Tedeschi Trucks Band / Lockn 2019 / 1DVDR

Tedeschi Trucks Band / Lockn 2019 / 1DVDR / Non Label
Main Stage, Infinity Downs Farm, Arrington, VA, USA 24th August 2019 PRO-SHOT

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TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND who performed a complete reproduction show of the eternal masterpiece “Reira Itoshi”. A shocking super-high-quality professional shot that allows you to fully experience such a special stage is a gift / title decision!
It was “August 24, 2019, Allington Show” that such a rock-fan-inspiring show was realized. This is a multi-camera pro-shot when we performed at “LOCKN ‘FESTIVAL”, a music festival in Virginia. This event started in 2013 as “INTERLOCKEN MUSIC FESTIVAL” and is a summer festival where jam bands gather every year. TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND has participated since the first round, and is one of the signboard bands that have appeared in all but 2017. First, check that position in the ongoing World Tour dates.

● 2019
・ January 17-March 2: North America # 1 (23 performances)
<< February 15 “SIGNS” release >>
・ April 2-27: Europe (17 performances)
・ May 10-25: North America # 2 (12 performances)
・ June 11-16: Japan (5 performances)
・ June 28-August 24: North America # 3 (28 performances) ← ★ Here ★
・ September 27-October 5: North America # 4 (NY6 performance)
・ November 6-16: North America # 5 (8 performances)
● 2020
・ February 1: London performance

This is the schedule announced so far. The Japanese performance in June is also a new memory, but soon after returning to North America for a tour. LOCKN ‘FESTIVAL performance of this work is the last day of the “North America # 3”. Although it is a festival that I participated in every year, this year there was a terrible big gift of a complete reproduction of “Itono Leila”.
If you can experience such a show, audience recording is a treasure, but this work is a multi-camera pro shot. Live distribution was realized only for the show that was too special, and the word “topic” ran through the lukewarm shock. This work is a DVD of the finest master. The quality is super-superior enough to say no more than 4-5. Image quality, sound quality, mix, camera work … everything is perfect and complaining. I don’t know if there is a concept to commercialize them only by reproducing their non-original albums, but it is the perfect official quality that I would like you to formulate as it is.
It is exactly “moving Leila” that is drawn in that quality. The show consists of two parts. The first part is the usual TEDESCHI TRUCKS style. Playing a mini-set of 8 songs, mainly with their originals, with covers such as “The Letter” and “I Pity the Fool”. The contents can be understood by looking at the song below, but in fact it may be a fine stage that lasts about 52 minutes.
And here they go down the stage once, but after a few minutes break, the second part “Ishino Leila” is finally fully reproduced. Of course, it is “I Looked Away” that they return to the stage and set their instruments. That intro just sparks my heart, but it’s not Susan … standing in front of the microphone and singing. In fact, PHISH Tray Anastacio also participated as a guest from this second part. I’m performing with guitar and vocals. Of course, Susan sings a lot, but the singing voice in the tray is reminiscent of Eric Clapton. He, Susan, and Mike Mattison’s singing voices overlap to reproduce the original harmony. And in this second part, Doyle Blumhall II also participated in the guitar. It is also a modern white blues guitarist competition called “Derek of Allman Genealogy + Doyl of SRV Genealogy”.
After that, it’s already a dazzling world of Daimyo. TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND is a band that always plays a lot of covers, and has always enjoyed playing “Keep On Growing”, “Anyday”, and “Key to the Highway”. I have played “Tell the Truth” and “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” if not often. However, other than that, there are almost only numbers that will be shown for the first time. Of course, TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND, led by the world’s best guitar-skilled couple, can’t be shy because it’s the first performance. Novelty is converted to a fresh momentum of the inter-play as it is, flows without Domo stop is hot mellow ensemble. The flexibility of changing the set every night throughout the career blends with the obedient background of the Daimyo soaked in blood, creating an unmistakable feeling. Even if this is not an album reproduction, it is a performance that makes each song get hot enough, and it is a live that can be drunk with exquisite guitar and singing voice.
Of course, the highlight of the show is “Layla”. Although it is clear that it will come next only to reproduce the album, when Derek actually witnesses that intro sound, the battle begins. Susan is the main singer here, and the tray is devoted to the guitar. Derek is the overwhelming main character, although some trays are solo. Saying that the riffs and the solos were frightening, and that was the great thing about the slide solos that sung on that piano part … Here, the only thing that can be said in this work is camera work. I wanted this song, this solo alone, to reflect only Derek’s hand thoroughly. No, it’s actually a perfect official camera work that doesn’t mean that shooting has failed or that has a good sense. But during this solo, I don’t need a drummer, keyboardist, or even Susan. I just want to stare at Derek’s hand … A solo that is so great that I’m driven by that feeling. I feel like I met a raw solo who forgets breathing after a long time.

This “Layla” welcomes a great circle and “Thorn Tree in the Garden” flows as the end BGM, and this work ends. What a wonderful thing. The famous name “Ishi no Leila” was reproduced because of Derek Trucks, who inherits the pedigree of DEREK AND THE DOMINOS through THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, and because of TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND, the best live act of the present day. The joy of enjoying such a miracle show with a fully official multi-camera professional shot. An inevitable treasure for rock fans living in 2019. A gift release is here!

