Ted Nugent / Rockpalast 1976 / 1DVDR

Ted Nugent / Rockpalast 1976 / 1DVDR / Non Label

WDR Studio Koln Germany 9th August 1976.

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The masterpiece “MOTOR CITY MADMAN” captures the super-golden age immediately after his solo debut with a fiercely connected stereo sound board. It is exactly the transcendental decision board of “Ted Nugent is this!”, But as a bonus, we will give you a transcendental decision pro shot of “Ted’s video is this!”.
Although we are calling only “transcendence”, this work is actually transcendence. It is the appearance video of West Germany’s famous program “ROCKPALAST” that has left many masterpiece videos of bands / artists, but the quality of this work is exceptional among such “ROCKPALAST” videos. Instead of air-checking, the master for broadcasting is directly converted to DVD, and the image quality, color development, camera work, etc. are all the best official grade. Of course, not only the video but also the sound is perfect official class. Compared to the main story “MOTOR CITY MADMAN”, which is directly connected to the table, it is a carefully prepared broadcast mix, but the guitar and roar that break even the beautiful and well-proportioned official work are terrible.
Ted’s action is even more intense. When I first came to Japan, I had shaved off my beard, but in this work, the trademark was perfect and the stage was narrowed and rampaged. No, it seems to be really narrow only in the broadcasting studio, but despite that, I run, jump, and rebel. Despite being cramped, I used the back of the drum kit to get rid of it. “It’s as if Remy is running like Steve Harris while imitating Ozzy Osbourne’s face.” What’s more, what you hear from that scene is that “that” guitar, so it’s already a ferocious beast rock.
The content of such a show is suitable to be called the video version of the main story “MOTOR CITY MADMAN”. It was recorded “August 9, 1976 WDR Studio”. It will be the year after the main live album, but at that time it was still two months before the release of the second album “FREE-FOR-ALL”, and it was part of the debut album tour. If the members are the same, the set list is also the shape that the debut works “Snakeskin Cowboys” and “Motor City Madhouse” are added to all the songs heard in the main part “MOTOR CITY MADMAN”. As a result, the live version of 6 out of 10 songs of “TED NUGENT” can be folded at once. Not only is it a video version of the main story “MOTOR CITY MADMAN”, but it is even a “live video version of the debut work”.

The most ferocious solo debut era in the career of Beast Ted. The live stage is a fierce sound board and the finest multi-camera pro shot. Each one is a gorgeous set of transcendental records that can exceed even the super-famous board “DOUBLE LIVE GONZO!”. If it’s Ted Nugent, this is … no, looking over all the rocks wouldn’t be any more abnormal. Rock’s beast cultural heritage that should be left by the officials. Please enjoy yourself!

ソロ・デビュー直後の超・黄金期を激烈な卓直結ステレオ・サウンドボードで捉えた名盤『MOTOR CITY MADMAN』。まさに「テッド・ニュージェントならコレ!」の超絶決定盤ですが、そのボーナスには「テッドの映像ならコレ!」の超絶決定プロショットをお贈りします。
「超絶」ばかり連呼しておりますが、実際に本作は超絶。数々バンド/アーティストの名作映像を残してきた西ドイツの名物番組“ROCKPALAST”の出演映像なのですが、本作のクオリティはそんな“ROCKPALAST”映像の中でも特級の素晴らしさ。エアチェックではなく、放送用マスターをダイレクトにDVD化しており、画質・発色・カメラワーク……ありとあらゆるポイントが極上オフィシャル級なのです。もちろん、映像だけでなくサウンドも完全無欠のオフィシャル級。卓直結の本編『MOTOR CITY MADMAN』に比べると、丁寧に整えられた放送用ミックスではありますが、均整の取れた美しい公式仕事さえもぶち破るようなギターと咆哮が凄まじい。
そんなショウの内容は、本編『MOTOR CITY MADMAN』の映像版と呼ぶに相応しい。収録されたのは「1976年8月9日WDRスタジオ」。本編ライヴアルバムの翌年になりますが、当時はまだセカンド・アルバム『FREE-FOR-ALL』リリースの2ヶ月前であり、デビュー作ツアーの一環。メンバーも同じならセットリストも本編『MOTOR CITY MADMAN』で聴けた全曲にデビュー作の「Snakeskin Cowboys」「Motor City Madhouse」が加わったカタチ。これにより『TED NUGENT』の全10曲中6曲のライヴバージョンが一気に畳みかけられる。本編『MOTOR CITY MADMAN』の映像版であるばかりか、「デビュー作のライヴ映像版」でさえあるのです。

野獣テッドのキャリアでも最も獰猛だったソロ・デビュー時代。その生ステージを激烈サウンドボードと極上マルチカメラ・プロショット。1つひとつが超名盤『DOUBLE LIVE GONZO!』さえ超えかねない超絶記録の豪華セットです。まさにテッド・ニュージェントならコレ……いや、ロック全部を見渡したってこれ以上に異常なんかありやしません。本来ならオフィシャルが残すべき、ロックの野獣文化遺産。どうぞ、たっぷりとお楽しみください!

1. Stranglehold
2. Just What The Doctor Ordered
3. Stormtroopin’
4. Great White Buffalo
5. Snakeskin Cowboys
6. Hey Baby
7. Hibernation
8. Motorcity Madhouse

Ted Nugent – Lead Guitar & Vocals Derek St. Holmes – Guitar & Vocals
Rob Grange – Bass Cliff Davies – Drums


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