Tedeschi Trucks Band / Tokyo 2019 Final Night / 2CD

Tedeschi Trucks Band / Tokyo 2019 Final Night / 2CD / Zion
Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan 16th June 2019

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Not only the show itself has received great acclaim, but also the latest masterpieces of the TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND, which has been shooting super masterpieces in a row. The top live album that comes to an end is released.
The final album contains the “June 16, 2019: Tokyo Dome City Hall” performance. It is the super-superior audience recording. This week we will be releasing three press titles for Tokyo performances at the same time, so let’s organize the collection according to the schedule here as well.

・ June 11 “AMAGASAKI 2019”
・ June 12: Zepp Nagoya
“June 13: Move & Off”
・ June 14 “TOKYO 2019 1ST NIGHT”
・ June 15 “TOKYO 2019 2ND NIGHT”
・ June 16: Tokyo Dome City Hall [This work]

Above, all 5 performances. This work is not only the last day of Tokyo, but it is a live album that will be the best for Japan Tour. Although this show was also heard in “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 (Uxbridge 1055)” which summarized Tokyo 3 performances, this work is a completely different recording, and it is a masterpiece which surpasses that six-disc set. It is an original master handed down by the musicians themselves, but the quality is also excellent.
Anyway, the elegant sound is beautiful. If you write like this, you may imagine a loud sound with a loud hall noise, but it is not. “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019” was also a clear sound with a wonderful core that was impressively clean, yet this work also boasts a sense of clarity and adhesion over the equivalent, yet it is rich in texture, and the details are touch-grade. If the guitar is light cutting and delicate, bold slides are also full of curiosity. If it is as vivid as the three tubes of breathing that are entwined there, the bass makes the drums feel the insensible elasticity of the snare until the vibes that shakes the floor of the hall. While a large group of 12 people in total, it is a recording of the beauty that separates up to one sound one sound of each one beautifully and does not mix even if it is intertwined.
The final performance drawn by the sound is a great performance suitable for the culmination of the 2019 Japan Tour. Set is even more colorful while based on the royal road reminiscent of Nagoya and Tokyo first day. There will be three shows in Tokyo this week, so let’s put together the songs in the same style for comparison.

Midnight In Harlem, Bound For Glory
・ Part of Me, Made Up Mind
・ Right on Time, I Want More
・ Signs, High Times, When Will I Begin, Hard Case
● Other covers
・ Keep On Growing (DEREK AND THE DOMINOS), Key To The Highway (Blues Standard), Leavin ‘Trunk / Volunteered Slavery (Sleepy John Estes / Roland Kirk), Angel From Montgomery / Sugaree (John Pryne / Jerry)・ Garcia), With a Little Help From My Friends (THE BEATLES)
※ () is the original artist

… and is like this. The original / cover ratio does not change much, but its contents are Tokuno. The original is evenly selected from all previous albums, the cover is more versatile. Modern jazz “Volunteered Slavery” is entangled in Sleepy John Estes’s “Leavin ‘Trunk”, and “Sugaree” appears in “Angel From Montgomery”. A wide range of well-rounded famous music lines are lined up and free hot jams blow out from here. You can taste plenty of performances that really make you look like “the strongest modern live band”.
There is also another way to enjoy this work. As a matter of fact, this work is a work by the same recorder as the press 2CD “TOKYO 2019 2ND NIGHT (Zion-146)” and the gift title “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL DAY 1” released simultaneously. Of course, although the nuances of these three films are different due to the difference in seating position, a sense of unity of the same venue and the same equipment can be felt solidly. The set is completely different in the 3 performances, and it is also possible to do a fixed point observation of a huge repertoire of over 35 songs in 3 days.

Even the 2019 Japan performances that have been highly acclaimed from various fields, the final Tokyo performance that became a masterpiece of the culmination. It is the top work that you can experience 100% of the real life with super-superior sound all the way through. It is good to collect the vertex record with 3 press titles, and it is good to complete the same record house collection of 3 Tokyo performances together with “TOKYO 2019 2ND NIGHT” and the gift title “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL DAY 1”, above all A great masterpiece live album of which this work itself is extremely complete. No matter how you enjoy it, it’s an inevitable one. Please taste it as you can bite it with permanent storage press 2CD.

