TOTO / Live At Budokan 2014 / 2CDR

TOTO / Live At Budokan 2014/ 2CDR / Non Label

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 28th April 2014.


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The complete recording of high-quality sound recording of the best audience level Budokan concert April 28 from TOTO35 anniversary tour . In a fifth day Japan tour , Tokyo third day performances , Budokan is the venue of the largest tour . Compared to the Tokyo Dome City Hall source of simultaneous release , you will feel muffled sound was natural large venue indeed , but recorded Jeff Beck Tokyo Dome City Hall 3Days, recording ‘s , How do I ” because it is the taper was stunned the fan to be ! ” how can such a sound recording in the quality of the recording itself guaranteed . Is subjected to elaborate on mastering 24-bit high-resolution original recordings that our store is available on its own this time , and finished with a panel of the best audience . Recording position is the best class in both the balance of sound , sense of reality in the seventh column A4 block of poor little closer to the center arena . Hope that it will be can not be helped as described above , was a natural Budokan , the mild sense of sound , but in the live recordings at Budokan this time , say take more than this board is to be difficult perhaps ? It is a recording of a high rank and seem about . There is also that 35th anniversary , set we are tucked all over excursion close to the original the representative music . At a moderate sense of reality without breaking the noisy crowd around miraculously to the arena recording of TOTO, you can enjoy the set of the gem without stress .

Changes in the ensemble had been a concern in the withdrawal of Simon Phillips Drums 35th Anniversary Japan Tour of this time , Keith Carlock who Newest is TOTO sound in stunning drumming with cover , a sense of stability superbly spearheads . Sometimes it is the fifth day Japan tour Budokan performance , I can watch how the members are also relaxed . Nathan East , such as in Japan always among these home ground completely and get to sell below the stage and around the Budokan concert before . Joseph Williams of vocal audience fueled by large motion from side to side , we have retaliated in the play with the dynamism feeling of glue while taking pose joke also David Peichi . Lukather is the centerpiece of the current TOTO is a look good humor and talk a lot more than usual , or even this! We are crazy about playing say . The live this day , and two of the fan must listen , must-have to complete recording great enough not considered any more , with high quality audience recording of high quality , became the Budokan performance after a long time even if I take it to TOTO, a live memorable pieces .



Disc 1 (79:49)
1. Intro 2. On The Run / Child’s Anthem / Goodbye Elenore 3. Goin’ Home 4. Hydra 
5. St. George And The Dragon 6. I’ll Be Over You 7. It’s A Feeling 8. Rosanna 9. Wings Of Time 
10. Falling In Between 11. I Won’t Hold You Back 12. Pamela 

Disc 2 (67:16)
1. 99 2. White Sister 3. Africa 4. Band Introductions 5. How Many Times 6. Stop Loving You 
7. Drum Solo 8. Hold The Line 9. Home Of The Brave 

Steve Lukather – Guitars, Vocals David Paich – Keyboards, Vocals Steve Porcaro – Keyboards
Joseph Williams – Lead Vocals Nathan East – Bass Keith Carlock – Drums
Mabvuto Carpenter – Backing Vocals Amy Keys – Backing Vocals

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