永遠の名作『いとしのレイラ』完全再現ショウを行ったTEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND。そんな特別すぎるステージをフル体験できる衝撃の超・極上プロショットがギフト・タイトル化決定です!
そんなロックファン大感激のショウが実現したのは「2019年8月24日アリントン公演」。バージニア州の音楽祭“LOCKN’ FESTIVAL”に出演した際のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。このイベントは2013年に“INTERLOCKEN MUSIC FESTIVAL”として始まり、毎年ジャムバンドが集まる夏フェス。TEDESCHI TRUCKS BANDは第1回から参加しており、2017年以外はすべて出演している看板バンドの1つです。まずは、そのポジションを現在進行中のワールド・ツアー日程の中でも確認しておきましょう。


これが現在までに公表されているスケジュール。6月の日本公演も記憶に新しいところですが、直後に北米に戻ってツアー。本作のLOCKN’ FESTIVAL公演は、その「北米#3」の最終日にあたります。例年、参加しているフェスではあるわけですが、今年は『いとしのレイラ』完全再現というとんでもないビッグ・プレゼントがあったわけです。
そのクオリティで描かれるのは、まさに「動くレイラ」。ショウは二部構成になっており、第一部はいつも通りのTEDESCHI TRUCKSスタイル。「The Letter」「I Pity the Fool」といったカバーを交えつつ、彼らのオリジナルをメインに8曲のミニセットを演奏する。その内容は下の曲目をご覧頂ければ分かりますが、実はこれだけで約52分に及ぶ立派なステージだったりもします。
そして、ここで彼らは一度ステージを降りますが、数分の休憩を挟み、いよいよ第二部『いとしのレイラ』完全再現が始まる。ステージに戻ってきた彼らが楽器をセッティングしてつま弾くのは、もちろん「I Looked Away」。あのイントロだけで心がトキめきますが、マイクの前に立って歌い出すのはスーザン……ではない。実は、この第二部からはゲストとしてPHISHのトレイ・アナスタシオも参加。ギターとヴォーカルで共演しているのです。もちろん、スーザンもたっぷり歌うのですが、トレイの歌声は思いっきりエリック・クラプトンを彷彿とさせる。彼とスーザン、それにマイク・マッティソンの歌声が重なり合ってオリジナルのハーモニーを見事に再現していく。そして、この第二部ではさらにドイル・ブラムホールIIもギターで参加。「オールマン系譜のデレク+SRV系譜のドイル」という、現代ホワイトブルース・ギタリスト大競演ともなっているのです。
その後はもう、目眩く大名盤の世界。TEDESCHI TRUCKS BANDはいつもカバーを大量に演奏するバンドですし、「Keep On Growing」「Anyday」「Key to the Highway」あたりは好んで演奏してきた。頻繁とは言えないまでも「Tell the Truth」「Have You Ever Loved a Woman」を演奏したこともある。しかし、それ以外はほぼほぼ初披露となるナンバーばかりです。もちろん、世界一ギターの巧い夫婦が率いるTEDESCHI TRUCKS BANDですから、初演だからと言ってショボいはずがない。新味がそのままインタープレイの新鮮な勢いに転化され、熱く芳醇なアンサンブルが止めどもなく流れ出る。キャリアを通して毎日毎晩セットを変え続けてきた柔軟さと、血肉に染み込んだ大名盤への素直な経緯が混じり合い、得も言われぬ情感を醸成していく。たとえこれがアルバム再現でなかったとしても、1曲1曲が十二分に熱くなれる演奏であり、絶品のギターと歌声に酔いしれられるライヴなのです。

そんな「Layla」で大団円を迎え、「Thorn Tree in the Garden」が終焉BGMとして流れる中で本作は幕を閉じます。なんと、なんと素晴らしい。THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BANDを介してDEREK AND THE DOMINOSの血統を受け継ぐデレク・トラックスだからこそ、そして現代最高のライヴアクトであるTEDESCHI TRUCKS BANDだからこそ再現し得た大名盤『いとしのレイラ』。そんな奇跡のようなショウを完全オフィシャル級のマルチカメラ・プロショットで味わえる喜び。2019年に生きるロックファンなら絶対不可避の至宝。1人でも多くの方にご体験いただきたく、ここにギフト・リリース決定です!

1. Intro
2. Signs, High Times
3. Do I Look Worried
4. Don’t Know What It Means
5. The Letter
6. Get What You Deserve
7. Shame
8. Midnight in Harlem
9. I Pity the Fool
10. Intermission

Set 2 (with Trey Anastasio & Doyle Bramhall II)
11. Intro
12. I Looked Away
13. Bell Bottom Blues
14. Keep On Growing
15. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
16. I Am Yours
17. Anyday
18. Key to the Highway
19. Tell the Truth
20. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?
21. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
22. Little Wing
23. It’s Too Late
24. Layla


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