TOTO / European Summer 2011/ 4CDR

TOTO / European Summer 2011/ 4CDR / Uxbridge

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Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands 23rd June 2011 & Messupuisto, Riihimaki, Finland 3rd July 2011

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From the latest European tour in 2011, a fan-essential 4-disc set titled by Amsterdam on June 23 and Rihi Maki on July 3, both featuring the ultimate ultra-high quality audience recording is. In Amsterdam performance, except Payera’s position is different except Stay Away can be heard, the set is almost the same. Somewhere Tonight In the second half Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry will be heard, and in the middle of the show you can listen to Michael Jackson’s cover Human Nature. Steve’s son Trevor Lucasa will appear at the Hold The Line in Amsterdam. Both performances are recorded with very good sound quality, but Amsterdam performance is unusual for digital recording in recent years and hiss noise is heard in quiet places. (I think that it is probably because of recording with narrowing the REC level with DAT.His relaxed as much as possible to the extent that the original sound is not affected.) The Rihi Maki performance uses the master of the highest level which was handed over from the recording person It is. The sound quality is clear and superior to Amsterdam, and it is possible to enjoy the full appearance of the show with excellent sound with excellent stability with Ultra Clear. There are parts that make the cheer as real as it sounds, but since the sound quality is good anyway, it is the highest sound quality take that you can recommend to a wide range of fans from mania to beginners. Both of the sound balances are the highest, you can enjoy less with less sound, from the weak to the hard rocking number, neither is feasible, you can enjoy it with a reasonable sound image. The sound character is different from the disc 1 & 2 of analog warm sound and the disc 3 & 4 which seems to be the digital recording of recent years, respectively, but the content is one of “the best!” It is a recommended four-sheet set for fans.

★ In 2011 it was released for 20 sets only, and the name sound source title that gained popularity from fans and media has been re-released for the first time in 7 years.

2011年最新ヨーロッパ・ツアーより、6月23日のアムステルダム公演と7月3日のフィンランドはリーヒマキ公演を、どちらも究極レベルの超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録したファン必携の4枚組タイトルが登場です。アムステルダム公演ではStay Awayが聴ける以外は、Pameraの位置が違うくらいで、セットは殆ど同一。Somewhere Tonight後半ではボブ・マーリーのNo Woman No Cryが、またショウ中盤ではマイケル・ジャクソンのカバーHuman Natureが聴けます。アムステルダム公演ではHold The Lineでスティーブの息子のトレバー・ルカサーが登場します。両公演とも大変優れた音質で録音されていますが、アムステルダム公演は昨今のデジタル録音にしては珍しく静かな所ではヒスノイズが聞こえます。(おそらくDATでRECレベルを絞って録音したせいだと思います。ヒスは原音に影響が出ない程度に出来る限り緩和しています。)リーヒマキ公演は録音者より譲り受けた極上レベルのマスターを使用しています。音質はアムステルダム以上にクリアーで抜けが良く、ウルトラクリアーで安定感抜群のサウンドでショウの全貌を堪能することができます。楽音同様に歓声もリアルに聴こえたりする部分もありますが、とにかく音質が良いので、マニアからビギナーまで幅広いファンにお薦め出来る最高音質テイクです。音のバランスはどちらも最高で、篭りも少なく、弱音からハードに盛り上がるロックナンバーまで、どちらも可不足ない、無理のない音像で楽しめます。アナログ風の温かみのあるサウンドのディスク1&2、いかにも近年のデジタル録音らしいディスク3&4と、それぞれ音のキャラクターは違いますが、内容はどちらも「最高!」のひとこと。ファン必携のお薦め4枚組です。


Live at Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands 23rd June 2011

Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Child’s Anthem 3. Till The End 4. Afraid Of Love 5. Lovers In The Night
6. Somewhere Tonight / No Woman No Cry 7. Stay Away 8. Lea 9. Gift of Faith
10. Pamela 11. Keyboard Extravaganza

Disc 2
1. Africa 2. Human Nature 3. Rosanna 4. Georgy Porgy 5. Member Introduction
6. Stop Loving You 7. Home Of The Brave 8. Hold The Line (with Trevor Lukather)

Live at Messupuisto, Riihimaki, Finland 3rd July 2011

Dsic 3
1. Intro. 2. Child’s Anthem 3. Till The End 4. Afraid Of Love 5. Lovers In The Night
6. Somewhere Tonight / No Woman No Cry 7. Pamela 8. Lea 9. Gift of Faith
10. Keyboard Extravaganza 11. Africa

Disc 4
1. Human Nature 2. Rosanna 3. Member Introduction 4. Georgy Porgy 5. Stop Loving You
6. Home Of The Brave 7. Hold The Line

Steve Lukather – Guitar, Vocals Joseph Williams – Vocals Simon Phillips – Drums
David Paich – Keyboards, Vocals Steve Porcaro – Keyboards
Nathan East – Bass Mabvuto Carpenter – Vocals Jenny Douglas-McRae – Vocals

Uxbridge 390

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