Tom Waits / The Early Radio Broadcasts / 2CDR

Tom Waits / The Early Radio Broadcasts / 2CDR / Vintage Masters

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KPFK Broadcast, Studio City, CA August 12th 1973 Soundboard


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The first appearance than 2 Disc was recorded live “vintage Masters” in aloof valuable radio sessions and ’74 San Diego Folk Festival in the early 70s of the poet Tom Waits!

Radio session sound source that has been recorded in every year Sound City 73-75 not to be missed as the recording sound source of fan must listen.

70s broadcasting sound of Tom Waits is the large recommendation title listen together!
01. Virginia Ave / 02. San Diego Serenade / 03. 01 ’55/04. Semi Suite / 05. Fumbling With The Blues / 06. Rosie / 07. Depot Depot / 08. I Hope That I Do not Fall In Love With You / 09. Heart Of Saturday Night / 10. Better Off Without A Wife / 11. On A Foggy Night / 12. Heart Of Saturday Night
KPFK Broadcast, Studio City, CA August 12th 1973



01. Virginia Ave/02. San Diego Serenade/03. 01’ 55/04. Semi Suite/05. Fumbling With The Blues/06. Rosie/07. Depot Depot/08. I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You/09. Heart Of Saturday Night/10. Better Off Without A Wife/11. On A Foggy Night/12. Heart Of Saturday Night
KPFK Broadcast, Studio City, CA August 12th 1973

13. Intro/14. Semi Sute/15. Drunk On The Moon/16. San Diego Serenade/17. Rosie/18. Fumblin’ With The Blues/19. New Coat Of Paint
KPFK Broadcast, Studio City, CA July 23th 1974

20. Intro/21. Nobody/22. On A Foggy Night/23. The Heart Of Saturday Night/24. Fumblin’ With The Blues/25. Better Off Without A Wife/26. Drunk On The Moon/27. Big Joe And Phantom 309
KPFK Broadcast, Studio City, CA January 12th 1975

01. Better Off Without A Wife/02. The Heart Of Saturday Night/03. On A Foggy Night/04. Shiver Me Timbers/05. Fumblin’ With The Blues/06. Semi Suite/07. San Diego Serenade/08. Glad That You’re Gone/09. Ice Cream Man/10. Depot Depot/11. The Ghosts Of Saturday Night
Live At San Diego Folk Festival April 19th 1974
Vintage Masters. VMCDR-477A/B

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