Tedeschi Trucks Band / Levitate Music And Arts Festival 2019 / 1DVDR

Tedeschi Trucks Band / Levitate Music And Arts Festival 2019 / 1DVDR / Non Label

Live AT Marshfield Fair Grounds, Marshfield,MA USA 12th July 2019. NTSC

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The new TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND also remembers the performances that came to Japan the other day. The latest professional shot that turns that short-term memory into a reliable memory is here. The Uxbridge board of the same title will be released this week as well, but it’s so decisive that we want to touch as many people as possible, and an emergency gift release is also decided!
Included in such a work is “Mansfield Performance on July 12, 2019”. This is a multi-camera professional shot when performing at the music festival “LEVITATE MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL” in his native America. First, show position before the contents you are interested in. Let’s check it out in the overall image of the world tour, including the performances in Japan the other day.

● 2019
・ January 17-March 2: North America # 1 (23 performances)
<< February 15 “SIGNS” release >>
・ April 2-27: Europe (17 performances)
・ May 10-25: North America # 2 (12 performances)
・ June 11-16: Japan (5 performances)
・ June 28-August 24: North America # 3 (28 performances) ← ★ Here ★
・ September 27-October 5: North America # 4 (NY6 performance)
・ November 6-16: North America # 5 (8 performances)
● 2020
・ February 1: London performance

This is the schedule announced so far. The show for 2020 has already begun. They are the main battlefields in North America, with Japan and Europe in between. The circuit in North America is divided into four in 2019. Under such circumstances, the Mansfield performance of this work is immediately after the performance in Japan. It was the 9th concert of “North America # 3”.
This live show is only live in a large-scale festival in my home country, and this work is a DVD of the webcast. Therefore, the sound mix that is neatly arranged, the latest digital full-open image quality, and the camera work with the key points are all iron walls. It can only be called the full official class, and even if it is called “SIGNS” tour edition, even if this work is a bonus disc, there is no sense of incompatibility. It is a shot.
”The perfect pro shot that can only be described as“ Please watch it anyway! ”Is drawn just after the performance in Japan. In fact, “LEVITATE MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL” is an outdoor venue, and TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND is still open at a high time. The bright scene is different from the Japanese performance, but the burning blues rock is undoubtedly the heat performance I saw last month. Each member’s up and Derek’s hands are shown on the multi-camera alone, and as the show progresses, the sight of last month flashes back to the mind as the night goes on.
And it is a group of famous songs that I listened to in Japan. We analyzed and introduced the set in the live concert album in Japan, but let’s organize it in the same style for comparison.

● REVELATOR (1 song)
・ Midnight in Harlem
● MADE UP MIND (2 songs)
・ Do I Look Worried, Part of Me
● LET ME GET BY (3 songs)
・ Don’t Know What It Means, Anyhow, I Want More
● SIGNS / HIGH & MIGHTY (3 songs)
・ Signs, High Times, Hard Case, Shame
● Cover and others (8 songs)
・ The Letter (THE BOX TOPS), Down in the Flood (Bob Dylan), Don’t Keep Me Wonderin ‘(THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND), Angel From Montgomery / Sugaree (John Purine / GRATEFUL DEAD), Swamp Raga ( THE DEREK TRUCKS BAND), I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free (Billy Taylor), Key to the Highway (Blues Standard), Space Captain (Joe Cocker)
※ () is the original artist

…… and it looks like this. Only TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND, which changes every day, is different from any other show in Japan, but there are plenty of famous songs and covers that you could listen to in Japan, although the balance is different. Three of them were not performed in Japan. “LET ME GET BY” masterpiece “Anyhow”, Derek’s “Already Free” Bora “Swamp Raga”, and Billy Taylor (rather than Nina Simon) cover “I Wish I Knew How It “Would Feel to Be Free” will also be shown. Regardless of how many performances you see, the excitement of “What’s next?” You can fully enjoy the taste of TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND. Guest participation is also special. Don Woz appeared at the Tokyo show last month, but Charlie Star from BLACKBERRY SMOKE participated on that day. He has performed with “Key to the Highway” and “Space Captain”.

[TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND is the strongest live band of today. This is an official multi-camera pro shot that allows you to experience the latest stage for 2 hours. Although it is a video that will fix the memory of the performances that have just ended, the work itself is a music work that is equal to or better than “SIGNS”. The decision board for 2019 that we can recommend to those who have experienced the raw stage last month as well as those who have not. Please thoroughly enjoy it.

先日行われた来日公演の記憶も新しいTEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND。その短期記憶を確かな想い出に変える最新極上プロショットが登場です。今週は同タイトルのUxbridge盤も通常リリースされますが、あまりにも決定的な映像ですので1人でも多くの方に触れていただきたく、緊急ギフト・リリースも決定です!
そんな本作に収められているのは「2019年7月12日マンスフィールド公演」。母国アメリカの音楽祭“LEVITATE MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL”に出演した際のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。その気になる中身の前に、まずはショウのポジション。先日の日本公演も含め、ワールドツアー全体像の中で確かめておきましょう。


「とにかく見ちゃってください!」としか言いようのない完璧なプロショットで描かれるのは、日本公演直後だけにあの熱演がまざまざと甦る。実のところ“LEVITATE MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL”は野外会場ですし、TEDESCHI TRUCKS BANDの開演はまだ日の高い時刻。その明るい現場は日本公演とは趣が違うものの、その燃え上がるブルースロックは紛れもなく先月観た熱演そのまま。マルチカメラだけに各メンバーのアップやデレクの手元がたっぷりと映されますし、ショウが進む毎に闇夜になっていくといよいよ先月の光景が脳裏にフラッシュ・バックしてくるのです。

・Midnight in Harlem
・Do I Look Worried、Part of Me
・Don’t Know What It Means、Anyhow、I Want More
・Signs, High Times、Hard Case、Shame
・The Letter(THE BOX TOPS)、Down in the Flood(ボブ・ディラン)、Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’(THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND)、Angel From Montgomery/Sugaree(ジョン・プライン/GRATEFUL DEAD)、Swamp Raga(THE DEREK TRUCKS BAND)、I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free(ビリー・テイラー)、Key to the Highway(ブルース・スタンダード)、Space Captain(ジョー・コッカー)
※( )内はオリジナル・アーティスト

……と、このようになっています。毎日変更するTEDESCHI TRUCKS BANDだけに日本公演のどのショウとも異なっているわけですが、バランスこそ違えど日本公演でも聴けた名曲やカバーがたっぷり。その中で日本で演奏しなかったのは3曲。『LET ME GET BY』の名曲「Anyhow」、デレクの『ALREADY FREE』のボートラでもあった「Swamp Raga」、それにビリー・テイラー(と言うより、ニーナ・シモン)のカバー「I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free」も披露されます。何公演観ても「次はなに?」のワクワクが途切れない。TEDESCHI TRUCKS BANDの醍醐味がたっぷり味わえるのです。また、ゲスト参加もスペシャル。先月の東京公演ではドン・ウォズが登場しましたが、この日はBLACKBERRY SMOKEのチャーリー・スターが参加。ラストの「Key to the Highway」「Space Captain」で共演しています。

現代最強のライヴバンド、TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND。その最新ステージを2時間にわたってフル体験できるオフィシャル級マルチカメラ・プロショットです。終わったばかりの来日公演の記憶を定着させてもくれる映像でもありますが、それ以上に本作自体が『SIGNS』と同等以上の音楽作品。先月、生ステージを体験された方はもちろん、そうでない方にも全力でお薦めできる2019年の決定盤。ぜひ、たっぷりとご堪能ください。

1. Signs, High Times
2. Don’t Know What It Means
3. The Letter
4. Do I Look Worried
5. Down in the Flood
6. Part of Me
7. Anyhow
8. Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
9. Hard Case
10. Angel From Montgomery
11. Sugaree
12. Shame
13. Swamp Raga
14. Midnight in Harlem
15. I Want More
16. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
17. Key to the Highway (with Charlie Starr)
18. Space Captain (with Charlie Starr)


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