Tayloy Swift / One Red Night / 2CD

Tayloy Swift / One Red Night / 2CD /Non Label

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Live At Saitama Super Arena, Japan 1st June 2014.


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Stereo Soundboard Recording


his year in June, is the emergence of live album that was recorded in perfect Japanese performances were achieved in one night only. “Why Taylor Swift?” Those who seemed to skip to those who have been trying to see the next title, whoa! Only a little, while now, please bear in this Dabun.

This work, but I audience recording that was complete recording of the Saitama Super Arena performances of this year June 1, this is downright amazing. This is of course in her fan to flutter now, but it’s the album that can not be Yes Even if you called “1 do not know even songs” without shaken mind beyond the genre.
Even to say, impressive in from the sound. Sound you would have picked up directly in the vicinity PA is perfect, singing musical tone with core also wonderfully, as also seen in the bass synth is not wielded the floor. If, even as you have a gift for those who do not know any underground sound source, and will not at all have a sense of discomfort.
However, the sound is the wall of the genre can not be more than just perfect. In this work, I have dynamism of never tasted not field feeling clogged with plenty in the broadcasting and official recording. If one example, a large cheer feel the spacious space of Super Arena. Separately, does not roar and is screaming loud. That it is the three-dimensional effect is amazing. You are big cheers of female voice from the emergence of Taylor, but anyway its broad sense of scale! Earlier that Taylor is pointing at, cheers of the audience that would have the line of sight of the earlier rush here and there. If think that if enthusiasm is sounded like a distant ripples, up close and Wakitachi when, finally it is enclosed in a storm. That even in the midst, music and voice are picking up direct sound from the firmly PA, seems floats Taylor of performance just to hear the cheers and brilliantly Link to sound.
Friendly voice that echoed in the spacious space is also great. Spread to her voice space emitted in PA sound with core, is reverberation is …… this balance will reach to one person alone to exquisite. Also of such voice is deliberately touching, her personality does not MAY be because feels honest. And sprinkled with Japanese MC that would have remembered for just one live, English MC also talk as bitten and tightened the word word. There is no arrogance such as “should I know only understand people”, transmitted to the obedient is feeling that you “want you to enjoy to everyone who came”, is classic who heartwarming happy that shine even more sparkling.
Such gorgeous pop song is also fun, rustic her charm and shining record of appeal is more of Country singer true face is except songs,. “Red” and “Mean”, and it is an acoustic set that will showcase in the middle of the show. Here we move from the main stage to the B stage, musical sound even a little made from a distance. If you listen acoustically it’s a point that should not could also be a drawback, but it is also okay. Is realistic stereoscopic effect of stage exude, echoing far guitar single Hikigatari is at increased sound of echo component. Quietly, warm, but dignified voice. Spread echo each other mixed with modest chorus seems to Japanese, … it melts into one. Without also inflame to deliberately dramatic, it is moments chest is tightening. Will bring back sight of the day if those who have seen at the venue, but also those who did not go, you’ll be the picture is floating in the mind.
Move to again the main stage in carefully excitement is welling “Sparks Fly,” but there also frenzy of “in front of the eyes she came back!” Occurs winding. Not could touch on at cans of that lovely voice, but precisely because are Yarra here also music and singing, and I become even directing that enthusiasm also increase the excitement.

The second half greatly raised to show in hits to close the curtain, but even broadcasting sound of “iHeartRadio Music Festival” as a bonus track was recorded. Here also, but I rarity sound board that you want me by all means listen towards the fan, and surprised it actually listening rather, high-quality sound the first time in the main audience recordings even side by side with the latest broadcast sound source not budge even half a step. Moreover, is why the people of this volume is moved mind much.
Why do we got obsessed in bizarre culture of such as “audience recording”. And because not enough at the Official? And reluctantly because there is no sound board? Or memories of the concert? There will certainly be it. However, is really not released captured our hearts, because there is excitement that can not be captured only in the audience of the site. The curt as a waste to become finished with three letters of “realism”, beautiful music scene too mellow. Even if it is actually also moved mind without looking at the show to “views of the sound”. It is recorded in the best of shape, it’s a this work became coupled with crystal and warm songs and singing voice.
Usually the staff that you are listening only metal, we listened to force this work. First, but had been a blatantly nasty face as “Taylor Swift per cent?”, Had listened without wide awake and unawares place your hand on the headphones. This is not a story was too good about become her fans this opportunity, but this work much it’s clogged attractive beyond the “latest sound of pop star of fashion”.
Course towards Taylor Swift likes you, it is absolutely recommended board. However, it should also recommended for those it is not. Opportunity does not matter even “because the topic” or “gift to friends.” Once you want me to listen to (with headphones if possible). Document album of the charm of the audience recording Gyuu justified, I will deliver you to the press 2CD of permanent preservation.

