TOTO / Yokohama 2016 / 2CD

Toto / Yokohama 2016 /2CD / Zion

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Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan 4th Mar 2016



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From Sendai to Fukuoka, TOTO latest tour is in buzz around came in from the archipelago. That is the latest Made in Japan appeared. About to re-visit to Japan for the first time in two years is not a feeling that too much after a long time, different from the up to this time now. Get over the last year of Mike Porcaro died,’s the Japan tour of Hissage the first album after the reunion “TOTO XIV”. In front of the show of the contents …… to be worried about, Let’s try to confirm the dates.

– March 3, 2011: Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
– March 4, 2011: Pacifico Yokohama [this work] – March 7, 2011: Nippon Budokan Gift “LIVE AT BUDOKAN 2016”
– March 9: Zepp FUKUOKA
– March 10, 2011: Hiroshima Uenogakuen Hall
– March 12, 2011: Osaka Amashin Archaic Hall
– March 14, 2011: Osaka Festival Hall
– March 15, 2011: Nagoya City Auditorium

In this way, this time of the Japan tour is all eight times, including the additional performance of Osaka. Among them, this work is the audience album of the second day Japan tour “Pacifico Yokohama 2016 March 4” performances. The recordings are in a taper which is working in Tokyo and Yokohama, choose to provide us with a number of recording in our shop until now virtuoso. This time, he has recorded two performances of “Pacifico Yokohama” and “Nippon Budokan”, “Pacifico Yokohama” recording this work, “Nippon Budokan” recording you as this week’s gift title “LIVE AT BUDOKAN 2016” now to introduce.
Only to virtuoso always us to provide the name of the recording, and try to play it would be definite winner sounds great, amazing to more than usual. So to speak, “like the sound board” in the type of recording that, beautiful When the musical tone Tsu because profusely of thick core and a clear outline be at an end. In recent years of digital recording, beautiful and it has evolved to the extent of the norm, but the early no level even with the reference. Especially intense for the richness of the emphasis sound. The Buttoi-based sound of Pacifico Yokohama wall, floor, and see that shook the air. But also I think that some people who have felt the wind pressure on the bass of loud at the concert site, just that feeling is surging from the speaker. If you come to listen with headphones, you, such as to feel the wind pressure in the ear. In addition, the bass vibe is glossy. Far from thick big even discordant, smooth feel pleasure. If not mean anything, so will want to continue to pat the back of velvet and cats, ear’s the feel comfortable enough to want to be heard forever. Regardless of the ancient and modern, … and although bass I thought it was the eternal problem of the audience recording, as possible captured brilliantly No way up to here.
It would progressed brush too stunning bass, but they are not like of course sound was filled to the heavy bass. If, not, etc. If so press of. Even a wonderfully rich bass, there is only one element that only support the ensemble, it has been balance neatly recording of the quality goods us. Apparently I from 10 row before and after the previous speaker’s, such as recording obtained, super near sense of picked up the sound output to direct, three-dimensional sense of a large cheer spread behind is really really great. While drawing a synths and chorus is familiarly down while also heavy sound world, spectacle, such as if they are carrying on the back of the hand-clapping that was aligned with the Bishitsu. Very latest equipment unique, audience recording unique, and I a sharp sword of virtuoso taper unique.
Latest TOTO to be drawn in such a sound, became active duty and realism live. New song while studded 80s classic group from the debut “TOTO” (90s song “On the Run,” “The Road Goes On” only), new work is the first time in nine years the axis of the show “TOTO XIV”. Including “Running Out Of Time” of the opening, to also became the single “Orphan,” “Holy War”, “Burn”, and further “Bend” of the Japanese edition bonus track. It half six songs of the new song has been played. In addition this time is “Bridge of Sighs” themed Steve Lukather solo time also be showing off more than 9 minutes of the Robin Trower. Reunion later in 2010, they only were many of the Greatest Hits award, is very fresh.
Also, the fresh document sense of firmly containment air feeling great. After all, curtain before BGM also included in over a period of about 6 minutes. Customer base is not a fuss only to the customer base, but the balloon from the speaker is air that expectation is going to recruit carefully, transmitted as if to room temperature in the field. Through its “Thank you for waiting. Will begin shortly playing ……” announcement of the flow, cheer, such as off the weir boil. Such realistic mood is the whole volume stagnation without pack, after which marked the finale of the encore “and we have just now, today’s concert was finished all. Not Awa Press as, slowly …… toward the exit.” until the announcement, you all of the day is complete recording.

