Thin Lizzy / Tokyo 1994 2nd Night / 2CD

Thin Lizzy / Tokyo 1994 2nd Night / 2CD / ZODIAC
Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 22nd November 1994 STEREO SBD

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THIN LIZZY reunited by John Sykes who came to Japan in 1994 in honor of Phil Rynot. The legendary outflow soundboard album has been brushed up and appears.

[Legendary transcendental sound board leaked from officials] て い る The piece engraved in this work is “November 22, 1994: Tokyo Health and Welfare Pension Hall”. This is a super-excellent stereo sound board recording. In our shop, we once introduced the spilled sound board daimyo board “HEALING PRAYERS”, but this work is different from that. First of all, let’s confirm the show position from the schedule at the time to explain the circumstances around that.

・ November 18: Kawaguchi General Culture Center
・ November 19: Shibuya Public Hall
・ November 20: Miyagi Prefectural Hall
・ November 22: Shinjuku Health and Welfare Pension Hall ← ★ This work ★
・ November 23: Nakano Sun Plaza
・ November 24: Nakano Sun Plaza ← ※ “HEALING PRAYERS”
・ November 25: Amagasaki City Cultural Center
・ November 27: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Hall

More than 8 performances. From this tour, there are two sound board sound sources leaked from related parties, and this work is one of them. This sound board had a huge impact in the 90’s. After all, the quality is abnormal. Even the “completely official class” is no longer tepid, and the taste of direct connection is also superb. The thick and thick performance sound penetrates into the brain with footsteps, and even if you take one drum, the tom roll pans with an enormous stereo feeling, and a slight cymbal crash is also brilliant. In the case of guitars, not only the harmony of the twins is beautiful, but also the harmony peculiar to Sykes that is inserted from the end is terribly sharp. Of course, these are just examples, vocals, bass and keyboards. Everything is brilliant.
You could feel the superb performance in the Nakano Sunplaza SBD “HEALING PRAYERS”, but here in Shinjuku SBD is even more complete. The Nakano Sunplaza SBD was a type where the core was bare or “there was only a core”, but this work was a line recording with the effects added to it, and a loud cheer You can feel the spectacle as you enter. If you can compare it sensuously, Nakano’s “Healing Prayers” is like a band in the brain, and Shinjuku SBD is like a stage in my head. It’s more of a preference than an excellence, but the one that is more musical and work is Shinjuku SBD.

[Remastered Rizzy’s masterpiece with Brian Downey participating] And this work polished such legendary Shinjuku sound board with the latest mastering. Although it is so transcendent from Omoto that it can not be said to be “as if it is a different thing”, the sense of separation and dynamism directly connected to the table has become more vivid, and with it, the three-dimensional feeling of the venue spectacle can be felt vastly. It’s a live album that lets you listen to the delusion of “What if it was officially released?”
シ ョ The show drawn with such a sound is a collection of famous songs filled with respect for the late Phil. THIN LIZZY, which Sykes sings, also has an official record “ONE NIGHT ONLY” that recorded the 1999 show, but it was far from a full show because it was pushed into a CD. Here, let’s organize the set while comparing it with the official edition.

● Robo era (10 songs)
・ NIGHTLIFE: Still in Love with You
・ FIGHTING: Suicide / Rosalie
・ JAILBREAK: Jailbreak / Emerald (★) / Cowboy Song / The Boys Are Back in Town
・ JOHNNY THE FOX: Don’t Believe A Word
・ BAD REPUTATION: Bad Reputation
● After BLACK ROSE (7 songs)
・ BLACK ROSE: Waiting for An Alibi / Got to Give it Up (★) / Black Rose
・ RENEGADE: Angel of Death (★)
・ THUNDER AND LIGHTNING: Cold Sweat / The Sun Goes Down / Thunder & Lightning (★)
* Note: “★” indicates songs that cannot be heard in the official work “ONE NIGHT ONLY”.

… and it looks like this. Greatest hits are selected from all works except “CHINATOWN”, with the main songs after joining Scott Gorham alongside the three works of “JAILBREAK”, “BLACK ROSE”, “THUNDER AND LIGHTNING”. He also performed all 13 songs he had heard on “ONE NIGHT ONLY”, and then performed “Emerald”, “Angel of Death”, “Got to Give it Up” and “Thunder & Lightning”.
And the performance of spinning such famous songs is more than “ONE NIGHT ONLY”. The biggest thing is the originator, Brian Downey! Reorganization THIN LIZZY started regular activities in 1996, but Downey gradually withdrew and completely withdrew in 1998. He was initially replaced by Tommy Aldridge, who had participated as a downtown hit. Though Tommy is also a master, THIN LIZZY is that unique groove and simple, and actually various phrasing. Even if Phil was alive, it was a proof of LIZZY that GRAND SLAM did not become “itself”. And, in this work, you can enjoy such downy drumming with a transcendental sound board with close contact. That’s THIN LIZZY’s masterpiece, which is comparable to even Gary Moore’s official DVD “ONE NIGHT IN DUBLIN”.

