Ted Nugent / Camp Hansen Festival 2017 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Ted Nugent / Camp Hansen Festival 2017 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac

Translated Text:
Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan 24th September 2017 plus Bonus DVDR “Camp Hansen Festival 2017 Video”


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Latest · best live · in · japan is appearing. This work was recorded as “September 24, 2017 Okinawa Performance”. It is the original recording of the performance to Japan that I realized about 1 month ago.
There are also people saying “Eh? Ted is coming to Japan!?” That is no problem. This visit to Japan is not a so-called “Japan tour”. He appeared at the annual friendship festival at the US Marine Corps Base “Camp Hansen” in Okinawa. This event is a general opening event of a US military base rather than an ordinary music festival. There are plenty of exhibits of military vehicles, a huge food court, and opening of the purchasing department at the base. That highlight has an outdoor concert. This concert is also rich variety. Rock band is the main, but various other shows such as Polynesian · Dance, Acer, Ska etc are held. Let’s see the lineup of “September 24 (2nd day)” where Ted appeared a little because it is interesting.

· 14: 30 / Sakuraki (creator Acer)
· 15: 30 / ALL JAPAN GOITH (Ska)
· 16: 30/44 A (Variety Band)
· 17: 30 / BODYSONIC (Metal)
· 19: 30 / TED NUGENT ← ★ Coco ★

More than 5 pairs. You will know exactly “festival” feeling. The festival was two days, and Ted was the big bird appearance on the last day.
Such a work is awesome at the quirky site mood, but the sound that conveys it is also wonderful! Directly made CD as original master of our shop brought by our own route, but this is a tremendous finest thing. Although the site is an outdoor stage, it seems that it is rather close to the replay of the sound, rather that he is present at the rehearsal studio. Even though we still know the zero echoes unique to the outdoors, there is even a very thick “core” like a rough rope and even detailed sense of direct detail. There are a few audience recordings called “sound boards”, there is not a sense of close contact up to this point.
However, this work is full of audience recording likeness as well. It is a breathtaking, vibrant site. While playing, it is exhausted by rough rope sound, but it gains excitement when it comes between songs. Especially wonderful, in fact at the time of the opening. First of all DJ has appeared and it opens up the opening, but it is almost already a professional wrestling player call K1. In addition, there is only a US military base, fueled by Yankee in native English, a big call of ‘USA! USA!’ Then, when the exciting “We’re An American Band” “SE Street Fighting Man” SE is swept away, the audience sings out to the mouth, and the “Star-Spangled Banner” roars together with a furious chord strumming … …. Perhaps US soldier, that too many unbelievable Marines. Although listening often, Japanese speech is also mixed, but the atmosphere is round all American festival in the country. A young soldier got so enthusiastic and raised a mosh and he was also stationary at MP, but such a real mood drifts in Munmun.
The burning rock and roll of wild beast ted bursting in it is unusually hot. “Fred Bear” of the 1990s, “Rawdogs & Warhogs” of the 21st century number, “I Still Believe” will also be shown, but thoroughly other things in the 70’s. It is also a booming pushing number of burning live board “DOUBLE LIVE GONZO!” Of course, the word “wild” sounds like a guitar, a roaring barking vocal, an inappropriate appearance … All is a “wild beast” itself. Currently, Ted is also 68 years old, but the ramprock rock does not have a slight decline. And back also tough. The Tag with Ted is also 10 years Greg Smith (formerly RAINBOW / DOKKEN / Alice Cooper etc), trio with Jason Hartls who is slightly 22 years young and explosive is prominent because it is simple. It is as if one sound is rough rope, it is three knotted and knitting lumpy linen.

Rock’n’Roll show like “This is a Japanese show !?” like a doubtful ears. As if it were in the real United States … No, the enthusiasm of the “US Marine Corps” that makes its name in the world rough. I am addicted to such a mood as a savage rock of Ted Newgent … … Who could have imagined that such a bad rock exists in “2017 Okinawa”?
If it is silent, the world will not know this violent intense live. Just weathering in the memories of the audience …… Because it is Ted, because Okinawa is the US military base, I have to transmit “the great!” With full power. For that purpose it is permanent preservation press 2CD conversion. Not only intense high quality sound, but also the world roughly rocking rock. Please tell from your shelf to future generations.