今年6月、一夜限りで実現した日本公演をパーフェクトに収録したライヴ・アルバムの登場です。「なんでテイラー・スウィフト?」と思われた方、飛ばして次のタイトルを見ようとされた方、ちょっと待って! 少しだけ、今しばらく、この駄文にお付き合いください。

しかし、音が完璧なだけではジャンルの壁は超えられない。本作には、放送やオフィシャル収録では決して味わえない現場感覚のダイナミズムがたっぷりと詰まっているのです。ひとつ例を挙げるなら、スーパーアリーナの広々とした空間を感じさせる大歓声。べつに大音量で絶叫がと轟くわけではありません。その立体感が凄いのです。テイラーの登場から女声の大歓声なのですが、そのスケール感がとにかく広い! テイラーが指さす先、視線の先にいるであろうオーディエンスの歓声があちこちで沸き上がる。熱狂が遠いさざ波のように聞こえたかと思えば、ときに間近で沸き立ち、ついには嵐の中に包み込まれる。その最中でも、音楽と声はしっかりとPAからのダイレクトサウンドを拾っており、歓声と見事にリンクして音を聞いているだけでもテイラーのパフォーマンスが浮かんでくるようです。
じっくりと感動がこみ上げる「Sparks Fly」で再びメインステージに移動しますが、そこでまた「目の前に彼女が戻ってきた!」という狂乱が巻き起こる。嬌声というのは時に癇に障りかねませんが、こちらも音楽と歌声にヤラれているからこそ、熱狂も感動を高める演出にさえなってしまうのです。

後半はヒット曲で大いに盛り上がってショウは幕を閉じますが、さらにボーナストラックとして「iHeartRadio Music Festival」の放送音源も収録しました。こちらもファンの方にぜひ聴いて頂きたい絶品サウンドボードなのですが、むしろ実際に聴いて驚くのは、最新の放送音源と並べても半歩も譲らない本編オーディエンス録音の高音質ぶり。しかも、なぜか本編の方が遙かに心が動かされるのです。
なぜ、私たちは“オーディエンス録音”などという奇異な文化に取り憑かれてしまったのでしょうか。オフィシャルでは足りないから? サウンドボードがないから仕方なく? それともコンサートの思い出? 確かにそれもあるでしょう。しかし、本当に私たちの心を捕らえて離さないのは、現場の客席でしか捉えられない感動があるからです。素っ気ない「臨場感」の3文字で済ませてしまうには勿体ないほど、あまりに芳醇で美しい音楽情景。たとえ実際にショウを見ていなくても心動かされる“音の景色”です。それが最上の形で記録され、暖かい曲や歌声と相まって結晶になったのが本作なのです。
Disc 1(54:41)
1. Intro 2. State Of Grace 3. Holy Ground 4. Red Intro 5. Red 6. Interlude
7. The Lucky One 8. MC / Mean Intro 9. Mean 10. Interlude 11. 22 (B Stage)
12. Mine (B Stage) 13. You Belong With Me (B Stage) 14. Sparks Fly (B Stage to Main Stage)

Disc 2(54:31)
1. Interlude 2. I Knew You Were Trouble 3. All Too Well Intro 4. All Too Well
5. Interlude 6. Love Story
7. Interlude 8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 9. Outro

Bonus Tracks
iHeartRadio Music Festival
MGM Grand Theater, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 19th September 2014

10. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 11. 22 12. I Knew You Were Trouble
13. Love Story 14. Shake It Off

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