Tedeschi Trucks Band / Tokyo 2019 1st Night / 2CD

Tedeschi Trucks Band / Tokyo 2019 1st Night / 2CD / Zion
Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan 14th June 2019

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Tokyo 3 DAYS left by today’s best live act. The vertex original recording is a press CD for 3 simultaneous release decisions. This work is its first installment. It is super-superior audience recording of “June 14, 2019: Tokyo Dome City Hall” performance.
In our shop, many of the masterpiece recordings are very popular, starting with the first report album “AMAGASAKI 2019 (Uxbridge 1051)” of the meticulous coming to Japan. This week, finally, three works have been released that will last for permanent preservation. First of all, let’s organize the collection in this visit to Japan.

・ June 11 “AMAGASAKI 2019”
・ June 12: Zepp Nagoya
“June 13: Move & Off”
・ June 14: Tokyo Dome City Hall [This work] ・ June 15 “TOKYO 2019 2ND NIGHT”
・ June 16 “TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT”

Above, all 5 performances. A 6-disc set “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 (Uxbridge 1055:“ 6-disc set ”) that completed the 3 Tokyo performances with the same sounder collection last week is also very popular, but this 3 Tokyo performances this week Vertex audience recording of each permanent preservation press. All are only miracles that exceed that six-disc set.
This work is its first edition. Of course, the quality is super-superior because it is more than six-disc set. If you’re looking for a six-disc set, you’ll wonder if it’s “more than that?”, But it’s true. Sounds rich and beautiful above all else. The sound of the six-piece set seemed to be perfect, and the core that floated from within the luster was strong and the edge was vivid. However, this work is further fine-grained. If the sounding of the six-disc set is a “feel” level, this work feels “touch”. Of course, the bass sound wave that shakes the floor of the hall is equally fine, and the mountain of the sound range is drawn seamlessly to the beautiful high-pitched sound that penetrates the space of Tokyo Dome City Hall.
It is applause to be even more surprised. I didn’t feel awkward when I listened to the Uxbridge label’s six-disc set normally, but when compared with this work, there was a change in the sound at the time of a large applause. Although it is unclear whether the setting of the equipment or the recording house itself processed it, distortion of the microscope level at the moment of striking sound? There was a However, there is not even it in this work. That’s why I focused my attention on the waveform, and even when I focused all my nerves on the ear, beautiful sounds flow naturally. Not only the sound quality is the top but also the 100% pure scene feeling is an overwhelming miracle live album.
The wonderful thing of the first day of Tokyo drawn with such a sound. There are many who choose the show that you actually saw from the 3rd press works this time, but the other selection point might not be a set list that is different for all performances. Let’s organize the songs played on the first day here.

・ Midnight In Harlem
・ Do I Look Worried, Part of Me, Made Up Mind
・ Don’t Know What It Means, I Want More
・ Signs, High Times, High & Mighty, Shame
● Other covers
・ The Letter (THE BOX TOPS), Down In The Flood (Bob Dylan), Somebody Pick Up My Pieces (Willie Nelson), I Pity The Fool (Bobby Brand), Statesboro Blues (Blind Willie McTell: Don・ Co-star with Woz)
※ () is the original artist

… and is like this. In this visit to Japan I can not express the features in a bit because the set of all the performances is significantly different, but if I say it, “orthodoxical”. The most played song this time in Japan is 3 out of 5 performances. There are many such “3 songs” on the first day, and “Midnight in Harlem”, “Made Up Mind”, “Part of Me”, “I Want More”, “Shame”, “Signs, High Times” and a set of six songs are included. As a whole, it is a symbolic show of 2019, close to the Amagasaki performances and the last day of Tokyo. Of course, it’s a TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND, so there are plenty of rare cover songs. In particular, Santana’s “Soul Sacrifice”, Blind Willie McTell’s “Statesboro Blues”, and Bobby’s “I Pity the Fool” are the only numbers on the first day in Tokyo for the five performances.
Besides, “Statesboro Blues” is another point not found in other performances. Don Woz will appear as a guest. He is the current president of Blue Note, coming to Japan for the Japan premiere of the movie “Blue Note Record Beyond Jazz”. The precious co-star can also be experienced with super-super sound.

