TOTO / Wohlen 2003 / 1DVDR

TOTO / Wohlen 2003 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Live at the Sound Arena, Wohlen, Switzerland 20th June 2003 PRO-SHOT


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Following two years of the Japan tour, they are more excited in a high-quality competition of the sound source TOTO. Such their best professional shot is the revival in the gift title. Of this work has been photographed, 13 years ago to leave now. Is a professional shot the video that contains the “June 20, 2013 wohlen (Switzerland) performance” of the era who was inosine in the 25th anniversary tour. At that time, it has been recorded from the broadcast digital master in the TV program “MUSIC NIGHT” at the local Swiss, but once that has also been generally released from TRIAL label.
According to the airtime it has any been edited in about an hour, but the quality is just best to be worried about. But was also to introduce the next great South American professional shot of 2004 “VINA DEL MAR FESTIVAL 2004” the other day, is amazing over the wheel this time. Beautiful color screen, delicate image quality, ultra-clear sound …… exactly official class. “VINA DEL MAR FESTIVAL 2004” was also was the perfect professional shot feel the progress of South America of broadcasting equipment, has continued to lead the world again in a locked Europe, quality feel the length of the day. South America there is a darker screen from the video, but this is not is also the stage of the original lock.
This work, start with the “VINA DEL MAR FESTIVAL 2004” In was not observed, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Also because suddenly of ballads, but is really feeling that TV editing, also this song is impressive. In addition to this, “I Will not Hold You Back” and Steve Lukather and black keyboard I strike, solo time of Greg Firingensu that also glad seen. The official work “LIVE IN AMSTERDAM” from the 25th anniversary tour has come out, but where there is no appearance of David Paich, which was playing the keyboard. In general, Greg support participation in 2004, but has become a subscriber in 2005, it is why was playing at the time of the 2003 year. Especially “LIVE IN AMSTERDAM” was recorded in February 2003, this work in June 2003. It seems to have been a delicate time of just switched.
As Greg, in the keyboard blowing the R & B-flavored jazz flavor, also take vocals in “Africa”. Until then, it is not only the chorus experience, but seems to have challenged for the first time to lead vocals in TOTO, this is quite a thing. Without showing off a wide range of up range is to listen to later, but singing voice is still the Uiuishi is, you let me listen to the activity also does not end in just a support early in everywhere.
Following the “VINA DEL MAR FESTIVAL 2004”, large masterpiece video of the 25th anniversary tour was revived once again. Luxurious hit parade also, innocent Greg also, also based in front of Mike Porcaro to be affected by ALS, a masterpiece that all have been housed in the official class. By all means, please try this opportunity.

★ it is a great picture quality and content.

2年ぶりのジャパンツアーに続き、音源のハイクオリティ競争で一層盛り上がっているTOTO。そんな彼らの極上プロショットがギフト・タイトルで復活です。本作が撮影されたのは、今を去ること13年前。25周年記念ツアーに勤しんでいた時代の「2013年6月20日ヴォーレン(スイス)公演」を収めたプロショット映像です。当時、現地スイスでテレビ番組“MUSIC NIGHT”で放送されたデジタル・マスターから収録しており、かつてTRIALレーベルから通常リリースもされていたものです。
放送枠に合わせて1時間ほどに編集されてはいますが、気になるクオリティはまさに極上。先日も翌2004年の素晴らしい南米プロショット『VINA DEL MAR FESTIVAL 2004』をご紹介しましたが、今回は輪をかけて凄い。美しい発色の画面、繊細な画質、超クリアなサウンド……まさにオフィシャル級です。『VINA DEL MAR FESTIVAL 2004』も南米の放送機材の進歩を感じさせる完璧なプロショットでしたが、やはりロックで世界をリードし続けてきたヨーロッパ、一日の長を感じさせるクオリティ。南米映像より暗めの画面ではありますが、これが本来のロックのステージでもあるわけです。
本作は、その『VINA DEL MAR FESTIVAL 2004』では見られなかった「While My Guitar Gently Weeps」でスタート。いきなりのバラードというのも、いかにもテレビ編集という感じですが、やはりこの曲は感動的です。この他にも「I Won’t Hold You Back」やスティーヴ・ルカサーや黒人キーボードィスト、グレッグ・フィリンゲンスのソロタイムが見られるのも嬉しい。この25周年ツアーからはオフィシャル作品『LIVE IN AMSTERDAM』も出ていますが、そこでキーボードを弾いていたデヴィッド・ペイチの姿はない。一般にグレッグは2004年にサポート参加、2005年加入となっているものの、2003年の時点でも弾いていたわけです。特に『LIVE IN AMSTERDAM』が収録されたのは2003年2月で、本作2003年6月。ちょうど切り替わりの微妙な時期だったようです。
『VINA DEL MAR FESTIVAL 2004』に続き、またも復活した25周年ツアーの大傑作映像。豪華なヒットパレードも、初々しいグレッグも、ALSに冒される前のマイク・ポーカロのベースも、すべてがオフィシャル級で収められた傑作。ぜひ、この機会にお試しください。


1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 2. Africa 3. Stop Loving You
4. Waiting For Your Love 5. Keyboard Solo 6. Luke’s Acoustic Solo
7. Georgy Porgy 8. I Won’t Hold You Back 9. Rosanna
10. English Eyes 11. Hold The Line incl. Member Introduction

Bobby Kimball – Vocals Steve Lukather – Guitar/Vocals Simon Philips – Drums
Mike Porcarro – Bass Greg Phillinganes – Keyboards/Vocals
Tony Spinner – Guitar/Vocals John Jessel – Keyboards/Vocals




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