきらいもあったのですが、そこは細心マスタリングで補正し、さらに「Hold the Line」に残っていたノイズも修正。既発がサウンドボードと思われていた故事に倣うなら、全音域がキレに残され、バランスまで整った本作は「公式レベル」とさえ言える(リアルな現場感もあるのでオフィシャル・ブートレッグ級と言えばいいでしょうか)。「99」の最後でテープチェンジのカットがある事までは変えられないものの、大元マスターの瑞々しいサウンドが終始途切れない極上ライヴアルバムなのです。
そんな奇跡のクオリティで描かれるのは、今まさに絶頂の風を全身に受けている黄金のショウ。大ヒット作『IV』を軸としつつも、それまでの3枚からも満遍なくセレクトされている。もちろん、ただのグレイテスト・ヒッツではなく、「Gift With a Golden Gun」「Good for You」といった当時ならではの名曲も披露されますし、さらにショウを〆るのはアルバム未収録の「Runaway」。目眩く名曲の宝庫でありつつ、現在進行形で時代を切り拓く現役感も眩しいのです(「Gift With a Golden Gun」後には「最初のイタリアのギグだ」とMCしています)。

栄光の歴史でも絶頂にあった1982年。その現場に超・極上サウンドで立てる奇跡のライヴアルバムです。ジェネ落ちマスターでもサウンドボードと思われるほどの超絶録音、その大元マスター。それこそ『TOTO IV』そのものにさえ肉薄する文化遺産級の1本。その輝きを永久に残すプレス2CDで存分にご堪能ください。

Disc 1 (47:02)
1. Intro 2. Child’s Anthem 3. Girl Goodbye 4. English Eyes 5. A Million Miles Away
6. Guitar Solo 7. Gift With a Golden Gun 8. Good for You 9. Keyboard Solo
10. Hydra 11. 99

Disc 2 (41:39)
1. Make Believe 2. Rosanna 3. Band Introductions 4. Afraid of Love 5. Goodbye Elenore
6. I’ll Supply the Love 7. Hold the Line 8. Africa 9. Runaway

Steve Lukather – Guitars, Vocals David Paich – Keyboards, Vocals
Bobby Kimball – Vocals Jeff Porcaro – Drums Steve Porcaro – Keyboards
Mike Porcaro – Bass Lenny Castro – Percussion Timothy B. Schmitt – Backing Vocals
Jon Smith – Horns


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