TOTO / Nagoya 1985 / 2CDR

TOTO / Nagoya 1985 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

Translated Text:
Live at Aichi Taiikukan, Nagoya, Japan 5th March 1985

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“Frederiksen era” that was a singular point of TOTO history. A new masterpiece appears from its only performance in Japan.
Such work included in “5 May 1985: Nagoya Aichi Gymnasium” performance. We have archived precious live in Japan as a masterpiece group such as “ISOLATION IN BUDOKAN” “ISOLATION IN OSAKA” “BUDOKAN 1985 FINAL NIGHT”, but this is the first time for Nagoya performance. It is a new excavation audience recording which was converted into CD from original cassette brought by original route.
That quality is a wonderful audience sound. Although it is not a type which is called “a sound board” as a kind of thing, the core of the musical sound is strong and it comes closer to Guyguy. At the beginning is somewhat dango-like, but I improve as the show progresses. There is a mic tactile sound that is a lonesome in the intro part of the fifth song “Hold The Line” and the seventh piece “English Eyes”, but this is probably correcting the setting at the timing between the songs. When the performance begins, the noise of contact noise disappears, and the sound becomes better than before.
And, particularly pleasing with beautiful sound is Fergie Frederiksen’s vocal. After all, TOTO’s live he sings has realized only 36 performances in Japan & North America all over the world. The singing voice of that Fergie reaches straight and the direct feeling also increases.
The show drawn with that sound smells real time in 1985. Eight songs out of all 10 songs of “ISOLATION”, including only “Mr. Friendly”, “How Does It Feel”, “Change Of Heart” of this tour were performed and the past repertoire was changed to Frederiksen color ” 1985 specification “can be heard plenty. In addition, the listening experience unique to audience recording is actually before the performance. The greetings of organizers that are almost not seen at the moment are also included. This is already full of era feeling. Let’s export it for a moment.
“Good evening, everyone, today TOTO ‘s concert, I’m coming to Osamu Officially sponsored ◯ ◯ We are a sponsor ○ ○ This TOTO showed us a wonderful concert at Sadakure Country Club three years ago. I think that he will show off a very happy concert at 45 minutes.Well, as a guest as usual I would like to make a wonderful concert without confusion until the end. Let’s welcome it with a huge applause!
Although it seems that you are reading a manuscript when you do not have “um” or “umo”, the contents talked about in the voice of Oisi is a salary man with a tone and content. It makes me feel like I’m listening to a new year’s party or wedding boss’s greeting.
I am derailed because it is so funny, but of course the main road is the live itself. In this work, not only Frederiksen’s singing voice but also the ensemble of the band are captured firmly and robustly. That ensemble is the true price of “Frederiksen TOTO” which is beginning to be used. Before explaining this meaning, let’s first grasp the image of the show in the schedule of arrival at that time.

· February 25: Shizuoka Industry Hall
· February 26 – 28: Nippon Budokan (3 performances)
· March 2: Osakajo Hall
· March 4th: Fukuoka International Center
· March 5: Nagoya Aichi Gymnasium 【this work】
· March 6: Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium
· March 8: Sendai Gymnasium

Over all, nine performances. Previous live albums are Nippon Budokan and Osaka performances, only the first half of the tour. In contrast, the Nagoya performance of this work is a concert of seventh performances in the second half. Although it is a difference of only a few performances, it is actually larger than the others. I mentioned earlier that “ISOLATION WORLD TOUR” only “36 performances in Japan & North America”, but this kickoff country is this Japan. In other words, it is not just the 7th performances from Japan, but the 7th performance of the new formation. Of course, TOTO is different from Sonjyotsukomo’s band, but nevertheless it does not go full-scale driving by staging on the stage with a new formation. It evolves once at a time and is a seventh performance that I checked breathing.
Nagoya performance whose ensemble has finally settled, as one of valuable “ISOLATION TOUR”. It is a masterpiece live album that will convey that pattern for the first time. It is a tour that I would appreciate if you listen to a lot in one performance worldwide, but original recordings beyond that dimension. Please, enjoy it.

そんな本作に収められているのは「1985年5月5日:名古屋愛知体育館」公演。当店では貴重なライヴ・イン・ジャパンを『ISOLATION IN BUDOKAN』『ISOLATION IN OSAKA』『BUDOKAN 1985 FINAL NIGHT』といった傑作群でアーカイヴして参りましたが、名古屋公演は今回が初。独自ルートでもたらされたオリジナル・カセットからCD化された新発掘オーディエンス録音なのです。
そのクオリティは、実に素晴らしいオーディエンス・サウンド。「まるでサウンドボード」と喧伝するタイプではないものの、楽音の芯が逞しくグイグイと迫ってくる。冒頭はややダンゴ気味ではありますが、ショウが進むほどに改善する。5曲目「Hold The Line」や7曲目「English Eyes」イントロ部分にゴソゴソとしたマイク接触音があるますすが、これは恐らく曲間のタイミングでセッティングを直しているの。演奏が始まるや接触音ノイズがなくなり、それ以前よりもサウンドも良くなるのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、1985年のリアルタイムが匂い立つ。このツアーだけの「Mr. Friendly」「How Does It Feel」「Change Of Heart」を始め、『ISOLATION』の全10曲中8曲が披露され、過去のレパートリーもフレデリクセン色に染め変えられた“1985年仕様”がたっぷりと聴ける。さらに、オーディエンス録音ならではの聴きどころは、実は開演前。現在ではほとんど見られなくなった主催者挨拶も収録されているのです。これがもう、時代感満点。ちょっと書き出してみましょう。

・3月5日:名古屋愛知体育館 【本作】

以上、全9公演。これまでのライヴアルバムは日本武道館や大阪公演で、ツアー前半ばかり。それに対し、本作の名古屋公演は後半の7公演目のコンサートなのです。わずか数公演の差ではありますが、実は以外と大きい。先ほど“ISOLATION WORLD TOUR”は「日本&北米の36公演だけ」と申しましたが、そのキックオフ国は、この日本。つまり、ただの来日7公演目ではなく、新編成の7公演目。もちろん、TOTOはそんじょそこらのバンドとは違うわけですが、それでも初めて新編成でステージに立って全力運転とは行かない。1回1回で進化していき、呼吸を確かめていった7公演目なのです。
貴重な“ISOLATION TOUR”の一幕にして、いよいよアンサンブルが固まってきた名古屋公演。その模様を初めて伝えてくれる大傑作ライヴアルバムです。世界的に1公演でも多く聴ければありがたいというツアーですが、その次元を超えたオリジナル録音。どうぞ、存分にお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (52:59)
1. Announcement 2. Introduction 3. Carmen 4. Angel Don’t Cry 5. Hold The Line 6. Georgy Porgy
7. English Eyes 8. I Won’t Hold You Back 9. Stranger In Town 10. Mr. Friendly 11. Mama 12. 99

Disc 2 (55:33)
1. MC 2. Afraid Of Love 3. Keyboards & Guitar Solo 4. Africa 5. How Does It Feel 6. Isolation
7. Change Of Heart 8. I’ll Supply The Love 9. Rosanna 10. Member Introduction 11. Endless

Fergie Frederiksen – Vocal Steve Lukather – Guitars, Vocal
David Paich – Keyboards, Vocal Steve Porcaro – Keyboards Mike Porcaro – Bass
Jeff Porcaro – Drums, Percussion

Scotty Page – Tenor Sax, Guitar, Vocals Lenne Castro – Percussion
Paulette Brown – Vocals, Percussion

Uxbridge 776

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