ショウそのものが大絶賛を博しているだけでなく、超傑作も連発しているTEDESCHI TRUCKS BANDの最新来日公演。その締めくくりとなる頂点ライヴアルバムが登場です。

・6月11日『AMAGASAKI 2019』
・6月12日:Zepp Nagoya
・6月14日『TOKYO 2019 1ST NIGHT』
・6月15日『TOKYO 2019 2ND NIGHT』

以上、全5公演。本作は東京最終日というだけでなく、ジャパンツアー全体でも千秋楽となるライヴアルバムです。このショウは東京3公演をまとめた『TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019(Uxbridge 1055)』でも聴けましたが、本作は完全なる別録音であり、あの6枚組を凌駕する最高傑作。録音家本人から譲られたオリジナル・マスターなのですが、そのクオリティは絶品にもほどがある。
とにかく気品溢れる鳴りが美しい。こう書くとホール鳴りがぶ厚いサウンドをイメージされるかも知れませんが、そうではありません。『TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019』もクッキリとした芯が素晴らしいクリア・サウンドではありましたが、本作も同等以上のクリアさと密着感を誇りつつ、さらに手応えはリッチで、ディテールは手触り級。ギターは軽いカッティングも繊細なら大胆なスライドも色気たっぷり。そこに絡み付く3管の呼吸感まで鮮やかなら、ベースは会場の床を振るわせるヴァイヴまで、ドラムはスネアの肉感的な弾力まで感じさせる。総勢12名の大所帯ながら、その1人ひとりの1音1音まで綺麗にセパレートし、絡み合っても混じり合わない美の録音なのです。

・Midnight In Harlem、Bound For Glory
・Part of Me、Made Up Mind
・Right on Time、I Want More
・Signs, High Times、When Will I Begin、Hard Case
・Keep On Growing(DEREK AND THE DOMINOS)、Key To The Highway(ブルース・スタンダード)、Leavin’ Trunk/Volunteered Slavery(スリーピー・ジョン・エスティス/ローランド・カーク)、Angel From Montgomery/Sugaree(ジョン・プライン/ジェリー・ガルシア)、With a Little Help From My Friends(THE BEATLES)
※( )内はオリジナル・アーティスト

……と、このようになっています。オリジナル/カバーの比率は大きく変わりませんが、その中身は特濃。オリジナルでは、これまでの全アルバムから偏りなくセレクトされ、カバーはより多彩。スリーピー・ジョン・エスティスの「Leavin’ Trunk」にはモダンジャズの「Volunteered Slavery」が絡められ、「Angel From Montgomery」には「Sugaree」が顔を出す。幅広くも芯の通った名曲群が並び、自在で熱いジャムがそこここから吹き出す。まさに“現代最強のライヴバンド”の面目躍如となる演奏がたっぷりと味わえるのです。
また、本作にはもう1つの楽しみ方もある。実のところ、本作は同時リリースのプレス2CD『TOKYO 2019 2ND NIGHT(Zion-146)』やギフト・タイトル『TOKYO DOME CITY HALL DAY 1』と同じ録音家による作品。もちろん、この3作は座席ポジションの違いによりニュアンスは異なるものの、同一会場・同一機材の統一感もしっかりと感じられる。3公演でセットがまるで様変わりしていることもあり、3日間で35曲超となる膨大なレパートリーを定点観測する事もできるのです。

各方面から大絶賛されている2019年の日本公演でも、集大成の名演となった東京最終公演。その一部始終を超・極上サウンドで本生100%体験できる頂点作です。プレス3タイトルで頂点記録をコレクトしても良し、『TOKYO 2019 2ND NIGHT』やギフト・タイトル『TOKYO DOME CITY HALL DAY 1』と併せて東京3公演の同一録音家コレクションを完成させても良し、何より本作自体が極めつけの大傑作ライヴアルバム。どのような楽しみ方をするにしても絶対不可避の1本。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDで噛みしめるように味わい尽くしてください。


Disc 1 (57:27)
1. Intro. 2. Signs, High Times 3. Part of Me 4. Right on Time 5. When Will I Begin
6. Keep On Growing 7. Key to the Highway 8. Midnight in Harlem

Disc 2 (72:44)
1. I Want More 2. Leavin’ Trunk / Volunteered Slavery 3. Hard Case
4. Angel From Montgomery / Sugaree 5. Bound for Glory 6. Made Up Mind
7. With a Little Help From My Friends


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