「え? テッドが来日!?」という方もいらっしゃるかも知れません。それも無理はない。今回の来日はいわゆる“ジャパン・ツアー”ではありません。沖縄にある米軍海兵隊の基地“キャンプ・ハンセン”で毎年恒例となっているフレンドシップ・フェスティバルに出演したのです。このイベントは、普通の音楽フェスというよりは米軍基地の一般開放行事。軍事車両の展示や巨大なフードコート、基地内購買部の出店などが盛りだくさん。そのハイライトに野外コンサートがあるわけです。このコンサートがまたバラエティ豊か。ロックバンドがメインではありますが、他にもポリネシアン・ダンスやエイサー、スカなど、さまざまなショウが開かれる。ちょっと面白いので、テッドが出演した「9月24日(2日目)」のラインナップを見てみましょう。

・15:30/ALL JAPAN GOITH(スカ)
・19:30/TED NUGENT ←★ココ★

そんな本作は風変わりな現場ムードも最高なのですが、それを伝えるサウンドも素晴らしい! 独自ルートでもたらされた当店だけのオリジナル・マスターをダイレクトにCD化したのですが、これが凄まじい極上モノ。現場は野外ステージということですが、サウンドのド直近ぶりは、むしろリハーサル・スタジオに同席しているかのよう。野外ならではの反響ゼロっぷりはまだ分かるにしても、荒縄の如き極太の“芯”とド直結感さえある詳細なディテール。「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ばれるオーディエンス録音は数あれど、ここまでの密着感はそうそうありません。
とは言え、本作にはオーディエンス録音らしさもたっぷり詰まっている。それは、えらく生々しい現場の息吹。演奏中は荒縄サウンドで蹂躙し尽くされるものの、曲間になると盛大に盛り上がる。特に素晴らしいのは、実は開演時。最初にDJが登場して開場を盛り上げるのですが、もうほとんどプロレスかK1の選手コールのノリ。さらに、米軍基地だけあってネイティヴ英語でヤンキー丸出しにガンガン煽り、「USA! USA!」の大コールが巻き起こる。そこで豪快な「We’re An American Band」「Street Fighting Man」のSEが流されるや、観客は口々に歌い出し、猛烈なコードかき鳴らし共に「The Star-Spangled Banner」が轟く……。恐らくは米兵、それも無骨な海兵隊員が多いのでしょう。よく聴くと日本語の話し声も混じるものの、雰囲気は丸っきりアメリカの田舎フェス。若い兵士はあまりに熱狂してモッシュを起こしてMPに静止されたりもしたそうですが、そんな本場ムードがムンムンに漂うのです。
その中で炸裂する野獣テッドの燃えさかるロックンロールが異常に熱い。90年代の「Fred Bear」、21世紀ナンバーの「Rawdogs & Warhogs」「I Still Believe」も披露されますが、それ以外は徹底的に70年代。それも希代の灼熱ライヴ盤『DOUBLE LIVE GONZO!』ナンバーが目白押しなのです。もちろん、単語「wild」がそのまま音になったようなギター、豪快に吠えるヴォーカル、不適な佇まい……すべてが“野獣”そのもの。現在、テッドも68歳となったわけですが、暴れロックには些かの衰えもありゃしないのです。そして、バックもまた強靱。テッドとのタッグも10年となるグレッグ・スミス(元RAINBOW/DOKKEN/アリス・クーパーetc)、若干22歳の若さ爆発なジェイソン・ハートレスとのトリオは、シンプルだからこそ豪快さが際立つ。1音1音が荒縄で、それが3本絡んでぶっといしめ縄を編んでいるかのようです。


Disc 1(73:25)
1. Pre-Show Music 2. Introduction 3. We’re an American Band 4. Street Fighting Man
5. The Star-Spangled Banner 6. Baby, Please Don’t Go 7. Gonzo 8. Paralyzed
9. Rawdogs & Warhogs 10. Free-For-All 11. Good Friends and a Bottle of Wine
12. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang / Hibernation / Blues Jam 13. I Still Believe 14. Stormtroopin’

Disc 2(41:35)
1. Hey Baby 2. MC Intro 3. Fred Bear 4. Cat Scratch Fever 5. Stranglehold
6. The Great White Buffalo

