Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / Brighton 1982 Master / 2CDR

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / Brighton 1982 Master / 2CDR / Uxbridge

Live at Brighton Centre , Brighton , UK 12th December 1982

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Tom Petty in 1982, who led THE HEARTBREAKERS and made a series of TOP10 hits in the United States, was in the middle of the heyday. Introducing a miracle original master who can experience the scene in a superb way.
It was “December 12, 1982 Brighton performance” that was imbued with such a work. It is the transcendental audience recording. The biggest point of this work is the unusually high sound quality that far exceeds the common sense of the audience, but first of all, the position of the show. Speaking of Tom at this time, “MILWAUKEE 1983 (Uxbridge 1252)” introduced the other day has also been very popular, so let’s check it from the schedule at that time as well.

● 1982
・ September 1-19: North America # 1 (4 performances)
・ November 1: Performance in Paris
《November 2nd release of “LONG AFTER DARK”》
・ November 30-December 21: Europe (14 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
● 1983
・ January 17-April 25: North America # 2 (57 performances) ← * MILWAUKEE 1983
・ June 1-11: North America # 3 (6 performances)

This is Tom Petty in 1982/1983. “MILWAUKEE 1983” was a North American recording of “LONG AFTER DARK TOUR”, but this work can be said to be the British edition. It was the 8th performance of the “Europe” leg.
This work recorded at the scene is the best sound that makes you want to line up with “super …”. After all, its identity is amazing. Obtained a miracle of the super-heavy taper Omoto cassette that no one in the British collector world knows. It is one of the directly digitized products. Anyway, super thick & super tight. The feeling of air is transparent … Rather, there is no feeling of air. Even if you listen carefully with headphones, you can not feel the sound of the hall, and there is no sense of distance or squishy. The cheers that boil between the songs are (for some reason) at the level of whispering far away from the thick playing sound.
In fact, if it wasn’t provided by the person who recorded it, this would be unbelievable to the audience. The sounds so far are not so common. The aforementioned “MILWAUKEE 1983” was also a masterpiece by a Chicago master, but this work goes even further (those who do not know that masterpiece may think “What are you saying from a while ago?” No, but I have to tell those who have experienced it, “It’s better than that!”). It’s just like a “sound board”, which is a close-fitting sound that sounds like it was recorded directly from a mix desk.
The tight sound of such a de-class is drawn with a full show that makes you feel like you are bathing in the heyday of the wind. Speaking of Tom in the 80’s, the traditional official board “PACK UP THE PLANTATION: LIVE!” Comes to mind, but it is a completely different set. Let’s organize them while comparing them here.

● SHELTER era (6 songs)
・ American Girl: American Girl / Strangered in the Night (★) / Breakdown / Anything That’s Rock’n’Roll (★)
・ Your Gonna Get It !: Listen To Her Heart (★) / I Need to Know
● BACKSTREET / MCA era (10 songs)
・ Destruction: Don’t Do Me Like That / Louisiana Rain (★) / Refugee
・ Hard Promise: A Thing About You (★) / A Woman in Love (It’s Not Me) (★) / Kings Road (★)
・ Long After Dark: You Got Lucky / Change of Heart (★) / Straight Into Darkness (★) / A One Story Town (★)
● Others (5 songs)
・ I’m in Love (★: Bobby Womack) / You Ain’t Goin’Nowhere (★: Bob Dylan) / Shout (★: THE ISLEY BROTHERS) / So You Want to Be a Rock’n’ Roll Star (THE BYRDS) / Route 66 (Bobby Troup)
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the official edition “PACK UP THE PLANTATION: LIVE!”.

… And it looks like this. It is natural that the official work is different only in the edited work composed of several tours, but it is also different from “MILWAUKEE 1983” of the same tour. Not only the originals such as “Strangered in the Night”, “Anything That’s Rock’n’ Roll” and “Louisiana Rain”, but all the cover songs other than “Shout” are repertoires that could not be heard in “MILWAUKEE 1983”.
Even so, it’s wonderful. It’s a live album with a sound that is too wonderful. The tone is different from the official works and sound boards, but that doesn’t seem to be a spatial recording. It is a two-disc set that packs heyday masterpieces and enthusiastic performances with a quality that is different from the sound imagined from the words “audience recording” while giving a super-realistic on-site feeling. Omoto cassette sound only for this work that can not be experienced on the net etc. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

