Tom Waits / Rain Dog In Holland / 2CDR

Tom Waits / Rain Dog In Holland / 2CDR / Midnight Dreamer
Translated text:
Live At Buitensocieteit, Zwolle, Holland November 7th 1985. Audience

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“Drunken poet” which has been active since the 1970s Tom Waits’ s 85th anniversary live instrument first appeared!
Including “Downtown · Train” “Tom · Trauba · Blues” which Rod · Stewart’s cover got a big hit on the tour after the release of the album “Rain · Dog” which is said to be the best masterpiece among avant-garde routes since the 1980s Complete recording of the overflowing set list from the high-quality audience recording master.
80’s Tom Waits is an audible live tone source that can not be missed!


01. Underground/02. Walking Spanish/03. Jockey Full Of Bourbon/04. Big Black Mariah/05. Downtown Train/06. Tango Till They’re Sore/07. I Beg Your Pardon/08. Ruby’s Arms/09. Take Care Of All Of My Children/10. In The Neighbourhood/11. Cemetery Polka/12. 16 Shells >From A Thirty Ought Six
01. Shore Leave/02. Rain Dogs/03. Down Down Down/04. Blind Love/05. $29/06. Introduction Of The Band/07. Singapore/08. Christmas Card From A Hooker/09. Till The Money Runs Out/10. 9th And Hennepin/11. Tom Trauberts Blues

Live At Buitensocieteit, Zwolle, Holland November 7th 1985
Midnight Dreamer. MD 816A/B

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