Recall if, “TOTO XIV” is just one year ago was released from now. I received a welcome from all over the world, but now after a long time of successful work to enliven the chart of countries, overlaps with the timing in less than a week from the obituary of the microphone, I heard drifting also Dokokashira sense of loss. However, there was no sense of loss to TOTO who came to Japan to bring its new song. In this work, not the sadness that has lost the microphone, do they’re traveling facing forward. TOTO was embarked again strong for the future. Live album which can taste the footprints left behind in Japan with superb sound. By all means, to you to breathe at the same time with them.
仙台から福岡まで、列島を駆け巡る最新ツアーが話題沸騰中のTOTO。その最新ライヴ・イン・ジャパンが登場です。約2年ぶりの再来日にはあまり久々という感じではありませんが、今回は今までとは違う。昨年のマイク・ポーカロ逝去を乗り越え、再結成後の初アルバム『TOTO XIV』を引っさげてのジャパン・ツアーなのです。気になるショウの内容……の前に、まずは日程を確認してみましょう。

・3月4日:パシフィコ横浜 【本作】
・3月7日:日本武道館   ギフト「LIVE AT BUDOKAN 2016」
・3月9日:Zepp FUKUOKA

このように、今回のジャパン・ツアーは大阪の追加公演を含めて全8回。そのうち、本作はジャパン・ツアー2日目となる「2016年3月4日・パシフィコ横浜」公演のオーディエンス・アルバムです。録音したのは、東京・横浜を中心に活動しているテーパーで、今までも当店にいくつもの録音を提供してくださっている名手。今回、彼は“パシフィコ横浜”と“日本武道館”の2公演を録音しており、“パシフィコ横浜”録音が本作、“日本武道館”録音は今週のギフト・タイトル「LIVE AT BUDOKAN 2016」としてご紹介することになりました。
そんなサウンドで描かれる最新TOTOは、現役感あふれるライヴとなりました。デビュー作「TOTO」から80年代の名曲群を散りばめつつ(90年代の曲は「On the Run」「The Road Goes On」のみ)、ショウの軸は9年ぶりの新作『TOTO XIV』の新曲。オープニングの「Running Out Of Time」をはじめ、シングルにもなった「Orphan」「Holy War」「Burn」、さらには日本盤ボーナストラックの「Bend」まで。新曲の半分6曲が演奏されたのです。さらに今回はロビン・トロワーの「Bridge of Sighs」をテーマにしたスティーヴ・ルカサーのソロタイムも9分以上も披露。2010年の再結成以降、グレイテスト・ヒッツなショウの多かった彼らだけに、非常に新鮮です。

思い起こせば、『TOTO XIV』がリリースされたのは今からちょうど1年前。世界中から歓待を受け、各国のチャートを賑わす久々の成功作となりましたが、マイクの訃報から1週間も経たないタイミングと重なり、どこかしら喪失感も漂って聞こえました。しかし、その新曲を携えて日本にやってきたTOTOに喪失感はなかった。本作にはマイクを失った悲しみではなく、前を向いて進む彼らがいるのです。未来に向けて再び力強く歩み出したTOTO。その日本に残した足跡を極上サウンドで味わえるライヴアルバム。ぜひ、彼らと同じ時を呼吸するあなたへ。

Disc 1 (60:28)
1. Pre Show Music 2. Introduction 3. Running Out Of Time 4. I’ll Supply The Love 5. Burn
6. Stranger In Town 7. I Won’t Hold You Back 8. Hold The Line 9. Georgy Porgy
10. Afraid Of Love 11. Bend 12. Pamela

Disc 2 (75:09)
1. David Paich Piano Solo 2. Great Expectations 3. Without Your Love
4. Bridge Of Sighs / Lukather Solo 5. Holy War 6. The Road Goes On
7. Orphan 8. Rossana 9. On the Run / Goodbye Elenore 10. Africa

Steve Lukather – guitars, vocals, keyboards David Paich – keyboards, vocals
Steve Porcaro – keyboards, synthesizers, vocals Joseph Williams – vocals
Leland Sklar – bass Shannon Forrest – drums, percussion

Mabvuto Carpenter – vocals, percussion Jenny Douglas-Foote – vocals, percussion
Lenny Castro – percussion, backing vocals


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