In contrast to “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019”, which has held three shows with a sense of unity of the same sounder, this week’s three press titles are “tops” of each show. Super master original master only of this work which recorded the first day to enjoy even valuable guest co-star among them. Please enjoy it with perpetual preservation press 2CD by all means.

当店では、細心来日の第一報アルバム『AMAGASAKI 2019(Uxbridge 1051)』を皮切りに傑作録音の数々が大好評。今週は、遂に永久保存に足る頂点作が3作品も登場しました。まずは、今回の来日日程でコレクションを整理してみましょう。

・6月11日『AMAGASAKI 2019』
・6月12日:Zepp Nagoya
・6月15日『TOKYO 2019 2ND NIGHT』
・6月16日『TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT』

以上、全5公演。先週は東京3公演を同一録音家コレクションでコンプリートした6枚組『TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019(Uxbridge 1055:以後「6枚組」)』も大好評となっておりますが、今週はその東京3公演の頂点オーディエンス録音がそれぞれ永久保存プレス化。いずれもあの6枚組を超えるという奇跡品ばかりなのです。

・Midnight In Harlem
・Do I Look Worried、Part of Me、Made Up Mind
・Don’t Know What It Means、I Want More
・Signs, High Times、High & Mighty、Shame
・The Letter(THE BOX TOPS)、Down In The Flood(ボブ・ディラン)、Somebody Pick Up My Pieces(ウィリー・ネルソン)、I Pity The Fool(ボビー・ブランド)、Statesboro Blues(ブラインド・ウィリー・マクテル:ドン・ウォズと共演)
※( )内はオリジナル・アーティスト

……と、このようになっています。今回の来日では全公演のセットが大幅に異なるのでひと口に特徴を言い表せないのですが、強いて言うなら「オーソドックス的」。今回の来日では最多演奏された曲は全5公演中3回。この初日はそうした「3回曲」が多く「Midnight in Harlem」「Made Up Mind」「Part of Me」「I Want More」「Shame」「Signs, High Times」と6曲がセット入りしている。全体としても尼崎公演や東京最終日に近く、2019年の象徴的なショウなのです。もちろん、TEDESCHI TRUCKS BANDですからレアなカバー曲もたっぷり。特にサンタナの「Soul Sacrifice」やブラインド・ウィリー・マクテルの「Statesboro Blues」、ボビー・ブランドの「I Pity the Fool」は、今回の5公演でも東京初日だけのナンバーです。
しかも、その「Statesboro Blues」は他公演にはないポイントがもう1つ。ゲストにドン・ウォズが登場するのです。彼はブルーノートの現社長であり、映画『ブルーノート・レコード ジャズを超えて』のジャパン・プレミアのために来日中。その貴重な共演も超極上のサウンドで体験できるのです。

同一録音家の統一感で3公演を貫いた『TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019』に対し、今週のプレス3タイトルは各公演の“てっぺん”です。その中でも貴重なゲスト共演まで楽しめる初日を記録した本作だけの超極上オリジナル・マスター。ぜひ、永久保存プレス2CDでじっくりとお楽しみください。


Disc 1 (76:15)
1. Intro. 2. Signs, High Times 3. Do I Look Worried 4. Don’t Know What It Means
5. The Letter 6. Down in the Flood 7. Somebody Pick Up My Pieces 8. High & Mighty
9. Part of Me 10. Shame 11. Midnight in Harlem

Disc 2 (43:33)
1. I Pity the Fool 2. I Want More / Soul Sacrifice 3. Statesboro Blues
4. Made Up Mind


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