Ted Nugent – Guitar, Vocal Greg Smith – Bass, Vocal Jason Hartless – Drums

Zodiac 274


Ted Nugent /  Camp Hansen Festival 2017 Video / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan 24th September 2017

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The main press 2CD is not only the latest and superb live in Japan, but also a masterpiece swirling in a rare burning rock in the world. In the bonus, we prepared video works that can experience the “heat” in the sight.
The show which is contained in this work is the same as “Main Press 2CD” “September 24, 2017 Okinawa performance”. It is an audience shot taken at the scene. That quality is exquisite. Truly, the sound does not go to the main press 2CD, but what is surprising is what is surprising is the beautiful image quality and exquisite angle furiously. The image beauty by the latest digital equipment evolves day by day, but it is beautiful anyhow. As you can see the screen capture, it is a super beautiful picture of the official Pro Shot Beam.
And the angle. It is a one-shot shot from the back of the audience, but his gaze straightly looks straight at the stage over the head of the audience. Sometimes my arm holding a smartphone is reflected, so I can not say “stage only”, but I can not affirm it. 99.99 …… The best view that% is filled with Ted’s performance. If you zoom further, the screen will overflow with Ted’s bust-up only. Both the field of view and the sense of stability are not free things, perhaps it may be a shot set up by the officials. It is the quality of such a dimension.
Although it is a picture of full marks in terms of quality, it is not without drawbacks. It is recording time. Unfortunately, due to incomplete recording, it is not only stopping to cut greatly between songs, but the 4 songs “Paralyzed”, “Rawdogs & Warhogs”, “Hey Baby” and “Stormtroopin ‘” are not shot. Only Greg ‘s main singing “Stormtroopin'” was complemented with another shot (this is also quite powerful shot!), But other songs are not excavated shots that can be thinned in the main story, so it will not be a full show did. However, still this work can experience a hot-spirited show in total for 71 minutes and half.
That quality depicts the performance of Ted who became 68 years old. When thinking only of age, I think that a senior waves are also …… Its appearance is a briskly healthy American father. Although it does not run around the stage, he gathers the gaze of the audience into a single body, and it makes a big smile with that smiling face. For us Japanese, Greg, whose former RAINBOW is the fastest, is actually suited to a more ambitious American rock, and the singing voice that goes with gorigori is also best matched to Ted. Jason who strikes a powerful beat behind that tag is almost yakis rather than youthfulness …… In the main press 2CD, it was just an intense power trio, but when viewed in the image like this, it seems to be an American family band covering three generations.

This work which Ted proudly shouts “God bless America!” And closes the curtain. It is a masterpiece picture that makes us witness a rare “rockshow in the US military base” as well as ultra-superb quality that is too thin for pro shots. A seasoning that inflates the imagination of main press 2 CD many times and adds “expression” to improper singing voice. Taste it with a masterpiece live album of the age, please become a witness of precious and intense Okinawa live, too.
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クオリティ面では満点の映像ですが、欠点もないわけではない。それは収録時間。残念ながら不完全収録で、曲間の大幅カットだけに止まらず、4曲「Paralyzed」「Rawdogs & Warhogs」「Hey Baby」「Stormtroopin’」が撮影漏れ。グレッグがメインで歌う「Stormtroopin’」のみ別ショットで補完しました(これもなかなかの強力ショット!)が、他の曲は本編に肉薄できるショットが発掘されておらず、フルショウとはいきませんでした。しかし、それでも本作はトータル71分半で激アツなショウを体験できるのです。

テッドが誇らしげに「God bless America!」と叫んで幕を閉じる本作。プロショットにも肉薄する超・極上クオリティというだけでなく、珍しい“米軍基地内のロックショウ”を目撃させてくれる傑作映像です。本編プレス2CDのイマジネーションを何倍にも膨らませ、不適な歌声に“表情”も加えてくれる調味料。希代の傑作ライヴアルバムと共に味わっていただき、あなたも貴重で激アツな沖縄ライヴの証人となってください。

1. The Star-Spangled Banner 2. Baby, Please Don’t Go 3. Gonzo 4. Free-For-All
5. Good Friends and a Bottle of Wine 6. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang / Hibernation / Blues Jam
7. Stormtroopin’ 8. Fred Bear 9. Cat Scratch Fever 10. Stranglehold 11. The Great White Buffalo

COLOUR NTSC Approx.72min.

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