★ A superb audience recording of “December 12, 1982 Brighton Performance”. An ultra-thick and ultra-tight product that has been digitized directly from the original cassette of the UK’s super-famous taper. If there is no sense of distance or squishy, ​​the cheers are at a whispering level far away from the thick playing sound. It feels like a sound board directly connected to the table. The show was full of momentum during its heyday, and there were a lot of famous songs that could not be heard even on the traditional official board “PACK UP THE PLANTATION: LIVE!”. Extremely rare cover songs such as “I’m in Love” and “You Ain’t Goin’Nowhere” are also delicious new masterpieces.
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 THE HEARTBREAKERSを率いて全米TOP10ヒットを連発し、一大全盛のド真ん中にいた1982年のトム・ペティ。その現場を超・極上体験できる奇跡のオリジナル・マスターが登場です。
 そんな本作に吹き込まれているのは「1982年12月12日ブライトン公演」。その超絶級オーディエンス録音です。本作最大のポイントはオーディエンスの常識を遙かに超える異様な高音質なのですが、まずはショウのポジション。この時期のトムと言えば、先日ご紹介した『MILWAUKEE 1983(Uxbridge 1252)』も大好評を賜っておりますので、併せて当時のスケジュールから確かめてみましょう。
《11月2日『LONG AFTER DARK』発売》
・1月17日-4月25日:北米#2(57公演)←※MILWAUKEE 1983
 これが1982年/1983年のトム・ペティ。『MILWAUKEE 1983』は“LONG AFTER DARK TOUR”の北米録音でしたが、それに対して本作はイギリス編とも言える。「欧州」レッグ8公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
 実際、録音した本人から提供されていなければ、これがオーディエンスとは到底信じられない。ここまでのサウンドは、そうそう出逢えるものではない。前述した『MILWAUKEE 1983』もシカゴの達人による名作でしたが、本作はさらに上を行ってしまう(あの名作をご存じない方には「さっきから何を言ってる?」と思われてしまうかも知れませんが、体験された方に「アレより凄いんですってば!」をお伝えなければならないのです)。まさに「まるでサウンドボード」、それもミックス卓から直結録音したようなド密着サウンドなのです。
 そんなド級のタイト・サウンドで描かれるのは、全盛の風を全身で浴びるようなフルショウ。80年代のトムと言えば、伝統の公式盤『PACK UP THE PLANTATION: LIVE!』も浮かびますが、まったく異なるセットなのです。ここでは比較しながら整理してみましょう。
・アメリカン・ガール:American Girl/Strangered in the Night(★)/Breakdown/Anything That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll(★)
・ユア・ゴナ・ゲット・イット!:Listen To Her Heart(★)/I Need to Know
・破壊:Don’t Do Me Like That/Louisiana Rain(★)/Refugee
・ハード・プロミス:A Thing About You(★)/A Woman in Love (It’s Not Me)(★)/Kings Road(★)
・ロング・アフター・ダーク:You Got Lucky/Change of Heart(★)/Straight Into Darkness(★)/A One Story Town(★)
・I’m in Love(★:ボビー・ウーマック)/You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere(★:ボブ・ディラン)/Shout(★:THE ISLEY BROTHERS)/So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star(THE BYRDS)/Route 66(ボビー・トゥループ)
※注:「★」印は公式盤『PACK UP THE PLANTATION: LIVE!』で聴けない曲。
……と、このようになっています。公式作は幾つものツアーから構成された編集作品だけに違うのは当然ですが、同じツアーの『MILWAUKEE 1983』とも異なる。「Strangered in the Night」「Anything That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll」「Louisiana Rain」といったオリジナルだけでなく、「Shout」以外のカバー曲は全部『MILWAUKEE 1983』でも聴けなかったレパートリーなのです。
★「1982年12月12日ブライトン公演」の超絶級オーディエンス録音。英国の超有名テーパーの大元カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化した銘品で、超極太&超タイト。距離感もスカスカ感も皆無なら喝采も極太の演奏音より遙か遙か彼方の囁き声レベル。まるで卓直結サウンドボードのようなド密着感です。ショウは全盛期の勢いたっぷりで、伝統の公式盤『PACK UP THE PLANTATION: LIVE!』でも聴けない名曲が山盛り。「I’m in Love」「You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere」等の激レアなカバー曲も美味しい新名盤です。
Disc 1 (56:57)
1. American Girl
2. Listen to Her Heart
3. A Thing About You
4. You Got Lucky
5. I Need to Know
6. Don’t Do Me Like That
7. I’m in Love
8. Change of Heart
9. Strangered in the Night
10. Straight Into Darkness
11. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
12. Louisiana Rain
13. A One Story Town
Disc 2 (51:56)
1. A Woman in Love (It’s Not Me)
2. Kings Road
3. Breakdown
4. Refugee
5. Shout
6. So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
7. Anything That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll
8. Route 66
Tom Petty – lead vocals, guitars
Mike Campbell – guitars
Howie Epstein – bass, backing vocals
Benmont Tench – keyboards, backing vocals
Stan Lynch – drums, backing vocals
Uxbridge 1395



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