伝 A legendary soundboard recording that shocked mania around the world and taught countless John Sykes / THIN LIZZY fans the magic of underground. It is the ultimate live album that further refines the transcendence sound. THIN LIZZY’s masterpiece is a reunion that makes the official edition “ONE NIGHT ONLY” out of the question, both in volume and content. Please enjoy it with the permanent preservation press 2CD.
フィル・ライノット追悼を掲げ、1994年に来日を果たしたジョン・サイクス率いる再結成THIN LIZZY。その伝説的な流出サウンドボード・アルバムがブラッシュアップして登場です。

そんな本作に刻まれているのは「1994年11月22日:東京厚生年金会館」。その超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。当店では、かつて流出サウンドボードの大名盤『HEALING PRAYERS』をご紹介した事もありますが、本作はそれとは別のもの。まずは、その辺の事情をご説明するためにも当時のスケジュールからショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

・11月22日:新宿厚生年金会館 ←★本作★
・11月24日:中野サンプラザ ←※『HEALING PRAYERS』

その超絶ぶりは中野サンプラザSBD『HEALING PRAYERS』でも感じられましたが、新宿SBDのこちらはさらに完成度が高い。中野サンプラザSBDは、それこそ芯が丸出しと言いますか「芯しかない」ようなタイプでしたが、本作はそこにエフェクト類も加わった段階のライン録音で、(うっすらと)大歓声も入ってスペクタクルも感じられる。感覚的に喩えるなら中野の『HEALING PRAYERS』は脳内にバンドがいる感じであり、新宿SBDは頭の中がステージになった感じ。優劣と言うよりは好みの話なのですが、より音楽的・作品的なのは新宿SBDの方なのです。

そんなサウンドで描かれるショウは、亡きフィルへの敬意に満ちた名曲集。サイクスが歌うTHIN LIZZYというと1999年のショウを記録した公式盤『ONE NIGHT ONLY』もありますが、CD1枚に押し込むためかフルショウとはほど遠いものでした。ここで、公式盤と比較しながらセットを整理してみましょう。

・NIGHTLIFE:Still in Love with You
・JAILBREAK:Jailbreak/Emerald(★)/Cowboy Song/The Boys Are Back in Town
・JOHNNY THE FOX:Don’t Believe A Word
・BAD REPUTATION:Bad Reputation
・BLACK ROSE:Waiting for An Alibi/Got to Give it Up(★)/Black Rose
・RENEGADE:Angel of Death(★)
・THUNDER AND LIGHTNING:Cold Sweat/The Sun Goes Down/Thunder & Lightning(★)
※注:「★」印は公式作『ONE NIGHT ONLY』でも聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。『JAILBREAK』『BLACK ROSE』『THUNDER AND LIGHTNING』の3作を軸としながら、スコット・ゴーハム加入後の代表曲をズラリと並べ、『CHINATOWN』以外の全作から満遍なくセレクトされたグレイテスト・ヒッツ。『ONE NIGHT ONLY』でも聴けた13曲も全部演奏し、その上で「Emerald」「Angel of Death」「Got to Give it Up」「Thunder & Lightning」まで披露しています。
そして、そんな名曲を紡いでいく演奏も『ONE NIGHT ONLY』以上。なんと言っても大きいのは、オリジネイターのブライアン・ダウニー! 再編THIN LIZZYは1996年から活動をレギュラー化したのですが、ダウニーは徐々に手を引き、1998年には完全に離脱。当初はダウニーの代打として参加していたトミー・アルドリッジに交代しました。トミーも名手ではあるものの、あの独特のグルーヴとシンプルなようでいて実は多彩なフレージングこそがTHIN LIZZY。たとえフィルの存命中でもGRAND SLAMでは“そのもの”には成りきらなかったLIZZYの証でもあるのです。そして、本作はそんなダウニーのドラミングもド密着の超絶サウンドボードで味わえる。それこそ、ゲイリー・ムーアの公式DVD『ONE NIGHT IN DUBLIN』にさえ匹敵する再編THIN LIZZYの最高傑作なのです。

世界中のマニアに衝撃を与え、無数のジョン・サイクス/THIN LIZZYファンにアンダーグラウンドの魔力を教えてしまった伝説のサウンドボード録音。その超絶サウンドをさらにブラッシュアップさせた究極のライヴアルバムです。ボリュームにしても内容にしても公式盤『ONE NIGHT ONLY』を問題外にする再結成THIN LIZZYの最高傑作。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでとことんお楽しみください。
Disc 1(46:51)

1. Jailbreak
2. Waitin for An Alibi
3. Don’t Believe a Word
4. Cold Sweat
5. Emerald
6. The Sun Goes Down
7. Angel of Death
8. Are You Ready?
9. Bad Reputation
10. Suicide

Disc 2(53:41)

1. Got to Give it Up
2. Still in Love with You
3. Cowboy Song
4. The Boys Are Back in Town
5. Rosalie
6. Black Rose
7. Thunder And Lightning



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