Toto / Amagasaki 2016 / 2CD

Toto / Amagasaki 2016 / 2CD / Zion

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Live At Amashin Archaic Hall,  Amagasaki, Japan 12th March 2016.


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I went running through the archipelago “TOTO XIV JAPAN TOUR 2016”. Among them, it is the emergence and Memorial album was the most impressive, “2016 March 12, Amagasaki performances”.
From this time of the Japan tour, but you will be lined with live album of 4 installment in this week release, why this work is the most impressive of. In front of the point to be worried about, first let’s review the position of this work.

– March 3, 2011: Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
– March 4, 2011: Pacifico Yokohama
→ “YOKOHAMA 2016”
– March 7, 2011: Nippon Budokan
→ “BUDOKAN 2016”
– March 9: Zepp FUKUOKA
– March 10, 2011: Hiroshima Uenogakuen Hall
– March 12, 2011: Hyogo Amashin Archaic Hall
→ [this work] – March 14, 2011: Osaka Festival Hall
→ “OSAKA 2016”
– March 15, 2011: Nagoya City Auditorium

In this way, this time of the Japan tour is all eight performances. North of Sendai south to Fukuoka, was scheduled to longitudinal the archipelago in about two weeks. Among them, Amagasaki performances of this work was the additional performance falls on the sixth time. And, the Amagasaki was recorded carrying a leg up, the familiar “West strongest taper Mr.”. It is a master craftsman, which is said to be familiar with the sweet spot of all live-space of the West, but we please deliver a great recording from Amagasaki as if confirming the rumor.
In fact, the quality of this work is very impressive. It seems to have been recorded from the middle of the stage near the 10-row, but beautiful musical sound like falling to the left and right equally, a great hug feeling like wrap around the body. Because does not mean that PA right in front although different from the intense direct sense, such as the “YOKOHAMA 2016 (ZION-071),” “BUDOKAN 2016 (ZION-072)”, it is a only two work is abnormal, this work clear that does not fit in the dimension of sound to image to hear the usual “audience recording”. But is such a position when the bass’s the tend to become thinner, there is master craftsman. Using the strong microphone on bass, it finished with great balance down pat. There is also the day of the PA had been output strongly the instrument group than in the vocals, while hug feeling enhanced the friendly image in pop of TOTO music, even hard surface of tough sound is “rock band, TOTO” It has become hot live album that will tell.
Now, let’s go to the point where finally anxious. Of this work is the most impressive in Japan performances, not only because of the hot sound, it plays itself is hot. Performance will be waged that contains the no force in time from immediately after the curtain, but the reason is obvious middle of the show. It was prior to the MC of “Pamela”. So Steve Porcaro, which took the microphone, we begin to talk about long long Over the really 6 minutes. Its contents, his friends about you’ve away. Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro ……… And, Keith Emerson. Keith is cut off their own life, it is March 11, the early morning of the body has been discovered. This live for has been carried out, all over the world to the obituary of the shock was the middle that shook. I received the shock of when I saw the first time Keith, Steve to look back on that moment as “life has changed”, “his the way to go was decided.” On this day, some of the people who carried the foot in this venue, but will some people had been beaten to the obituary, it was the same also TOTO. Also cool Steve always, it seems to have been enthusiastic performance of the day is sprinkled with intense action. In this work not only music, but hot enough to the figure floats.
In addition, it mentions the feelings for Keith David Paich in solo time. Speak to serious humorous he is without even joke usually, play the piano, sing. Rather than simply express sympathy, from the words, overflowing the length of the feelings from the performance. The approach live in this day in awfully chest is to each sound is gratitude and feelings for Keith’s such because had been packed with plenty.
(As an aside, EMERSON that Steve was shocked, LAKE & PALMER of the concert will be able to touch the “July 19, Hollywood performances in 1971”. Audience album “DEFINITIVE HOLLYWOOD BOWL 1971 (Virtuoso 207)” . If you want to be your experience from the audience to Paich us both of Sutevu and 17-year-old was at the time 13 years old, please try please)

That said was dedicated to Keith Emerson, there is still TOTO. Even technical Hitonatsukoku, refreshing melody dance pop. Sudden change sorrow and confusion to the impassioned performance, the audience singing, such as is also washed refreshing and heart performance to respond to it. Precisely because he said the thought firmly, with the audience each other through the heart, going to each other raise each other. Live is not just a live music, is a live album can be seen clearly that the things that go up to create along with the audience. Than the sadness that has lost Keith, one of excitement, such as sacrifice in the joy of the thing tossed. Their two sets of length the play of thoughts, please experience all means you.

列島を駆け抜けていった“TOTO XIV JAPAN TOUR 2016”。その中でも、もっとも感動的だった「2016年3月12日・尼崎公演」のメモリアル・アルバムが登場です。

→『YOKOHAMA 2016』
→『BUDOKAN 2016』
・3月9日:Zepp FUKUOKA
→『OSAKA 2016』

実際、本作のクオリティは非常に見事。10列目付近のステージ中央から録音されたそうですが、左右均等に降るような楽音が美しく、身体を包み込むような抱擁感が素晴らしい。PA真ん前というわけではないので『YOKOHAMA 2016(ZION-071)』『BUDOKAN 2016(ZION-072)』のような激烈なダイレクト感とは違うものの、それは両作が異常なだけであって、本作も通常「オーディエンス録音」と聞いてイメージするサウンドの次元に収まらないクリアさ。こうしたポジションですと低音が薄くなってしまいがちなのですが、そこは名匠。低音に強いマイクを使用し、バッチリ素晴らしいバランスに仕上げた。当日のPAがヴォーカルよりも楽器群を強く出力していたこともあり、抱擁感がTOTOミュージックのポップで人懐こいイメージを増強しながらも、タフなサウンドが“ロックバンド、TOTO”のハードな面も伝えてくれる熱いライヴアルバムになっているのです。
(余談ですが、スティーヴが衝撃を受けたというEMERSON, LAKE & PALMERのコンサートは「1971年7月19日ハリウッド公演」。オーディエンス・アルバム『DEFINITIVE HOLLYWOOD BOWL 1971(Virtuoso 207)』で触れることができます。当時13歳だったステーヴや17歳のペイチ達ともに客席からご体験されたい方は、どうぞお試しください)


Disc 1 (61:26)
1. Introduction 2. Running Out of Time 3. I’ll Supply The Love 4. Burn 5. Stranger In Town
6. I Won’t Hold You Back 7. Hold The Line 8. Georgy Porgy 9. Afraid Of Love 10. Bend
11. Steve Porcaro MC (Tribute to Keith Emerson) 12. Pamela

Disc 2 (73:02)
1. David Paich Piano Solo 2. David Paich MC (Further memories of Keith Emerson)
3. Great Expectations 4. Without Your Love 5. Bridge of Sighs / Steve Lukather Solo
6. Holy War 7. The Road Goes On 8. Orphan 9. Rossana 10. On the Run / Goodbye Elenore
11. Africa

Steve Lukather – guitars, vocals, keyboards David Paich – keyboards, vocals
Steve Porcaro – keyboards, synthesizers, vocals Joseph Williams – vocals
Leland Sklar – bass Shannon Forrest – drums, percussion

Mabvuto Carpenter – vocals, percussion Jenny Douglas-Foote – vocals, percussion
Lenny Castro – percussion, backing vocals


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